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02:00 PM on 07/06/2012
How does one sign a binding contract for one's soul? Is there a money back guarantee? Is it even a possession? Good atheists would say there is no such thing. I believe there is, but they are rare, and only I and a few other creatures have them, whilst most people are merely programs that run for my convenience and disappear when I'm not around. That's NOT saying it applies to everyone here, but other opinions really could not matter anyway.
Ray Russelburg
02:04 PM on 07/06/2012
Wow you been watching way too much matrix style movies.
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02:31 PM on 07/06/2012
It's more a play on the Descartes "Evil Demon", but the proles could vaguely liken it to the matrix movies, I'll grant you that.
03:07 PM on 07/06/2012
It puts the lotion on it's skin or else it gets the hose again.