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frank day
Obama cares about all of U.S.
08:42 AM on 06/28/2012
Time to revive the Ottoman Empire?
09:07 AM on 06/28/2012
You don't become an "Ottoman Empire" with just deploying some troops on somebody's border.
09:12 AM on 06/28/2012
good lack.
08:33 AM on 06/28/2012
Currently Turkey is hosting Saudi & Qatari armed & backed salafists on the Syrian/Turkish border. These Sunni Muslims are infiltrating into Syria and carrying out bombings and other acts of terrorism. Would these Turkish troops be keeping the peace at their borders or are they there to provide cover for these mercenaries to enter and leave Syria?
09:01 AM on 06/28/2012
Code of Hammurabi : "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" 1772 BC.

Syria supported and sponsored PKK on it's soil for 15 years, harbored Apo, leader of PKK, to organize attacks on civilians inside Turkey from 80's until 1999.
09:25 AM on 06/28/2012
code of jesus

love your enemie...
12:00 PM on 06/28/2012
Now that you mentioned it, it is doubly hypocritical of the Turks to want to remove Assad while at the same time the former are themselves persecuting the Kurds and not allowing them the right to self-determination.
citizen with integrity
11:00 AM on 06/28/2012
First learn what Halaf and Salaf means in that you can make educated comment on salafi's. (it actually means followers of the prophets advises (Hadith) STRICT CHIRSTIANS and Jewish followers of THALMUD.
Second, what do you have against Sunni muslims? How much do you know about Sunni, Maliki, Hanbeli, Shafii and Shia?
Third, Qatar is a very small country ...their army is so small that perhaps NYPD is larger than them...Check it in the net...Saudi officers maybe there for a military consultation...
Lastly, try to understand why Syrian people are against their leader and what are the reasons? How is it possible that refugees are considered Mercenaries.? Are they the members of FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION?
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11:43 AM on 06/28/2012
Just stating it as I see it. My main objection was to Turkish hypocrisy of allowing Assad's enemies to gather in training camps at the Syrian-Turkish border while being armed and financed by the Saudis and Qataris (Sunnis). Mercenaries are just "guns" for hire and those ones are there to fight in Syria on the behalf of their paymasters and in doing so attempt to dislodge an ally of Iran, a Shia Muslim state. They had done this before in Libya and found it easy with air cover by NATO. Now some of these battle-experienced mercenaries are being relocated to the Syrian battle theatre. Not so easy this time as Assad has support of at least 50% of the country and NATO is not too sure about the Syrian rebels.
The Syrians by firing at the Turkish jets that violated their airspace has drawn a line on Turkey's behaviour.
08:29 AM on 06/28/2012
Go Turkey!
You know how to keep your eye on the ball!
If was us, lord only knows who our leaders would think needs some shock and awe.
09:13 AM on 06/28/2012
be carefull your g string
08:21 AM on 06/28/2012
This deployment is very minor and must only be seen as a warning. Already Turkey has a well established defense network.
Also, of course there is the fact that government must do some moves to look nice to the Turkish public.
08:11 AM on 06/28/2012
Assad is doing everything to pull Turkey into conflict :

1 - Shoot down a Turkish jet
2 - Shoot at a search and rescue plane
3 - Arm PKK and harbour terrorists in their territories

And now 4 - Erect PKK flag 50 meters from Turkish border on a hill next to Syrian Flag.

He wants to reunite Syrian people against a common enemy and stop the civil war. So he's creating an enemy for his country to fight against. Israel is already a well known enemy so nobody will buy that. He's wisely chosen Turkey.

In contrast to most people think, actually Syria is trying to use the shot plane as a bait, not Turkey. Let's see if Turkey will respond militarily as Assad hopes.
Unrepentantly Aggressive Liberal
08:47 AM on 06/28/2012
@Yacht07: You're out of your mind! Turkey has a substantially larger and stronger military. Turkey will literally crush the Syrian military if they so choose, and reuinte the entire region under the Turkish flag. I think NATO would be cool with that at this point.

So would the rest of the planet.
Doug Sandlin
10:00 AM on 06/28/2012
So Assad's suicidal, nationally-speaking?
1st 505thParachute Infantry Regiment 82nd Airborne
08:07 AM on 06/28/2012
Turkey is a NATO ally. Where they fight US troops will fight.
Attack one of us- you get the whole kit and kaboodle.
I'm not for interfering in Syrian civil war.

