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Let us dare to read, think, speak and write.
06:25 PM on 06/07/2012
Its not just Chicago or Illinois. The shocking fact is these cases are overturned by law students. Too many people in this country just want someone arrested. Guilt or innorcence is imaterial. I was on a jury, where the evidence was a joke. A 6 year old could have done better. One juror wanted a conviction because he said, "he's guilty of something." The kid got off. What has wrong. Identification was based on a quick view at night with no steet lights or starts at a distance of over 100 yards looking at the back of his head.
06:20 PM on 06/07/2012
Sue them for all their worth, you'll never get that time back!
07:20 PM on 06/07/2012
Sadly the State of Illinois and City of Chicago are almost broke and on the verge of bankruptcy. They're worth nothing
Mark Mark
05:52 PM on 06/07/2012
I'm so sick and tired of the state of Illinois convicting innocent people. It's bad enough all our politicians are corrupt. And I'm from Chicago.

It's just sad, Chicago was such a great city, now we're slipping past third rate to fourth rate.
06:47 PM on 06/07/2012
When was Chicago ever a great city? Really!
07:21 PM on 06/07/2012
'City of strong arns. Hog butcher to the world.'
And now for something completely different
06:50 PM on 06/07/2012
To the point of not even rating...