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07:33 AM on 05/30/2012
MR writes, "but the best pitch of the day came from Teddy Chaough. You could see Peggy melt as he played up to her with a masterfully constructed ego-stroke."

He did have Peggy swooning but it was not because Teddy was that masterful but that Peggy is and has always been unworldly when it comes to men, e.g., Pete, Duck. Did he praise her because her copy unlike her male counterparts was not based on science and math but on her feelings as a consumer purchasing that product? What is her future at that firm -pitching feminine products, brassieres, and cleaning products?

Peggy was not even comfortable in discussing salary, she had to write it down, as opposed to Joan who listed her terms (not guaranteeing outcome) and demanded a contract be executed prior to the event.

Peggy is good but she is no Don as seen in the second baked bean presentation when she attempted to strong arm the client into accepting her presentation. Her judgement was off in that no only were some men/companies still uncomfortable with a woman being a part of their campaign but no man during that time would allow himself to be bullied by a woman into accepting a campaign that he had just verbally passed on. Secondly, this is not who she is -she would even have trouble today trying to accomplish that feat.
10:45 AM on 05/30/2012
Wow, Chisabell - you need to get a life of your own. THREE posts analyzing another post about a tv show? You seriously have way too much time on your hands. (Having said that, so do I ... I'm replying to the three posts to another post about a tv show.)
02:10 PM on 05/30/2012
I believe a post analyzing another post may be referred to as a discussion.

How fortunate the world is that there are individuals like yourself who utilize their free time monitoring posting activity of others for the purpose of intervening when someone you believe has lost touch with the real world.

How many interventions of this type have you performed and has any of them ever gotten well?
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12:48 PM on 05/30/2012
Peggy trying to strongarm the client wasn't about miscalculation. It was more of a rookie mistake when Peggy was out of options. She remembered Don pulling the maneuver, so she tried pulling it out of the playbook. What she didn't realize is that Don had a renown reputation as a creative pitchman, and can intimidate clients by beating them over their head with it. She doesn't have that reputation, and she can't use the company's reputation as a collective cudgel. Also, women trying to intimidate like a guy just doesn't work, even in 2012.

Peggy has never negotiated a salary before, so she was following the Freddie Rumsen script. (But that's okay, it was de rigueur move in the day, and isn't unusual even today.)
01:55 AM on 05/31/2012
I agree that these are all rookie mistakes -she is young and still is learning.

Do you think that Ted would take a chance of hiring a rookie to be his chief copywriter given that she is a woman and she will have men under her? He doesn't come off as a progressive type of guy and I was a little offended by his comment so called compliment that her copywriting lacked the math/scientific component as compared to her (male) counterparts.

Remember that even within her own firm people believed that she had slept with Don. I think that Ted has other reasons for hiring Peggy.
06:06 AM on 05/30/2012
This season should be called, "Mad Women," instead of "Mad Men."
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veni, vidi, i'm outta here.....
04:44 PM on 05/30/2012
"Mad Women plus Pete"
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03:44 AM on 05/30/2012
I wanted to address some of the points in this blog, but first I have to acknowledge the person here who said that no way would any woman be given a partnership in that era. I agree with that and believe that Joan would have coerced into doing it out of fear for her job with nothing else out of it. That was the way it was back then. This kind of empowerment didn't exist. Still, that was hard to watch knowing what it must have done to Joan inside. Women had no good choices back then. I don't know if I believe that Peggy would have been as fortunate as she was in being able to leave.

The only thing that bothered me with this article were the constant apologies and backtracking. It's okay to say that this season isn't great while still liking the show. No qualifiers needed. I do think that Don trying to talk Joan out of it was a signal of how far his character has come. When Joan ackowledged it, that was one of the more human moments.

I think Lane's financial misdeed is a contrivance. I don't for one minute think he would do that without first asking for help from one of the partners. I am also wondering why no Betty this season.

