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07:19 PM on 01/19/2009
As a veteran I served my country with the highest regard for our citizens. I hope that they have the capacity to give back. We have much to do, and I believe that this challenge will be met with a successful outcome. Keep the faith. Oh incidentally, we need to stop whining and start working.
07:19 PM on 01/19/2009
All I can say is "I'm a New Democrat and so proud of President-Elect Obama!" Also, I'm thrilled with the Huffingtonpost website. It's terriffic! I'm so happy to have found it. The info on this site is great and I'm enjoying reading everything on it that I can. Keep up the extraordinary good reporting!
A man's home is his castle
07:30 PM on 01/19/2009

This blog can warm your life. It has certainly warmed mine, and means a lot because we all value each other's input.... Most of the time.
It's also great for laughs, because Americans have the darndest humor. All of 'em, from the trolls to the berkinstock libs. Trolls are wierd, though.... Not really a very happy bunch. Ironically, even less these days. Ha! too bad..

Go Obama!!
10:45 PM on 01/19/2009
Am I a Troll? If I am, I'm happy. It's your turn now. I can sit under the bridge and collect tolls and be happy. Can you? I'm excited because all of the houses will sell again at an inflated price, and we can all expect checks in the mail. Are you kidding - we trolls are happy. It's all free now. Peace and love - you can do it all and we just have to sit back and love and live. Your turn to work.. "Too bad "- I don't think so. We are happy.
brynnrose thorn
07:56 PM on 01/19/2009
Welcome! I'm glad that you will be here to share this time with us.
07:18 PM on 01/19/2009
I have been watching and listening to the TV and the radio, I want to know everything, I feel the vibe
even sitting here at home in front of the computer and the TV, I can't wait until tomorrow when he will take the oath of office to be our President.
I am so proud and excited, and I too find myself with tears in my eyes.
07:59 PM on 01/19/2009
I too have had tears in my eyes. How can anyone (except Limbaugh and Faux News) not watch these people gathering in Washington the past few days and not feel the excitement and pride they feel in our wonderful new leader. Loved watching Obama painting the shelter walls today in his jeans. He's like us, but he is the very best that any of us could ever hope to be.
06:42 PM on 01/19/2009
A colleague asked me today ..." Why are people crying ...."

I was sorry to know that she REALLY COULDN'T or DIDN'T want to understand what people are feeling as

the TV channels bombard us with these new, unbelievable historic happenings. I cried, too, yesterday ...

and today, unashamedly ... I hope that the coming years, with President Obama as our leader, this

colleague and the many others like her, will come to understand and come to know what our tears mean.
06:34 PM on 01/19/2009
As I watched the concert and celebration at the Lincoln Memorial yesterday I felt something I haven't felt in a very long time. It was a little stirring of hope. It was amazing to see the artists on the stage each contributing their own special talent to welcome change to the White House and the country. From Usher to Peet Seeger a circle was completed. I think we might, just might be able to look at the road before us with hope and a new sense of pride.
06:20 PM on 01/19/2009
"It's not about power"? You're really serious aren't you? Isn't it past your bed time?
06:19 PM on 01/19/2009
Here is an Inauguration music video. Originally written as a campaign theme, this song now carries forward the message of working together for beneficial change, as articulated in Barack Obama's acceptance speech:
07:39 PM on 01/19/2009
Wonderful, thoughtful song Don.

Like many others following Obama's campaign, I too was moved to write a song that was inspired by his book, The Audacity of Hope. To try and capture the essence of what this campaign has meant to me. This guy has the ability to inspire the best in all of us. I impatiently await his inaugural address, now only hours away.

Audacity of Hope (original song)
06:06 PM on 01/19/2009
I think his leadership will inspire all Americans to do the extra things necessary to deserve to be a citizen of this country. I was in the Dentist Office today watching the Fox News Channel. I couldn't help but notice the negative Obama crap they were flashing on the bottom of the screen. I thought the election was over? I hope someone will tell them we need to unite behind our leaders. Thank God for this President that spends his day today serving others. The leader "walks the walk" in front of us.
Yes, I am an American school teacher. Tomorrow I will enter my classroom and project the inauguration on the wall through my computer on my interactive whiteboard. My children will be doing MLK crafts and Obama crafts tomorrow. I am not testing tomorrow. Oh yes my children are learning and are not falling behind. They are living their history.
08:03 PM on 01/19/2009
Now you know why I never look at Fox News. I don't like the crap they flash at the bottom their screen. I refused to be a captive in looking at it.
06:01 PM on 01/19/2009
My pledge is simply to commit to service. We plan to work through St. Vincent de Paul through our church as well as another organization, but make service part of our lives. We've taken Barak and Michelle's request that this day be committed to service seriously. My 16 year old son and I went and gave blood today. We would not have ordinarily done that. The Hoxworth Center was giving out free items, but we declined the items because it was a service - not something we wanted to be given anything for. According to the staff, the response was huge.

