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03:59 PM on 05/28/2012
If you're not looking forward to four more years of crony capitalism, presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein and the Green Party have a very dynamic progressive platform to restore the prosperity and defend the liberty of the 99%. Here are a few highlights:

Restore the Glass-Steagall firewall - worked well for 66 years
Medicare for all health plan - Medicare already works well for millions of subscribers
Student loan debt forgiveness - make higher education more accessible
Refinance in lieu of foreclosure - via a New Deal-style public bank
10-point Voter Bill of Rights - encourage participation, prevent stolen elections
Repeal those parts of NDAA which violate our civil liberties - no suspension of due process

If you like these solutions, please help spread the word that Jill Stein is the candidate who really listens and cares and has a dynamic platform to uplift the 99%.
loves oregon & a green portfolio . . .
05:31 PM on 05/28/2012
if wishes were fishes or horses or whatever that saying is . . . why cannot the green party capture more credibility popularity mainstreamitis . . . must be the American diet.
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06:02 PM on 05/28/2012
If more people learn that there really is a candidate for the 99%,
and if those people are willing to pitch in and help spread the word that Dr. Stein and the Green Party have the most competitive platform in the race,
then maybe viral publicity and a DIY ethos and an "enough is enough" attitude can triumph over business as usual.

Might be worth a try, anyway.
09:16 PM on 05/28/2012
enough with the 99% crap....there is no 99% if it were the 99% against the 1% then we wouldnt even need an election. america is devided 50/50 right now....not 99/1. the election is a toss up. that means that at least 50% of americans arent buying with the libs or progressives are selling. stop trying to represent me or my interest. if your interested in a socialist country, move somewhere else.
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11:31 PM on 05/28/2012
I've voted as a democrat my whole life. But now we have a president who has no problem with rubber-stamping something as heinous as suspension of due process and his opponent, Romney, evidently has no objection to that aspect of NDAA either.

Under these circumstances, perhaps you can understand how happy I was to discover that Dr. Stein does have a problem with NDAA and advocates repeal of those aspects of NDAA which violate our civil rights.

I very much doubt that 50% of the electorate are okay with losing their right to due process. Which is why NDAA might be a very clear example of the 1% seeking to waive the right of due process for the 99%. When things get this bad, I would hope that liberals and conservatives could both find common ground.
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17th Airborne..a tribute to my Father
03:47 PM on 05/28/2012
Putting Mittens in as POTUS will be like put a mouse into the cheese factory. He and his Wall Street cronies will scarf it all and leave the working person to wither on the vine.....he is also still a Republican.
shirley thomas
we have no friends in dc
08:25 PM on 05/28/2012
put on your pants and go home.
03:37 PM on 05/28/2012
Smart article. Who would think Romney would pick a VP that he thoroughly disagrees with?
A biocitizen is 3/5 of a corporate citizen
03:23 PM on 05/28/2012
Yeah, like Wall Street will permit Bair to be nominated as vice presidential candidate.
loves oregon & a green portfolio . . .
05:32 PM on 05/28/2012
probably The Donald doesn't think she was born in the USA . . .
02:57 PM on 05/28/2012
A voice that would be frozen out of all influence on policy does not help Romney. Expectations that a regulator as VP can salvage the credibility of Romney are not substantiated or reality based.

She would never get past the Republican litmus tests, would alienate all of Romneys big money backers, and everything she says is in conflict with what Romney has said.
ol cranky
the prodigal daughter decided to stay put
05:48 PM on 05/28/2012
everything Romney says is pretty much in conflict with what he said (at another point in time)
Rosalee Harris
02:11 PM on 05/28/2012
Obama can do more as far as Wallstreet but its naieve and ridiculous to think that Mitt will actually do more for Wallstreet. If you think Wallstreet is bad now wait until Mitt gets into the White House it will be ten times worse and if you think Mitt will find a VP to clean up Wallstreet well there is a bridge that I can sell ya.
02:08 PM on 05/28/2012
The idea that Mitt Romney would choose a person who has proven their dedication to the public interest is completely preposterous. He has already made it clear that he will govern almost exclusively for the small group of the wealthiest Americans especially the corrupt wall street banksters who are giving him a fortune. Every member of the one percent will be getting an even bigger tax cut than George W. Bush gave them.
01:51 PM on 05/28/2012
Shelia Bair for president in 2016 is the way I see it.

She should tell Romney to get lost and take the next 4 years to run her camoaign
A biocitizen is 3/5 of a corporate citizen
03:24 PM on 05/28/2012
How about a bipartisan ticket: Elizabeth Warren for President and Sheila Bair for VP?
08:06 AM on 06/07/2012
Thanks for responding.
I totally agree. 
When was the last political scandal involving a woman?
These 2 women have the guts to lead and probably should include Alan Grayson to the list.
01:48 PM on 05/28/2012
Mr. Learsey: your opinion that class warfare has been absent from the American psyche trivializes the struggles of our working-class grandparents, who bled and died to bring the middle class into existence.
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01:41 PM on 05/28/2012
Wait a minute i thought this was the whole reason the Republicans need some one like Romney in the White House is to make sure Wall Street and the wealth mongers plenty of cash flow in the form of tax cuts and corporate loopholes. Romney don't want a champion of the people of America he wants another rubber stamper of the Koch Brothers and ALEC, he isn't backing Paul Ryan's budget to help the middle class and poor!
01:27 PM on 05/28/2012
Sheila Bair is great, but Romney is against Average America..

He can't stand all this people stuff...
What hump?
01:14 PM on 05/28/2012
Bair is way too intelligent to accept that gig.
physicist, musician, parent
12:52 PM on 05/28/2012
Absurd advice. I doubt Romney cares what Learsy thinks.
Citizens, Unite!
12:40 PM on 05/28/2012
If Romney wanted to silence Sheila Bair and keep her locked in a cage, the best way to do that would be to make her his Vice President.

On the other hand, if either candidate wants to capture that disgruntled electorate, and head off in the right direction, Sheila Bair as Secretary of the Treasury would do it.
12:31 PM on 05/28/2012
Koch, Rove, & Grover would never allow a person with a backbone to be put on the ticket. They must find another jellyfish to go with Romney.