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Sailor's wife
12:17 PM on 07/07/2012
So what he's saying is that his choices were to either hit a rock or run the ship aground? Yeah, I'm sure. He's just trying to make excuses. Also, there's no way he tripped into that life raft. Unless he completely fell overboard into a life raft that had already been placed in the water, there is no reason why he couldn't just pick himself up and get back on board his ship. Sorry, but this captain isn't fooling anyone.
Steven Pedullo
12:02 PM on 07/07/2012
he s right, it was his divine hand on her divine spot that caused the divine accident
Ole Fart
Grey Power Rocks
12:36 PM on 07/07/2012
unless... somebody had it in for him.
Veritatum Dilexi
12:00 PM on 07/07/2012
Captain Schettino's claim of a 'provident hand' is what exactly it sounds like: an excuse, any excuse to take away blame that he abandoned his ship.

Maritime accidents happen frequently; all you have to do is look to Asia for its overloaded ferries.

Cowardice is not an exactly foreign feeling for all of us. We all are capable of extraordinary acts of bravery AND cowardice. I would watch my words carefully before blaming someone for this act since you never know when it's going to be your turn.
11:59 AM on 07/07/2012
fkng idiot. When facts fail, blame your imaginary friend
11:51 AM on 07/07/2012
I'm a Merchant Marine Captain by trade. When licensed, we take a sworn oath and are given an extremely high level of authority and responsibility. Everything that happens aboard the ship, every maneuver and action the ship takes, and most importantly, the safety of every person on-board, is the Captain's responsibility. The idea of a Captain departing a ship in crisis before all rescue and survival operations are completed is beyond despicable. Schettino's irresponsible actions and blatant stupidity were the direct cause of his ship running aground. His actions after the grounding were truly abysmal. A Captain with any honor and integrity at all will indeed be the last person off the ship. Instead, he was one of the first. He went straight to shore, straight to a hotel, and asked for dry socks while people he was responsible for were dying. He is 100% responsible for this tragedy and is a disgrace to Captains worldwide. He deserves to be in prison for a very long time.
12:30 PM on 07/07/2012
He had to have been drunk or on drugs to have steered that course. No one in their right mind would take the risks of that passage. He's probably safer in jail; there' are many who would like retributuion.
Troy Simmons
11:46 AM on 07/07/2012
he is touched in the head alright but not by the divine hand.
11:33 AM on 07/07/2012
Shiver my timbers, he needs to walk the plank but first put out lots of blood and raw meat.
11:31 AM on 07/07/2012
This line was donated to Captain Schettino by, the world's largest excuse/rationalization factory, and the only growth industry in America. Business is booming! The private sector is doing fine, and the latest jobs report is a step in the right direction!
11:27 AM on 07/07/2012
Stupidity is more like it.
11:23 AM on 07/07/2012
This ship going down reminds us Americans of the U.S. economy.
11:30 AM on 07/07/2012
Oh shut up.
say it the way it is
10:55 AM on 07/07/2012
A divine hand like a lighting strike.What a crock.
New Year, New Hopes
10:52 AM on 07/07/2012
The captain is invoking God's name to elicit sympathy, but I don't think it's going to work.
10:51 AM on 07/07/2012
Schettino, you get back on that boat you coward!!!! The guy who said that should be the judge at his court martial!!
W. Carolina hillbilly
10:47 AM on 07/07/2012
"Devine hand" or "The devil made me do it?" Hey Gilligan, your skipper is out of control again.
10:40 AM on 07/07/2012
Any "captain" who abandons his passengers and crew deserves a death penalty. Schettino caused this accident which led to the death of people whose lives were entrusted to him.