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08:47 PM on 05/31/2012
She could really benefit from a good dermatologist giving her Accutane for 6-8 weeks,,,,it has risks but too many chances for reward for her not to try it...
08:41 PM on 05/31/2012
To all those saying that she just needs to fix the acne, seeing how severe her condition is, not to mention that seems to be fairly intelligent - I can't imagine that she hasn't tried multiple methods to treat her acne. I have suffered severe acne for over 15 years and have tried so many things, and to no avail. It is a very depressing thing to go through, especially for a female, where society puts these pressures on females to look a certain have that flawless, glowing complexion. Her acne is very severe, and yes, while it probably isn't helping to cake on all that makeup for coverage - people are cruel and people stare. Some people are blatantly rude and point and ask "What happened?", like it's totally okay to put the spotlight on someone's flaws and actually believe they're entitled to answers.

You feel you have go through all these motions just to look presentable and not get that second look of disgust from people. People are harsh. As bad as I know all the cosmetics I use for my skin are, I have to use them. I try to make healthy makeup choices (Bare Minerals, etc). Just because I'm using makeup doesn't mean I'm not continuously looking for more permanent solutions. The makeup just helps me get through the day. I wish people were more sympathetic and tried to look at the bigger picture instead of just commenting on things for their "face" value.
08:34 PM on 05/31/2012
I had the same problem when I was her age it got much better around 25, no acne today 46
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08:27 PM on 05/31/2012
this kid is sensational, what an uplifting little video...and an incredible transformation...good job! you go girl!
08:14 PM on 05/31/2012
Awesome video. Great job. Its such a great thing to help other people. I am so hooked now on her videos.
08:12 PM on 05/31/2012
Does anyone actually know for a fact she isn't getting help for her acne? Maybe she is and does this to hide what isn't cleared up yet. She is beautiful, but as someone who wears make up everyday, I can understand her insecurities. And your face can breathe at night...I'm sure she doesn't wear all this make up to bed. You go girl!
08:12 PM on 05/31/2012
To those posting that she needs a dermatologist instead of covering up you must understand sometimes even a dermatologist cannot always cure cystic acne. I know I have struggled all my life and have seen countless numbers of specialists, done the accutane regimnet multiple times. I'm sure she does all she can.. Thank you for sharing your secrets, you look beautiful
bree zee
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08:06 PM on 05/31/2012
I think any young woman that would go on camera without make up to help others is amazing. It takes courage to show yourself and what you consider "flaws."
08:02 PM on 05/31/2012
People are so judgmental, if you watch her videos you will know that she has tried many times to cure her acne. She tried topicals, antibiotics, medicine, natural remedies, blood tests and etc. She does have a dermatologist and her skin has improved dramatically since this video. If everyone can just easily CURE their acne then nobody would have it in the first place.
09:37 PM on 05/31/2012
Thank you for that. I had bad acne for a long time and it's finally gotten better now that I'm in my mid twenties though I still have a problem with it. I had a dermatologist too and even with antibiotics that made me sick everyday and a multitude of topicals, it just didn't go away.
07:59 PM on 05/31/2012
Wow, I think she's amazing for allowing us to see her acne and teach others with acne how to conceal it. What a confident young lady and I wish her all the best. For anyone with acne on a budget (when I had it) I used ivory bar soap or Neutrogena foaming oil cleanser. I still have oil skin so I always use Neautrogena for oil. (not for acne). Hope I'm of help to someone out there in virtual land.
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07:55 PM on 05/31/2012
She is also a beautiful young lady in heart and looks as well...;)
love is the soul of genius-Mozart
07:54 PM on 05/31/2012
Cassandra is a wonderful, open, brave young woman, and shared and continues to do so, to help others. She is inspiring.
07:31 PM on 05/31/2012
I like her attitude and I think she's beautiful with or without the acne. I understand her need to cover it up (which she does a wonderful job) however she's a gorgeous person either way. Look at those gorgeous eyes!
07:26 PM on 05/31/2012
She does an incredible job at her young age to cover her problem acne. I've posted this link to a professional group of estheticians so they can see it (I am a licensed esthetician). So sad......her acne could be handled better by addresssing the combination of inside and outside therapies.......which works wonders. She just needs to be educated on ~WHY~ she has acne, so she can take steps to reduce (and eventually eliminate) the lesions.
07:24 PM on 05/31/2012
When I watched this video it made me cry. I suffered from cystic acne from my teens to early twenties. I tried everything on the market. I developed a psychological problem called learned helplessness. Everything I tried ... failed. I even had to endure radio programs promoting acne creams that called people with acne 'losers'. I was one of the first commercial users of accutane. It was miraculous. WIthin three months I had no new pimples and the cystic acne slowly began to fade. I have heard no mention of the physical pain of cystic acne. It hurts. You can feel it while it is forming below the surface and you can feel it once it has erupted. and... cystic acne is not little pimples, they are the really big, puffy hard red ones. They HURT. Thirty some years later I can still feel a tingle that reminds me what I had, but luckily nothing develops. I had no idea that accutane was taken off the market, but I remember reading that there could be a link to suicide. As a former accutane patient, I think it is worth the risk. Cassandra, you are truly amazing. Sharing your pain, (and I know your pain) with the world to help is beautiful, perhaps indicative or your beautiful soul. I hope your acne gets under control soon, so the damage to your self esteem is minimal.