But them clown are attacking our Turkish ally.. and they are gonna get it. All of it.
Lets rip Syria to shreds quickly, effectively with the Powell Doctrine- divvy up combat zones and overwhelm them- then set up Arab peecekeepers and set up actual elections and leave.
Nuff said.
08:34 AM on 06/28/2012
It's good to see there are some people left in this world who still understands what an alliance means.
08:44 AM on 06/28/2012
And what happens when these Arab Peacekeepers fail to appear in anything like the real numbers required to occupy a country the size of Syria?
Doug Sandlin
10:01 AM on 06/28/2012
Turkey can "take" Syria just fine, by itself.

Any NATO-related assistance would just be the "icing", so to speak.
08:06 AM on 06/28/2012
If Turkey have sent a couple of its F-16's the same day and destroyed the responsible Syrian anti-aircraft guns and rocket launcher bases...
08:30 AM on 06/28/2012
Simple revenge is the poorest of reasons to start a war.
08:54 AM on 06/28/2012
How would Israel respond to such an incident?
09:24 AM on 06/28/2012
russian anti aircraft.....
08:02 AM on 06/28/2012
It is a good bet the Syrians will not mess with Turkey again. Otherwise they are crusin' for bruisin'
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We are all in this together
07:30 AM on 06/28/2012
The Brits have a Cyprus base,..... has anyone seen the radar track of the F-4? I sure would like to.
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07:24 AM on 06/28/2012
This isn't NEW news. Turkey has had troops on their borders and the Turks have been helping support and arm the "group" the "Free Syrian Army...Haven't they? Isn't there US troops/advisors and/or private security Inc. at the US base in Turkey, near Syria's border, also "assisting" Turkey's troops? What about Jordan and we have any US support on their borders with Syria too? Another coup de tat...for regime change....and access to Syria's ports on the Mediteranean Sea for pipelines to the West? Reminds me of Iraq and Libya. Will this cost the AMERICAN tax payers another BILLION dollars, as Libya did last year and the TRILLIONS spent on the senseless war in Iraq, based on lies, for the past decade? Inquiring minds want to know....the TRUTH.
1st 505thParachute Infantry Regiment 82nd Airborne
08:10 AM on 06/28/2012
Turkey is an actual NATO ally- we are treaty bound to defend them.
A billion is cheap price to have friends who fight with you when the gauntlet is thrown or the chips are down. NATO allies are actual national security requirement...
You dont attack US allies and not get whats coming to you.
Contrarian advocate for truth and justice
07:06 AM on 06/28/2012
Notice that the information that the Turkish plane was shot when it was in Syrian air space has gradually been dropped from the narrative. Now it's "over the Mediterranean."

Reuters used to be a good news organization whose journalists were regularly killed by accident by US forces in Iraq. Then it was black balled. Then the news arm was purchased by other interests. Now, it's just another propaganda puppet.

Too bad.
Pauline Jaing
Artist, worker, mother
07:35 AM on 06/28/2012
Well, hardly anyone but the sociopathic zealots watch the news or read their papers anymore. The news companies claim tech reasons, but the fact is that its insane what they say, what they claim.

No one with a brain or feelings can stand to even hear it. Personally, I cannot even stand to see their faces!

So economically, the news outfits are not doing so well --- its like here in the US when the right wingers started assaulting the PTA, everyone just left. They are like snukubgm sgekkacjed banshee monkeys or something, just ranting and insulting and causing pain and suffering, so everyone just leaves.