What if the firm doesn't succeed? Then what will Joan's sacrifice have been for? It will be interesting to see how the last two shows play out.
03:05 AM on 05/30/2012
"[Don] didn't know [Joan] had already done it [with the gross Jaguar guy], and he was willing to give up a huge amount of prestige and money in order to save a friend from a terrible mistake."

sure, i like to think that was his primary motivation, but that was only part of it. he was also motivated by pride. he wanted to prove he could get Jaguar based solely his creative abilities and without Joan's help. and now he'll never know. he was looking out for Joan, but also for himself.
02:13 AM on 05/30/2012
i didn't watch the show from the beginning, i caught it in the middle, and as of this episode, "The Other Woman" i am done. i hated this episode except for the last minute showing Peggy going off in to the sunset with a smile on her face. you go girl! the rest of the partners, including the newly minted Joan, can go to hell. instead of growing and learning as they go along the seasons, the boys of Mad Men have degenerated and maybe that is suppose to mirror history but i don't want to watch it anymore. and i am very sorry for Joan, i hope things work out for the best, but i am very disappointed in her choice. ah well, let's see what's on PBS...
if only~~
01:44 AM on 05/30/2012
very critical article. well written too. i agree this season is rather dull in some way (e.g: Don as a "good" husband...) but i believe it's also beautiful in its own way. you can actually see how much Don and others' character has evolved. for me, the big draw of this series is in the humanity of each character. they're not perfect and can be very egocentric (which make it believable). also, it's still addressed a lot of important issues at the time (e.g: issues on women equality and independence). as for recurring theme, please tell me which TV series that didn't do the same!
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12:50 AM on 05/30/2012
I think the show this season perfectly captures the zeitgeist of the times. The pre-NIxon cynical mood of the show calls to mind the current political climate. Got to say, I'm loving the season so far.
10:53 PM on 05/29/2012
I am doubtful that in that era a group of male partners would allow a woman, no matter what she did, to have a voting interest in the business. Not believable to me.
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05:40 AM on 05/30/2012
What's not believable is the proposition to sleep with a client in the first place. Partners s in a NYC ad firm? Opening themselves up to a sexual harrassment law suit? Even in those days.
Come on!
But, in fantacy land, they'd better be offering her partnership and a percentage equal to other partners and voting rights. That and don't dare ever call her sleezy. Mr. Sleezy.
09:39 PM on 05/29/2012
Did anyone else see two scenes, almost exactly the same, with Don at Joan's apartment - one before and one after she slept with the Jaguar guy?
10:55 PM on 05/29/2012
It's called filling up time with a silly flashback. Basically they did not want us to know that Joan did it with the slimy guy until after the pitch happened.
01:28 AM on 05/30/2012
Silly indeed. Thanks.
11:27 PM on 05/29/2012
I did and thought I was losing it. She seemed to have something differentnon under the green gown and her mom seemed to excuse herself differently so they could talk, but I thought I was having deja vu.
08:06 AM on 05/30/2012
"Deja vu" My wife's words exactly when we saw it.
09:33 PM on 05/29/2012
I loved this episode...and that was the first time I said it in this season!!!
Peggy's face in the end with "You really got me" soundtrack was the just the perfect ending!
08:42 PM on 05/29/2012
Basically the reviewer is saying she doesn't like this season of Mad Men because its too realistic? This woman clearly doesn't get this show. Its supposed to be like watching something real. Not all T.V. shows are about superheroes or use laugh tracks. The realism of this show is what makes it compelling to watch. This season has been fantastic if not the best so far.
08:24 AM on 05/30/2012
@prissygrl23 -- I totally agree.....granted, it's not pots of gold over the rainbow, but it is dramatic -- and isn't this why this series has won Emmys for Best Drama for 4 years in a row??
08:27 AM on 05/30/2012
While the review is insightful, I totally agree @prissygrl23 --- granted a lot of the story lines are dark and complex, but after all, it is a drama. There is a reason why this series won Best Drama Emmys 4 years in a row.
08:24 PM on 05/29/2012
This season has had a LOT of though the writers are spent and are really stretching believability of some of the story arcs, which aren't really arcing all that well. I also don't believe that the fiscally-straight-laced Lane Pryce would embezzle instead of going to his partners; I don't believe that Harry would actually screw a Hare-Krishna in his office; I don't believe that Paul would even go along with the Hare Krishna sect, in spite of his off-beat and liberal tendencies; I most certainly don't believe that Joan would have a sex date with a sleazy Jaguar dealer; and I don't believe that she's all that worried about security for little Kevin.I don't believe that Pete is stupid enough to arrange a rendezvous with his train pal's wife. What I do believe is that Peggy would leave..she has outgrown SCDP; I believe Megan's leaving was also quite believable, and I would believe it if she left Don in the future. Yes, A lot of this season is unbelievable , but not in a good way.
11:36 PM on 05/29/2012
You don't believe that Peter-- the man who raped an au pair living in his own apartment building-- would have an affair with some train mate's wife? Really?

