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02:26 PM on 06/14/2012
"If I would have known it was my own name and so much in my life is gonna be shown on this show, I think I would reconsider it and think about it more,"

Ummm... did you think you were going to sit this one out and let the 3-year old carry the load? How about a "reality check" next time rather than a reality show ?
It's better to be a black king than a white knight
02:59 PM on 06/14/2012
Well, why not?  Feknine's been assuming her parenting duties while she appeared on the other reality shows, so it stood to reason that it would be the same thing here.
If being left is wrong, I don't wanna be right.
03:27 PM on 06/14/2012
It was a very dumb statement, wasn't it. That girl needs to get back in school....and read some of those newspapers her momma doesn't read.
04:09 PM on 06/14/2012
And take a lot of singers, actors, dancers, and other rich people with her....she didn't say anything different than what I have heard from other reality stars.
02:19 PM on 06/14/2012
If she had done a little more thinking, a lot of things in her life would not have happened. This show is just another on the list. Stay tuned for more.