They think they've won something, but they have won a kind of total and complete hatred.
Moldova Marsupial
08:06 AM on 06/28/2012
Oh, yeah. The conspiracy nut in me says the US had Turkey put the plane in Syrian airspace. That was a ploy to get NATO involvement
Contrarian advocate for truth and justice
10:15 AM on 06/28/2012
Seems plausible based on prior and subsequent statements and actions. It was not being a conspiracy nut to suspect that the US planned to invade Iraq in the lead off to that engagement. It was not be a conspiracy nut to suspect that Germany was planning war in the run up to WWII. And so on. It is being a conspiracy nut to suppose that Iran intends to conquer the US. Heh. Regards.
He that knows & knows he knows is wise.
06:58 AM on 06/28/2012
Yikes! While everyone lses's eyes are pealed on the Supreme Court decision regarding healthcare, this is the other REALLY BIG story of the day. Hang onto your hats folks. How oon before Turkey omes a begging for help from its old ally the good old' USA once things get out of hand with Syria.
Curve: The loveliest distance between two points.
07:29 AM on 06/28/2012
They belong to NATO. So about 1 second.
1st 505thParachute Infantry Regiment 82nd Airborne
08:14 AM on 06/28/2012
Turkey doesn't need to beg USA- we are treaty bound to defend them and they us if we are attacked. I don't think Turkey needs our help- but our assistance and the full resources and military arm of the United States of America is at their disposal if they choose.
Read the NATO Charter. They don't need to beg- we want to help our friend. We'll go to the mats for the Turks. Turks are good fighters with an airforce full of US made F-15 Strike Eagles. The Syrians made a tactical and strategic error attacking the Turks.
uk progressive
He took a face from the ancient gallery
06:48 AM on 06/28/2012
Not once was the fact that the Turkish plane violated Syrian airspace was mentioned in the article.
08:00 AM on 06/28/2012
Because it's not case. Because Syrian jets violated Turkish airspace 102 times last year, and none of them got shot down.
Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.
08:24 AM on 06/28/2012
Yeah, I don't think that was accidental.
Reality defies perception
06:35 AM on 06/28/2012
Syria taking on Turkey would be a big mistake for the Assad government. But attacking a member of NATO could just be the excuse for the U.S. to bring in military options and force Russia and China to lean on Assad to split,
07:03 AM on 06/28/2012
This is not about Syria and Turkey.This is Turkey saying to Iran to stay out of Syria or else we will just take over Syria ourselves.
Yank in France
Egalité Fraternité Fiscalité ! - Les Inconnus
07:36 AM on 06/28/2012
Since you call yourself a "hawk", let's do a quick review of America's "hawkish" actions today in the world.

--> We still have 50,000 troops in Iraq where we have totally succeeded in installing an Islamist govt allied with … Iran!
--> We are engaged in a losing war in Afghanistan and Pakistan where we have managed to anger a total of 150 million people.
--> The CIA is currently running numerous drones strikes in Yemen and probably Somalia, among other nations
--> The Pubs and so-called "hawsk" in both parties (neocons) are calling for a prolonged and intense war against Iran, which, be definition, would either involved the use of "low-grade" nuclear weapons and/or ground invasion of, at least, part of that country's territory.
--> Now you are calling for war against Syrai?

To my fellow Americans, take a look at the history of our interventions in the Middle East. Despite what some say, if you look at the actual events, the reason for these interventions was to protect Israel? The sole exception being Afghanistan/Pakistan, except that al-qaeda has made it clear again and again that US support for Israel and its ethnic purification is their best recruiting card!!

Americans, be you right or left, the country is BROKE. Even if you are diehard Israel and are willing to sacrifice everything good about America for your one and only favorite country, here is my message for you: if the US keeps spending TRILLIONS on these incessant and escalating wars, we will become so broke and so weak as to be totally unable to help anyone, including Israel, in the future.

Now, more than ever, let's use a little common sense folks: no more US interventions in the Middle East!!
Red Ohio
What we have here is... failure to communicate.
07:51 AM on 06/28/2012
I'm very quick to call for action if it's needed, but for the middle east, I'd like to see us just let them destroy each other and be done with it.
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08:19 AM on 06/28/2012
Exactly! Couldn't have said it better! Got to keep borrowing from the Banksters to pay for these endless coup de tats, invasions and wars..and giving those private MIC Inc's those billion dollar contracts. Billion dollars last year allocated to "support" the rebels in Libya, few trillions for Iraq, still unaccounted for. Yet our economy is in the toilet....millions unemployed, more foreclosures and we're going to get deeper in debt financing helping over throw Assad. Who is next? Iran and Lebanon...North Korea? Wonder why we don't dare "spread freedom and democracy" helping those protesters in the Saudi Arabia, whose oppressive King dictator takes protesters to the public square for their "daily" beheading rituals? What hypocrisy! The Turks with the help of the US have been supporting and arming these "rebel/mercenaries," for months! Wonder what the US would do if Russia or China flew in OUR airspace?