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My micro-bio itches like hell
04:33 PM on 06/12/2012
Shouldn't this be in the Comedy section?
live from the PHX
05:59 PM on 06/12/2012
No. Being mentally impaired is no laughing matter.
07:54 PM on 06/12/2012
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04:19 PM on 06/12/2012
It's silly, inane comments like this one that make me burst out laughing. McDonald's does not provide 'cuisine.' The French are either laughing helplessly or insulted, perhaps both. McDonald's is nothing but a quick, easy, lazy and bad alternative to real food. I can, however, understand why Chef Daniel Coudreaut would defend the menu selection. He is, after all, dependent on McDonald's for his paycheck.
Not Just Right, but Correct
06:20 PM on 06/12/2012
Why would we care what the French think?
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08:56 PM on 06/12/2012
We don't. I was referring to the word cuisine and it's universal acceptance as being fine food. In other words, I was being facetious.
Opinionated since birth
08:09 PM on 06/12/2012
The French also eat this garbage too. They have McDonald's and other fast food chains in their country. America may have started it, but we definitely are not the only one.
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08:54 PM on 06/12/2012
Yes, that is very true. There are however, differences in the menu. I was being more facetious when I referred to the word cuisine. Even with the difference in the menus worldwide, I do agree with you; garbage is garbage.
04:18 PM on 06/12/2012
So which fast food chain paid for that irrelevant slideshow?
04:13 PM on 06/12/2012
McDonald's water has seventeen saturated fat grams per every medium cup size.
By the way, did you folks know spell check recognizes McDonald's? Shame on us....
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04:10 PM on 06/12/2012
I am a Graduate of The Culinary Institute of America and if i thought for one minute that apple slices and oatmeal would have helped make me a world renowned Chef,Oh nevermind,just keep passing your money upwards.
04:09 PM on 06/12/2012
Some of the Chef comparisons here are awesome...keep em coming folks!
04:02 PM on 06/12/2012
"Called the most powerful chef in America by several publications"?????

I usually eat at little hole in the wall independent places with fresh ingredients
and awesome low-cal food. By no means am I a connoisseur of fine cuisine but when I hear comments like the quote above....d$#m I'm embarrassed to be an American sometimes.
Not Just Right, but Correct
06:21 PM on 06/12/2012
That would make you a hipster.
09:00 PM on 06/12/2012
Nah, I'm more of a dumb Metal Head that just likes healthy food and if you think a person enjoying something other than , synthetic, grease saturated, frozen, chemical filled food is a hipster, have at it.
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03:51 PM on 06/12/2012
How about he lives off his food for 30 days.
The Tao of Pooh
03:46 PM on 06/12/2012
Time for Supersize Me to be re-released.
03:41 PM on 06/12/2012
I busted out laughing when I read this head line. What kind of chef would say that a Big Mac Trio that contains 47g of fat (72% of daily value) and 1320mg of salt (55% of daily value) is healthy. Really! And the oatmeal is made by Quaker!
03:32 PM on 06/12/2012
Is "forcemeat" Luke's pet name for his little Skywalker?
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03:28 PM on 06/12/2012
I'm privileged in that I can afford to make burgers and fries at home that taste 10,000 times better than the shoe leather and cardboard sticks McD's serves. Probably healthier, too.
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03:18 PM on 06/12/2012
McDonald's Chef: 'I Don't See Anything On The Menu That's Unhealthy'
translation; 'I Don't See Anything On The Menu That's Healthy'.
03:52 PM on 06/12/2012
Perhaps he is talking about a healthy bottom line. $$$$ Eat up America.
03:17 PM on 06/12/2012
I can only really understand going to Taco Bell, given it's 99 cents for a taco. That's dirt cheap. Other than that, why eat garbage fast food when a sandwich at a bar/deli costs the same (and it's made of REAL food!) ?
02:56 PM on 06/12/2012
Get paid lots and lots of money, and you'll say just about anything.