It was coincidentally at the Underground Railroad Museum in Cincinnati which had a free exhibit today. We are white and walked around just a few minutes and listened to an older retired military African American guide talking to a group of kids about how important it was to have pride in themselves no matter what their race. That man was doing some service!

There will always be naysayers and we have had a lot of years of the old ways of doing things. I don't want to see old liberalism anymore than I want to see old conservatism. Fingerpointing and name calling is so counterproductive. I have had my fill of it. Give me some grace and people who are too busy serving as citizens to write mean spirited posts on the Internet, no matter what your political persuasion.

Do something apolitical that is positive; you have to feel
05:52 PM on 01/19/2009
With $175,000,000 spent; it aughta be great !!!
You will not cast aspersions on my asparagus.
07:15 PM on 01/19/2009
Can you post the link where you got this figure? Thanks.
brynnrose thorn
07:42 PM on 01/19/2009
That figure is incorrect. It's $42M. Why don't you protest the cost of Bush's lie-berry at SMU? That's money thrown down a rat hole.
08:21 PM on 01/19/2009
The cost is $170 million. Why do you have trouble with FACTS???
05:29 PM on 01/19/2009
Eventhough I am causasian, I am still considering naming my first-born child "Barack" - great video!!
02:03 AM on 01/20/2009
Oh Pleeeeeeese! This is getting ridiculous!
05:07 PM on 01/19/2009
It's great that the country will finally get some things done. These last two years with the Democratic Congress doing nothing has been nothing but terrible. Maybe now that they have it all to themselves they'll get off there high horse and DO SOMETHING!!!
05:15 PM on 01/19/2009
The Rethugs Congress were in power for 12 years - and this is the result of what they did. It takes more than two years to fix your mess. Stop hating yourself and get with the program.
05:39 PM on 01/19/2009
The Democratic Congress was voted in in 2006. Prior to that there was a republican congress starting at the end of the Clinton years, and what did they accomplish? Prey tell?
10:23 PM on 01/19/2009
Prey tell - Pray tell.
04:55 PM on 01/19/2009
Thankfully there will be pro wrestling broadcast tomorrow night and I'll be able to watch something a little more based in reality than what the Obama administration has already established itself to be.
05:16 PM on 01/19/2009
This is better than anything Bush did in 8 years. You can watch your wrestling because nobody cares what you do.
05:23 PM on 01/19/2009
Yeah baby. Nice to see someone out there has a brain.
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07:08 PM on 01/19/2009
Since you don't? Why the name-calling?
04:36 PM on 01/19/2009
As costs for this mother of all parties exceed $150 million, California will be cutting welfare and disability payments to the blind who will have more than one reason to not enjoy the stravaganza.
05:42 PM on 01/19/2009
The greatest expense is security.

A lot of volunteerism will be present.

A lot of the money was raised through individual contributions.
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07:09 PM on 01/19/2009
Please substantiate. So far, the MSM has been SPECULATING about costs that high, without providing an iota of substantiation. So where'd you get the number?
socially left, fiscally right
04:34 PM on 01/19/2009
A historic moment, unimaginable just a few decades ago. Yet, I agree that we ought to temper our enthusiasm a bit given the dire circumstances facing this country. There are many impediments to a truly progressive agenda that will make Obama's life very difficult. The Congress and special interests will certainly not roll over. In banking and health care, there is so much money at stake that any real institutional change will be fought tooth and nail. The war in Iraq is a quagmire with no real exit strategy. We must be careful not to raise the expectation levels so high that Obama will be deemed a failure. True change is going to require that we examine ourselves and out own interests and maybe even sacrifice some of these for a larger good.
02:28 AM on 01/20/2009
I agree.

In addition the math doesn't lie. The federal government is running huge deficits today. Massive tax cuts and massive spending plans are going to make that much worse. Are we going to step up and make the hard choices or just pass it on to our children?

Politicians (including Obama) are not going to make difficult decisions. Heath care reform or green jobs; tax cuts or public transit; higher payroll taxes or lower social security benefits... etc. Sacrifice means giving up things that are important to you. It’s not just sticking it to the mythical special interest groups (we are all part of several special interest groups)

Everybody is “talking the talk” on this blog today but when it comes to “walking the walk”, its often hard to find someone willing to give up their piece of the action.