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07:44 PM on 06/25/2012
How much does she charge him per night ? Because that is the only talent she has and if you see her sex tape she is not that good at sex either. Or does he pay Kris and Kim get 10% ?
07:41 PM on 06/25/2012
sick of the kardashians, i dont even watch the show, its needs to be pulled off tv, theyve made enough money from it, had it not been on they probably wouldnt have had clothing or perfume lines, everything kim does is about publicity, the woman is stuck on herself
07:41 PM on 06/25/2012
PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!! When are you going to stop watching this stupid crap! I mean I know these Krashians want attention, and Oprahs ratings are lower than low for her new network, but come on. AOL, I am about to stop using you. This is insanity! Didnt this Kenon beat Rihanna to death?? Ones a beater, always a beater. I am 87 years old, and trust me youngsters. These wife beaters are always going to be wife beaters!!! Grow up. Why not go and start dating a little Jewish white boy like Tylor Perry. That way you can have a nice ant T like Mediana.
ms velma
Question everything
07:29 PM on 06/25/2012
I have no ill will towards either of them, but both of them have enormous egos and are exceedingly self absorbed which will only cause trouble later on down the road.
Knowledge is acquired, wisdom innate.
06:55 PM on 06/25/2012
Colorado is literally burning, Syria is figuratively burning, Iran is about get nuclear bombs, and some US media devotes attention to Kim Kardashian's love life; who cares? Why are you wasting the public time with such nonsense?
07:56 PM on 06/25/2012
This nation's 1000's of Lizzy Millers apparently have none better to do with their time than watch these pointless reality TV shows. And get all snivelly over subject female void's wedding / divorce / boyfriends / lovers etc. Playing with their children, reading a book, working in the yard, help a neighbour etc would make more sense. But ... it all comes down to the old adage "Feces must be a delicatessen because millions of flies cannot be wrong". :-)
Knowledge is acquired, wisdom innate.
10:39 PM on 06/25/2012
Your overview is better than mine; regardless, I shall continue to complain that too much public time is devoted to watching trivia, when serious problem exist...
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06:43 PM on 06/25/2012
I say it again, Im tired of seeing her name. Who cares about a nobody, and why she likes dark skin. Somebody at AOL seems to have a fascination with her because it is EVERYDAY something is written
I'm a REDNECK , Get use to it !!!
06:41 PM on 06/25/2012
Oprah is going to get to the "bottom " of it ?
I think Conyah has already been there , along with hundreds of other dudes !
06:28 PM on 06/25/2012
Who gives a rip. Just another attempt to garner a place in the spotlight.These people are disgusting.
06:23 PM on 06/25/2012
Just think, there are two other Kardashian daughters on the verge of getting pimped out by mom.
Okey Umez
Yes i. Babylon gwon fall
07:53 PM on 06/25/2012
Mom is quite the pimp.
06:04 PM on 06/25/2012
Kim is going to do whatever it takes to keep in the spotlight. Anything.
06:01 PM on 06/25/2012
It’s your heart you’re playing with," Kim said in response. "I couldn’t sacrifice my heart for a publicity stunt."
Who is she trying to lie to now? This piece of crap would sell her sole for 15 more min of fame. The world would be a better place if the whole family would be run over by a really big and fast bus.
06:01 PM on 06/25/2012
Who is this woman and why does anyone care what she does?
05:57 PM on 06/25/2012
Face it - she finally found someone who could satisfy her in bed as her sister did!
05:55 PM on 06/25/2012
They make a nice couple, of Morons....
05:52 PM on 06/25/2012
They are made for each other. Two idiots