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01:58 AM on 06/21/2012
I know just how she feels ,,,, there is no need for her to go back. When people do you wrong like that they do not deserve your forgiveness. And that's not coming from some sad place its just how it is.. Its not going to heal anything. Only bring back bad moments you as a child had no control over.. She is in the drivers seat now and is Living her life.. Forgiving them will not help her either. You can move on in life and realize these things are just part of your past.. Nothing she could have done to change it ,, when your a kid your taught to listen and obey to Adult parents ,, And some people should just not be parents ,, sadly there is many of them,, you can feel sorry for yourself or just pick your self up and move on , I would say she has moved on and is a Shinning thriving Star that anyone can get past anything... She shouldnt have to feel bad about having bad people in her life as a kid ,, its just how it was
I want freedom FROM religion.
02:18 AM on 06/21/2012
I can understand almost exactly what Christina is going through. I was abused when I was a child and now I have nothing to do with the majority of my family...and you know what? I'm very happy with that. There is nothing in the world that would get me to see them again.

Hang in there, Christina. You're under no obligation to welcome someone back into your life that caused you harm as a kid. Being blood related means nothing.
02:57 AM on 06/21/2012
So, there's no weights and measures and it's all or nothing? If a parent causes you harm intentional or not but did not throw you away when you were a baby, has fed you, changed your diapers, clothed you, taught you things, cared for you and that's all discounted simply because of one negative thing?

She can at least say goodbye if they are dying because it's an eternity or throw a few dollars at them. No one's suggesting that she necessarily associate with them but she does owe them something even if for having been born.
01:50 AM on 06/21/2012
Sooo her uncle had to "Reach out" to Star magazine. Just wondering how big his check was?
01:44 AM on 06/21/2012
I think everyone else should stay out of this trying stiuattion with her and stop trying to sell magazines. I do understand how Christina feels and sometimes it's not worth rekindling a relationship. So magazines, newspapers, talk shows stay out of this and let her make up her own mind.
01:37 AM on 06/21/2012
I wouldn't be jujing !!!
02:36 AM on 06/21/2012
i wouldn't be jujing either........wait is jujing like judging????????
02:43 AM on 06/21/2012
Jujing is some place in China.
01:08 AM on 06/21/2012
Christina, be the bigger person and go see them. If you do, your closer to recovery! Once they die you won't be able to forget and you will always be haunted by it-hear their side of the story. Jesus died for our sins so give them the benefit of the doubt. Just listen and don't reply. Yes it is your choice however there are many people out there that wanted to save a relationship, wanted to tell their parents what was wrong etc etc but pride stood in the way. Don't let that happen...pride is BS.....Its how you are going to feel about the situation when they die. Tell them how you felt, tell them how it hurt you as a person-just let them know and if you want-turn your back and walk away. There is no excuse of what happened - it was a awful thing but you need to move forward! Lay their dirty laundry on the line and set it on fire to get rid of it!
I want freedom FROM religion.
02:23 AM on 06/21/2012
I'm sorry but, do you know what she is going through? Do you know what they did to her or what they allowed to happen to her? Forgive me if I seem a bit passionate about this subject, but it is something that hits close to home to me because I went through the almost exact same situation (just obviously without the celebrity bit behind it).

Everyone is different. She might have moved on already and she doesn't need to welcome people who have harmed her back into her life. Good for her for sticking to what she needs for herself. There is no pride behind it, there's just no need for her to open old wounds.

