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retired, tired and been retreaded 3x
07:53 PM on 06/12/2012
Isolated, oh really? And it will not happen again until the next ice age. Got it?

Thank you Mr. Dimon for the info.
07:38 PM on 06/12/2012
11 questions for the loss of private money. Wg
here are the Questions for Obama on the billions in taxpayer money he squandered on "green energy" and the 4 billion that has to be borrowed every day to fund his administration?
08:08 PM on 06/12/2012
Rather simplistic no? It was money lost by a bank who used customer money that is guaranteed by a governmet institution.
As far as i can see-investing money on green energy is far more productive than building up the defense so we can attack our biggest enemy-Russia.
With all his faults i'll take Obama-I've had Romney and had to send him back.
Snowden / Manning 2016
10:59 PM on 06/12/2012
Very good.
07:41 AM on 06/13/2012
Unfortunately both parties are owned by these fat cats. The public needs to vote with its cash.

Stop handing your money over and rewarding usury!