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08:47 AM on 06/11/2012
Wait-- was this Ridley Scott or a George Lucas movie? The premise was great, but the execution was not. Too many plot holes, clunky expository that is pseudo-philisophical, characters that either make strange decisions (first encounter ever with alien life, let's take off our helmets! etc) or know too much. And some kinda cheesy/cheap looking effects, surprisingly (the old guy's makeup!). It's like they had too small a budget. And also, the trailer gives away too much.
Rex Hungus
Intelligently Designed Atheist
05:38 PM on 06/11/2012
I Agree. I called it junk philosophy, but really the same thing. I also kicked myself for watching the trailers, they gave away way too much.
Can you put your country before your party?
08:20 AM on 06/11/2012
The movie left me a little flat. At a little over two hours, I think Mr. Scott could have done a better job of developing a story. And if this was a setup for a sequel, I ain't paying a dime for it. I think he owes me an ending.
Film Shark
I love cinema.
06:12 AM on 06/11/2012
I liked the film too because it was visually appealing but I also felt that the storyline missed its mark. Why? He tried to cover too much ground. I say leave the topic of creationism to Terrence Malick who covered it quite well in 'The Tree of Life.' 'Prometheus' just wasn't as suspenseful as the original 'Alien.'

Franco, you pointed out the two best performances in Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender. Fassbender continues to amaze me with his acting range. He was brilliant in 'Shame' and 'A Dangerous Method' too. And if this film doesn't catapult Noomi Rapace into mega-stardom, I don't know what will. The self-inflicted surgery scene is a test of human endurance and the most intense scene of the film.
04:12 AM on 06/11/2012
In order to make a statement you have to have a plot that make some logical sense. Prometheus failed to delivery that. If all you want is plenty of CGI eye candy, then you won't be disappointed. If you're looking for the next Blade Runner, look elsewhere.
12:20 AM on 06/11/2012
Dude, I know you have Ivy League credentials but saying that Prometheus can help us understand ourselves is like saying Madagascar III teaches us about the trials and tribulations of circus and zoo animals or the Flintstones can help shed light on prehistoric man. James.....wait, put the pen down, I'm joking. These aren't real ideas that need flushing out.
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06:34 PM on 06/10/2012
Prometheus is garbage and I'll tell you why. It tries to be intelligent but asks the same banal questions that dime store Sci-fi constantly asks. The grand fallacy of the movie is that it takes the masterful simplicity of ALIEN and attempts to retcon that movie into the creation of humanity.

A better movie would have made David the main character and shown everything from his eyes. He watches these beings that created him search for answers and maybe along the journey he realizes some things about himself and the nature of free will. I was really hoping that Prometheus would have been H.P. Lovecraft meets some Phillip K. Dick but the movie is a moronic mess that doesn't know what it is and throws around questions without any satisfying answers.
BornFree silly
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01:26 AM on 06/11/2012
Prometheus wasn't great but garbage is harsh and I'll tell you why. It's interesting that you think a movie about seing the world through David's eyes would have been more interesting while stating you find the topics raised in the movie as "dime store Sci-fi" I can't imagine anything more "Dime store Sci-fi" than another movie about AI (David no pun intended) coming into realization of freewill -- come man at what point are we going to get over the idea of code developing a soul. I think one of the better efforts in Prometheus was keeping David as abstract as possible while simultaneously conveying a reasonable degree of menace rooted in his emotionless nature in that sense he was an echo of Peter Weyland that so much in the movie was genius.
Rex Hungus
Intelligently Designed Atheist
05:43 PM on 06/11/2012
The movie was a corn filled floater. You really going to get me to believe that after watching the group of people she was with get destroyed after asking one question to the alien, that Noomi's character was going to march off to wherever and ask them more questions? All I could do was laugh and shake my head when she said that to David. David is all common sense, he even told her the answer is irrelevant, but that just shows how stubborn and driven to know the reason "why" humans are.

I think it would be funny if the sequel shows her holding David's head up to one of the Engineers asking "why" and it takes David's head and beats her down with it. Reminds me of the joke, "What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?"
05:08 PM on 06/10/2012
The good: Visuals were mind-blowing and Rapace and Fassbender were terrific

The bad: Not the best story and it lagged. Lots of unanswered questions and holes
03:08 PM on 06/10/2012
I have to say: I was disappointed by this film. The characters were thin and I found myself not really caring what happened to them. Their actions were at times unbelievable. The big plot-line of "aliens as our makers" was hardly thought-provoking, and was handled in a terribly unimaginative way. Sad to see that our makers are as prone to violence as we are. I think Hollywood has lost it's ability to dream a bigger dream.
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Maria Korovessis Sewell
Παν μέτρον άριστον
02:08 PM on 06/10/2012
Thought the story was bad, the pacing was annoying, that (with 2 exceptions) it was miscast and devoid of chemistry, etc., etc. Utimately, it commits the cardinal movie sin: IT WAS BORING. And I was fully prepared to like it....
Rex Hungus
Intelligently Designed Atheist
05:51 PM on 06/11/2012
I feel the same way as you. I have seen all of the Alien movies in the theater and was really excited to have Ridley Scott back at the helm. I thought if there was anyone that could save a franchise that has gone downhill about as bad as the Jaws franchise it was Ridley. Boy was I wrong. The movie offered nothing to the franchise, like I told one friend," If you skip this movie you will not be missing out on anything."
Parade Keegan
I Can Hear You
02:01 PM on 06/10/2012
Films parrot life, not the other way round and we'd all do well to remember this.
Mistrust short haired people 1st
01:53 PM on 06/10/2012
Great work James. Always. Fan a long time, since the 'freaks' days - it is simple really, the answer to your question. It is our flaws that make us human. The characters are ultimately just human, and humans faced with the greatest question of humanity, facing great and terrifying situations. As humans, they merely fell back into what would be easiest for them to be while coping with the horrible actions set before them. Or maybe that is just the way they wrote the script.
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01:18 AM on 06/10/2012
Saw Prometheus today with my father and one of his friends. Other then some obvious glitches to let slide (Idk about them but when the contaminated lady hits with a bed pan and then runs away generally I'd go find her. Just saying.) I enjoyed it. It did its job for me. I was never bored.
He Mr Franco does bring up a good point. I was deeply reminded of 2001 Space Odyssey. Great movie as well! Despite the obvious questions I was some reason reminded of one of my favorite authors and a quote from him:
"Human beings are the only creatures on Earth that claim a god and the only living thing that behaves like it hasn't got one" -The Rum Diaries
Never assume knowledge/superiority over another species. They may be capable of a great deal more then we give them credit for.
Her body- Her choice- Her problem.
11:53 PM on 06/09/2012
Prometheus doesn't even understand itself
Correkt the Spelling and Pick on the Moniker
11:33 PM on 06/09/2012
Oh, yeah. Horror will teach us wonderful lessons about love, brotherhood, and the American Way. Horror isn't horrible or anything.