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Abusive or Insulting? I won't be responding.
02:36 PM on 05/29/2012
"My Evening With Stephen Hawking"

Did you go to a kink club?
12:22 AM on 05/30/2012
What if he says "Yes!"? Then he has two things that you lack... he can do extreme math and he has a sex life.

Abusive or Insulting? I won't be responding.
03:12 PM on 05/30/2012
I lack neither: 1+1+1+1+1=SERIOUS fun.

Extreme math, and a sex life....

Signs the front not the back of his checks.
02:06 PM on 05/29/2012
I have read every book hawking has published. The guy has such a great mind and he can talk so those of us with no PHD or Doctors can understand. I DRV his series on Discovery and the Science channel.
01:53 PM on 05/29/2012
I teach a composition class at a community college with an emphasis on rhetoric and I had my students write a paper on Stephen Hawking using Aristotle's principles of rhetoric. Many of my students had never heard of him. After they wrote their paper, I was pleased to find out how many of them learned a lot about him and were quite impressed. Continue to keep your health in track, Dr. Hawking. We need more people like you.
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My microbio is fabulous
01:51 PM on 05/29/2012
Of course the first thing I thought of when I saw this headline was you were like Sheldon from BBT. At least you're not a fainter.
Reincarnation TPS
Back on HP (I do not believe in reincarnation)
11:07 PM on 05/30/2012
I would have fainted............
Don't Sleep With Mean People
01:30 PM on 05/29/2012
Nice story. I'm a bit confused about how a party for Stephen's birthday in January took place on St. Patrick's Day. I imagine that if I were in his condition, a warm, friendly face would do me a lot of good whether I could communicate back or not.
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My microbio is fabulous
01:47 PM on 05/29/2012
His birthday is in January, the party was in March.
Abusive or Insulting? I won't be responding.
02:39 PM on 05/29/2012
"I'm a bit confused about how a party for Stephen's birthday in January took place on St. Patrick's Day."

Time-Space Continuum.

01:22 PM on 05/29/2012
Thanks for sharing your experience! Not everybody get a chance to meet the great scientist!
01:15 PM on 05/29/2012
How lucky you are..I am definately jealous! He is a god of our time
01:15 PM on 05/29/2012
Cara, thank you for sharing something so personal. Stephen Hawking is such an icon that I agree with you the "having to share" this evening with more people. In your last picture, where you are looking to his eyes, your face has a 'fascinated' look on it. I can feel the connection you are trying to have with him.
I understand your crying and that you were not sorry for him. You were sorry for yourself and for everybody that wants more information from this brilliant mind, which is being lost more and more.
I'm pretty sure Stephen Hawking thought, when he saw you, "damn, what a pretty girl has come to see me".
01:15 PM on 05/29/2012
Wow, down to about a sentence an hour? Any possibilities of implanted devices, texting by thought?
facts are really just a liberal plot
12:48 PM on 05/29/2012
good story.
12:47 PM on 05/29/2012
Cara, it was a great piece. To be with one of the greatest minds. Incredible. I had an experiance when I had Dr. Edward Teller give a symposium at Miami-Dade Community College. I still remember it to this day.
Al Schrader
Don't limit your potential
03:57 PM on 05/29/2012
Stephen is a genius. I studied at MDCC in the 1970's. I was supposed to give a lecture there last year on physics including the graviton, but I don't have time. Even though the Large Hadron Collider was built to study the graviton particle I discovered, I never achieved my Doctorate like Stephen has. I've always been too busy working on something, testing new ideas, making a living, etc.
This may in part be the reason for the success I've had in physics because, I don't stick to any of the laws and statements like, for example, "nothing can travel faster than light" means nothing to me.....Alfred-
Nic the wonder puppy
When life throws lemons, throw them back
12:42 PM on 05/29/2012
Ok Stephen is pretty smart. But did he start out life as a dog?
12:28 PM on 05/29/2012
If there is a God...he has a twisted sense of what is right and wrong. This brilliant man has been given this wonderful mind, yet was placed in a ruined body. Is there balance here? I don't think so. He is an inspiration to us all.
01:37 PM on 05/29/2012
Nah, there is no god. :)
06:00 PM on 05/29/2012
Who do you think gave him that brilliant mind? Or was that a cosmic accident too?
12:27 PM on 05/29/2012
May I always use my words well while I am able, and that for the good of all who hear.
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Re-animating the dead since 1922
11:13 AM on 05/29/2012
From each according to his ability; and from some, we get much, much more even than that. Thank you for all you have given us, Dr. Hawking.