Paul (of the affected upper crust accent) was always a lost soul. Joanie had him pegged in the first or second season when she accused him of dating a black woman to appear more "interesting." He's always been a void waiting to be filled. Who do you think winds up joining movements like the Krishnas?

And, though Harry started off as a nice guy, he's descending into creepsville these last few seasons. This isn't the first time he's had sex in his office with a woman who's not not his wife.
09:08 AM on 05/30/2012
You didn't actually read my post thoroughly did you? Really.
I can see Pete having an affair. I just did not think he was stupid enough to make an arrangement in New York in the hopes that this woman with whom he had a one-time fling would actually show up. Paul was was also always a snob..and upper crust, so it's really out of character to go as far as Hare Krishnas...and Harry, yes, he already had sex with a secretary after work and after a drinking party there, not during working hours when most people could hear. Yeah, that stretched the believability scale quite a bit.Really.
11:28 AM on 05/30/2012
I agree with you. Although Harry did something bad (cheated on his wife and family) he also did something good - helping Paul. Of all the ongoing main characters in the office, Harry is the least well off financially. When speaking with Peggy in regards to Paul, Harry points out how lucky they have been and I think he truly believes that those who have been fortunate should do for those who have not been so lucky.

In defense of Harry, over the years there has been so many woman offering it up to the men in the office -but we have only seen dorky little Harry having an invitation extended to him on two occasions -in 1960 and then again now in 1966. I bet he met his wife while they were in high school and that other than his wife his only contact with another woman has been his (2) one night stands. And we all remember that he had confessed his earlier transgression to his wife.
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08:03 PM on 05/29/2012
Excellent article. It really put some meaning into why the last 3 episodes have left me feeling sick at my stomach (literally) despite my deep love for the show.

Can't wait to see Don move to California for Megan's career, grow his hair long and a mustache to match, buy a speedboat, and embody the 70s like no one ever has.
07:36 PM on 05/29/2012
I think the whole season has been a big "snore". I'm done!!
04:33 AM on 06/03/2012
There's always Smash on NBC.
07:27 PM on 05/29/2012
I haven't enjoyed this season as much as the previous ones. I don't know if that's because of the show or it's me changing. I don't know how Joan could live with herself knowing that she became a partner only because she slept with someone. What if it should happen again? Like if she wants to keep her job she has to sleep with someone again? She started digging a hole for herself to descend into. Last season showed how good Megan was with children. It doesn't follow that she doesn't want any of her own. Don Drapper is turning out to be the most moral man in the company. His problem of not being who he says he is, seems to have disappeared this season. I guess no one cares anymore as well as the audience. Is Betty disappearing from the story? It's hard to keep a story line going for her when she hasn't hardly any connection to Don any longer. All the mothers in this show are pills.
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11:32 PM on 05/29/2012
I think Joan is great, she is a mother and she snatched her version of the brass ring when it was offered. She is rewarding herself with a partnership, no one else reconizes her worth to the business, and taking care of Kevin, what any good mother would do. As for Megan, just because a woman likes kids doesn't mean she wants them for herself!
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09:14 AM on 05/30/2012
It's posts like yours that shift my original reaction to what Joanie did. She initially comes off to this viewer as a victim...but in the end, she will have (hopefully) power and money and the last laugh...and if so, then good for her. After's only s e x and she did make a choice.