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08:42 PM on 01/18/2009
As a proud Gay American and a faithful Episcopalian, i thought i got to it to late to hear his Rt. Reverence give the prayer. I even cut into my sleep time for work tonight to catch the rebroadcast to hear it. Imagine my dismay and disappointment when i did not see him, or hear his words.Now i am hearing that virtually NOBODY assembled could hear it. As a person who worked my heart out to get Barack Obama elected, i am totally disenchanted. I really think he has some explaining to do. I am in short, appalled
Gay People did have a broadcast. presence at the concert. An assemblage of Gay Mens Chorus members from around the nation backed up Josh Groban when he sang " My Country Tis of Thee", I recognized some of my freinds and acquaintances. But alas, they were on none of the lists.
I think i feel the wheels of the bus hitting us now. For all of his inclusive rhetoric, i really think he intends to give us all no more than lip service.
09:14 PM on 01/18/2009
Why is it Obama's fault that the media did not cover the prayer. Do you think He told the media not to cover the prayer? Obama invited the Bishop to pray and He prayed. I dont know why the media refused to cover it, but blaming Obama is a stretch. The gay community really need to stop it with the anti-Obama speech. You are turning all of us (your supporters), off!
09:30 PM on 01/18/2009
So i have no right to express my opinion here, and we should just shut up?
I feel he does have fences to mend with us. I have lived through 35 years of bigotry,AIDS,political betrayal and it is we who should shut up?
Sorry, but we are not going to be quiet and go to the back of the bus anymore.
08:28 PM on 01/18/2009
Bet their republicans..
08:44 PM on 01/18/2009
They are members of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka Kansas, followers of Rev. Fred Phelps.
08:11 PM on 01/18/2009
No. Just watched the beginning 15 minutes of the HBO showing. Bishop Robinson is not featured. What a disappointment.
07:58 PM on 01/18/2009
Leah, Please follow up on this. He was there, but HBO did not start coverage until he was done speaking. There are people who were there who said that the speakers in their area were not turned on until HBO began broadcasting. Whose decision was it to deliberately omit his prayer from the broadcast? They started well after the advertised time of 2 pm (EST). I had on NPR and they ran some filler songs, and also did not carry it. Someone needs to find out whose decision that was, especially because the event itself started on time but the HBO coverage didn't start until 15-20 minutes after that. If Rick Warren ends up with TV coverage, that's going to be really disappointing. Who made the decision? If it was just HBO, then what does Obama have to say? This is important.
09:01 PM on 01/18/2009
Looking for yet another reason to blame Obama huh? He invites this nice bishop who says a nice inclusive prayer, but noooooo........, Obama must have told HBO not to cover him?. I don't know who scares me more. Right wing nuts who are truly anti-Obama or the gay community.
09:13 PM on 01/18/2009
"Right wing nuts who are truly anti-Obama or the gay community."

09:45 PM on 01/18/2009
I do not think Obama told them anything. I think he had nothing to do with it. But our sensitivities have been bruised, severely so. Obama did not calculate this. As a person whom actually has met him and spoken to him i cannot believe that. But if you are turned off by our refusal to just shut up and go away, you had better get ready. It is our time to speak up. We all see it. Plenty of folks used to say the same sort of thing about Black people as recently as a few years ago. They have said it about Women. Things did not change until they raised up their voices and said they weren't going to take it anymore.
Think about it.
07:17 AM on 01/19/2009
call HBO to complain not Obama.....blame the correct people
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05:20 PM on 01/18/2009
Paid agitators who are beneath contempt.
05:17 PM on 01/18/2009 That's the link to Bishop Robinson's prayer.
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05:07 PM on 01/18/2009
Hmmmm.....I've had dealings with some just like this - the poled banner set up is familiar.

04:49 PM on 01/18/2009
These guys come to my school once a semester. They are absolutely annoying
04:44 PM on 01/18/2009
I watched both HBO's and CNN's coverage at the Lincoln Memorial and never saw Gene Robinson. Was it televised?
Leah McElrath Renna
Human Rights Activist, Blogger, @leahmcelrath
05:00 PM on 01/18/2009
Excellent question - I thought perhaps we simply turned on the HBO coverage too late to catch Bishop Robinson's appearance. However, I know he was there because I saw him in the final line-up off all the participants at the end of the event.

Perhaps another reader could solve the mystery of whether or not the opening prayer was televised?

05:18 PM on 01/18/2009
I don't think it was televised - Shame! HBO, but it is on the internet.
08:43 PM on 01/18/2009
I watched the HBO telecast and the first 30 mins of the repeat this evening. Gene Robinson was not shown, which was very disappointing
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05:01 PM on 01/18/2009
I may be mistaken, but these are pre-inaguration activities that are taking place now. I'm assuming that Robinson will open the inauguration activities on Tuesday.
05:39 PM on 01/18/2009
No, Robinson was supposed to be at the Lincoln Memorial today.
10:30 AM on 01/19/2009
Nope. That's still Rick Warren. Robinson was opening on Sunday.
04:38 PM on 01/18/2009
God have mercy on them, I can't.
04:37 PM on 01/18/2009
At least only three of them showed up. Strength in numbers and all.
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04:36 PM on 01/18/2009
I feel nothing but pity for Brother Ruben and the Official Street Preachers.