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10:16 PM on 02/05/2009
Repellaban Party? I think he has just discovered a President who will defeat an insurgency.
09:52 PM on 02/05/2009
Is this guy the new gift that keeps on giving? Somebody needs to tail him with a recorder all the time.
09:26 PM on 02/05/2009
Please, just keep this up. The Whig-publican Party will only exist in Alaska and Texas.
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09:05 PM on 02/05/2009
Methinks Sessions has been hanging out with Michael Phelps.
09:01 PM on 02/05/2009
the extremist mind a very scary thing indeed .gop gone ...coco
08:57 PM on 02/05/2009
What a ma-roon.
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Bah! My micro-bio didn't meet your guidelines
08:45 PM on 02/05/2009
Man, when the Taliban hears that they've been analogized to the GOP, they are going to be embarrassed and mad as all freakin' get out! If I were Pakistan, I would be on the lookout ...
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08:44 PM on 02/05/2009
well then. obama can call in airstrikes, utilize overwhelming firepower, and deploy killer drones. c-span is going to kick a$$.
09:53 PM on 02/05/2009
And waterboarding.
08:42 PM on 02/05/2009
You know, if Republicans would spend even half as much time studying how to run a government as they spend scheming to win or steal elections, and contemplating how they will tear our government apart once they get their hands on it, just maybe our country would be in a lot better shape.
Registered pharmacist, registered democrat
08:40 PM on 02/05/2009
Maybe he can join Jeb Bush's "shadow government".
Life is too short to drink light beer!
08:37 PM on 02/05/2009
Is he suggesting that the GOP resort to acts of terrorism if they don't get their way?
Republican't is what it is
08:31 PM on 02/05/2009
"'I'm not trying to say the Republican Party is the Taliban. No, that's not what we're saying."
No, what I'm thinking that he's trying to express is, that the Republican party is WORSE than the Taliban, and will make things in the US much worse that the Taliban has in Afghanistan!
08:28 PM on 02/05/2009
Great, it's always nice to know that our loyal(?) opposition party wants to take lessons on disruption from terrorists and those who would suppress and destroy everything that they don't agree with. Great, just what America needs. Good job GOP!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
08:23 PM on 02/05/2009
Sounds like we need a "surge"... elect more Democrats in 2010.
08:11 PM on 02/05/2009
Note he's from Texas.
Know anyone from there ?
Enough said.
09:48 PM on 02/05/2009
As a Texan Democrat, I object. Most of the GOP support is coming from the rural counties here, same as they are pretty much everywhere else.
09:53 PM on 02/05/2009
2012...texas is going blue