Also, your claim that she will not be able to forget and be haunted once they die? On what facts do you base this on? Again, people are different. When I heard my paternal grandfather died, I shrugged and carried on like normal. I'm not haunted at all.
05:45 AM on 06/21/2012
I totally agree with you. I am not haunted at all either. Just glad she is gone. Where do these people get off with their advice? They haven't walked in our shoes or if they have they can do what works for THEM but not assume that is the answer for everyone. My therapist told me to walk away and not look back. It was excellent advice.
06:04 AM on 06/21/2012
I agree with you totally. My childhood was just horrible. My parents continued to punish me in my adulthood by not being "grandparents" to my children. My mother told me that I did not deserve children, only my brother did. They have not seen my youngest since he was one year old, he's now 18. This is by their choice. Unless you've been a victim of abuse, you have no idea and nothing to say. The truth is; my parents have no remorse for the things they did.I spent years wondering what I did to deserve their cruelty. The realization came, that I had done nothing. I will NEVER put myself or my children in a "place" where my parents have a chance to start the cycle again.
On a positive note, my children have been given unconditional love. I got help and stopped the cycle of abuse. We have friends who have become family. And although I will always carry emotional scars, I'm okay.
08:29 AM on 06/21/2012
Speaking for myself, I am at peace with my dysfunctional childhood. That does not mean I have any desire, or intention, or revisiting it and spending time with the individuals that ensured it was crappy. Knowing when to break the ties, so the speak, sometimes brings far more peace than any conversation one could have.
01:06 AM on 06/21/2012
Her Father and grand parents were snakes, abusing her and treating her like she is rich and they want to see her before they die? She should cremate and toss their ashes down a sewer pipe. You go girl! You don't need them old crows.
02:36 AM on 06/21/2012
and the only person saying that is her???????? come on go see them, they're dying.
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12:44 AM on 06/21/2012
Wouldn't take any of her "music" if she paid me. Highly over rated and apparently a diva too, and I'm being nice.
Rhonda Geissinger
12:47 AM on 06/21/2012
I'm not a fan, but highly over rated...have you heard the pipes on this woman?
12:40 AM on 06/21/2012
this is what can happen when parents are abusive and non loving.
02:38 AM on 06/21/2012
and how do you know they are abusing and non loving?????you've only heard one side of the story..........have you heard from the grandparents????????? It could be that's only an excuse for her and not the truth.
05:34 PM on 06/21/2012
Her grandparents tore her down in the press themselves in gossip mags-so yes we have heard from them. also, she opened up about the abusive from her father and the denigration and attacks from his family when she first became famous.
12:38 AM on 06/21/2012
One of the most underrated singers of our time. This woman can sing like nobodies business. As far as her personal life goes, its just that, personal.
et alors
01:50 AM on 06/21/2012
I don't think she's under-rated at all..I think pretty much everyone knows how good she is. It's everything else about her that turns a lot of people off.
12:37 AM on 06/21/2012
Its her decision. If she isnt interested in meeting, that is her choice. Nobody can force her to see her grandparents and nobody should try to make her feel guilty for not seeing them. Only she knows what caused the rift and it is her decision.
01:38 AM on 06/21/2012
She needs to forgive them. They did not live in the same home as her father, mother and she did. She will NOT forget no matter what, but she needs to go see them. She is not going to see her father or for her father, she is going strictly it being her grandparents. IF she doesnt she may pay heck one day for her judgement day.
01:56 AM on 06/21/2012
you and i do not know what part they played in her early you or i do not know what she is dealing with. only she knows and its her decision.
I want freedom FROM religion.
02:33 AM on 06/21/2012
No, she doesn't need to forgive them. You don't know what part they played in her childhood. Also, your assumption that "she will NOT forget no matter what" is wrong. You don't know her or what she went through. From someone who was also abused by their father and had that entire side of the family support him, I can say you are very very wrong. When my paternal grandfather died? It didn't strike any nerve for me at all...I have forgotten that side of the family and have moved on with my life.
I want freedom FROM religion.
02:29 AM on 06/21/2012
This is very true. Everyone needs to back off...she's the only one who knows what happened.
Nancy Petersen
12:35 AM on 06/21/2012
So putting a guilt trip on her is ok? There are issues, the family may need forgiving before dying, so if she cannot do this, then call their minister.
12:27 AM on 06/21/2012
Joan Rivers was right she has no neck
12:10 AM on 06/21/2012
Its easy to love those that love you, the real test is in loving those that don't. You can forgive someone, but that does not mean that they stop hurting you. I pray for the peace that surpasses all understanding for Christina and her family.
12:08 AM on 06/21/2012
Joan Rivers is so disgusting! I am no real fan of Christina's either. But, Christina probably has very good reason to ignore her family. It is her choice.
Sherylynne Klein
12:00 AM on 06/21/2012
Wow! Talk about invading a person's privacy! She is a public person to the extent that she has a talent that entertains the public. Her family relationships are her personal business. The public doesn't have a right or a need to know and certainly not to judge. You want to tell us about celebrities very personal issues then tell us about Ariana Huffington, if Huffpo thinks that type of information is acceptable to disseminate.
12:18 AM on 06/21/2012
Sometimes believe it or not (I can't imagine doing it, but), celebrities USE this stuff to promote new albumns, etc. and for publicity. I know, ecchh......their publicists talk them into it.
Ernest Pershing
01:01 AM on 06/21/2012
totally agree