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04:07 AM on 06/02/2012
She is an f*****n idiot! How do stupid people like her keep a job at an astronomical salary?? Have another glass of wine. Speaking of which, why do they allow them to drink while working??
Tim Day
Am I waiting to Live or Waiting to Die.....
09:27 AM on 06/02/2012
It's was written in to her contract because she wouldn't work without is....Great to have young kids watching this at home with their Mom watching some washed up, old has been get blasted all morning
Every cloud has a silver lining
02:27 PM on 06/03/2012
Good question, jimsmn5. "Why do they allow them to drink while working?" I was wondering about that very thing myself.
04:02 AM on 06/02/2012
and why is this news....?????
STOP negotiating! End the American hostage crisis!
03:54 AM on 06/02/2012
Maybe if they didn't drink on that show........

Mr Short is a class act.
03:45 AM on 06/02/2012
I'm not a fan of KLG, nor have I ever been, but I don't think she should be fired for this. She meant no intentional harm and our society is way too quick to want someone fired every time they say something stupid or controversial.

However, it's indicative of the lazy attitude of the media. I knew his wife was dead, and a simple search on google or imdb would have informed KLG or the "staffers" or whoever the hell else is in charge of that sort of thing. It's amazing this type of thing doesn't happen more often and none of these people deserve the salaries they're paid.
02:49 AM on 06/02/2012
He is a class act. A very good man.
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Deep down I'm really very shallow
02:46 AM on 06/02/2012
02:35 AM on 06/02/2012
She got so much grief 'cause the business she is in-duh
freakin interviews and talks smack all day. Ya think someone could get facts right prior to
the show. But hey...that is what I would want and do.
02:33 AM on 06/02/2012
That must of been heartbreaking but he handled it with Grace.
02:20 AM on 06/02/2012
"And I think it's nice to aspire to be kind of elegant." Well done, Martin. Well done.
02:13 AM on 06/02/2012
I've always liked Martin Short and now I respect the hell out of him. At least Gifford got it right when she commented that he handled it "with enormous grace and kindness." This incident will always be remembered for his class and that's how it should be.
01:59 AM on 06/02/2012
Seems to me that whoever did the research goofed! If KLG and Hoda do their own research, then, sorry KLG, you came across as totally phony on that one.
01:50 AM on 06/02/2012
I'm not always a fan of Kathie Lee. However, "he who is without sin, cast the first stone. I know I've pulled some momentary moments of "Duh"....I think Martin Short is a TRUE gentleman and his wife is smiling on him every's not like he has to "defend" anything and neither does KLG.....they're both very caring human beings and it was a "joy" to see true Christianity/Judaism or whatever in action!!!
Not perfect...forgiven
01:45 AM on 06/02/2012
This speaks to the poor work ethic running wild in our society. Whoever researched the questions for the interview didn't do a great job it would seem and if I was going to be doing the interview I would certainly be verifying the information I was given before I started talking.
02:02 AM on 06/02/2012
I just made a similar comment above. Totally agree with you. If you've ever worked in TV well, hey, people get fired for that kind of thing!
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Deep down I'm really very shallow
02:47 AM on 06/02/2012
they should
Not perfect...forgiven
10:52 AM on 06/02/2012
Thanks! In no way am I denying the grace with which he handled what had to be the most awkward of situations. I don't know that I would have done nearly as well had it been me.
just trying to figure it all out
01:36 AM on 06/02/2012
I need to handle life's curve balls with as much grace as Martin Short does. Thank you for being a good example I will try my hardest to follow.
01:27 AM on 06/02/2012
Many times many people look to find positive, I did not know of his loss, but remember his expession of care and happiness for his life wih his family. I do think he is giving LOVE to family as his expression of Love and forward to his wife.
Sometimes voices express knowlege of LOVE known without knowing forward of life experience