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10:51 AM on 06/22/2012
My dog won't drink out of his outside water bowl (filled from the hose). He'll usually wait to come inside for "kitchen" water. Now I know why!
Relax, nothing is under control
02:04 AM on 06/23/2012
Sounds like your dog has better sense than some of the posters here.
Semper Fi
10:50 AM on 06/22/2012
And that's why we are growing "Wussies". 20 Year from now these kids will be the same people in the Restaurant who take an hour to order.. "Let see, does that have Soy? How about Gluten? Oh wait, no I'm allergic to that", etc.. etc..
To be, rather than seem to be.
10:46 AM on 06/22/2012
"The Food and Drug Administration defines BPA as an industrial chemical used to make hard, clear plastic. "

Hoses are made of hard clear plastic ?
11:39 AM on 06/22/2012
Actually they are...then colored resins are added during the mixing and extrusion...
i'm everything you ever were afraid of.
10:41 AM on 06/22/2012
congress outlaws drinking from the water hose. details at 11.
Obama a failure foreign and domestic.
11:17 AM on 06/22/2012
It would be more believable if you said Mrs. Obama.
i'm everything you ever were afraid of.
01:46 PM on 06/22/2012
mrs obama can't outlaw anything. well, nationally anyway...
10:38 AM on 06/22/2012
Oooooooooh scary. Tomorrow we learn how to cross the street.
Republicans are bereft of ideas and leadership
10:34 AM on 06/22/2012
After 45 years of drinking water from the garden hose, I haven't died, but Im developing this new nipple smack dab in the middle of my chest.
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10:33 AM on 06/22/2012
Garden hoses don't kill people.....people kill people....
10:33 AM on 06/22/2012
I have drank from the water hose, and that water came out of a systern, which sits in a concrete room under the ground for weeks, and God knows what kind of germs it collected from the roof and gutters. Im still here.
10:33 AM on 06/22/2012
When I was a kid, all the hoses were made of rubber so they wouldn't have had the current toxic plasticizers. But, who knows, maybe they had worse stuff in them (did these scientists test rubber hoses? or do I have the last rubber hose in existence? it's at least 40 years old). The worst was getting a mouthful of warm water that tasted like rubber if you didn't run the water long enough before you drank some.
10:25 AM on 06/22/2012
I wonder how much we paid in tax dollars for this study? I can't think of anyone that has not drank from a water hose and they are still around.
Tornado at your doorstep.
10:19 AM on 06/22/2012
Lol I just took a few drinks the other day from it after watering (It was in the mid 90's here). I've been drinking out of my hose since I was a kid. As far as I know, I did well in school, and everything else seems fine. Either they are over-reacting, or I really should stop drinking from the hose (not that I do it all the time).
10:17 AM on 06/22/2012
Raise your hands if you drank from your water hose as a child and DIDNT DIE!!!
10:25 AM on 06/22/2012
Thank you! Me and all the kids I grew up with drank from water hoses, shared the same can of pop, rode our bikes without helmets and NONE of us are dead!
10:35 AM on 06/22/2012
Well the ones who did die can't raise their hands. :-)
10:12 AM on 06/22/2012
Ban garden hoses.
10:10 AM on 06/22/2012
i was a kid in the 70's where i had no xbox or nintendo, no computers or cel phones, and boy did i drink from the yard hose. it was delicious. those were the good old days. the pure days. the peaceful days. so STOP lying!!!!!!!
10:02 AM on 06/22/2012
Blah, blah, blah. When I was a kid, we always drank from the garden hose, and we didn't die.
This generation is totally sick from over-zealous government--oh, hoses are not protected by the water authority. Duh, who cares? Does every single minute of our lives have to be protected by BIG DADDY government. When I first remember, we didn't even have seat belts in cars, and I certainly never wore a helmet skating or bicycle riding. I wasn't told that a tall slide was dangerous. I remember climbing up a waterfall behind our school, and I was scared I would fall, but I didn't. I lived to do it another day! Kids today are just plain wusses!