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10:37 PM on 07/17/2012
There is definitely taboo surrounding menstruation. By the way guys, P.M.S. means PREmenstrual syndrome meaning BEFORE you start your period. I am usually depressed only the day before my period and in good spirits during my period because I'm not pregnant.
05:20 AM on 07/18/2012
Oh God, this, so much this!

It never ceases to amaze me that people don't know this. And it's sadly not just men, it's women too.

If I'm extra sour during my period, it's due to the pain of cramps, and not based on hormones - and it's very different from the slightly more emotional/vulnerable state that PMS gives me.

But at least we can do things to help ourselves and make life easier for everyone during those days.
I told my X, who I was with for 7 years, that I was extra vulnerable and likely to take things the wrong way for a couple of days. He then made an effort not to make dumb-funny remarks and the like, and I made an effort not to take things any more seriously than intended.
And you know what? I don't remember us ever having conflicts during the PMS time, because we were both making just a little bit of an effort.
The night is dark and full of terrors.
02:04 AM on 07/19/2012
I'm sad when I get my period, only because I get severe migraines which makes it hard to be happy.
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10:14 PM on 07/17/2012
Cos you get the urge really bad while in your period- duh!
08:25 PM on 07/17/2012
I decided to check out the Women's section of the Huffington Post. The question must be asked, how is Hollywood's depiction of menstruation relevant to anyone? Who cares!!
07:53 PM on 07/17/2012
Uuuumm...okay, firstly, I don't know about you, but most women hate their periods. We have cramps, the smell of period blood is disgusting, if you're a pad wearer, you pretty much just sit there in a mess of gooey, sticky, and unsanitary blood.

I honestly have no clue how Hollywood could even try to portray periods as positive, because they aren't. They're disgusting and painful, and if most women are anything like me, they make us irritable and give us random-for-no-reason crying spells. So yeah. Definitely spot on in any and all portrayals of menstruation.

I get annoyed when I see those happy tampon or pad commercials. Seriously? You're supposed to be acting as if you're on your period, so stop dancing and start popping some advil or rushing to the restroom in the middle of the mall.
11:51 PM on 07/17/2012
Actually, I'm not sure menstrual blood is unsanitary, per say. Think about it: part of it's intended purpose (before it starts making your life awkward by flowing out of your body) is to nourish life. Would that blood be dirty or unclean, or even unsanitary? It is, however, quite messy, there's no doubt about that!

I think what we really have an issue with is blood in general. I mean who thinks "Yummy! Blood?" no matter where it comes from??? LOL Well, maybe Hannibal Lecter.

Having said that, I hate those commercials too. The reality is, some of us spend a lot of time doubled over in pain, others don't have the pain problem but spend a lot of mental energy checking their status of wetness, especially if they're wearing tampons and not pads (or tampons and pantyliners... in which case you're *still* checking! LOL), etc. But I'm pretty sure the one thing NO ONE does is hop up and down with joy, either, or anything else strenuous if they can help it. LOL Exercise makes the flow faster, after all... without seeming to shorten the overall duration, so what's the point???
10:33 AM on 07/18/2012
Menstrual blood carries with it a lot of bacteria that has been cleaned from your vagina. Blood, in general, carries with it diseases and other pathogens that, while not active, are still infectious.

And thank you for catching my point about the commercials, they make me cringe when I see them o.e
11:38 AM on 06/03/2014
It's not true at all. I couldn't bother less about my period. It sometimes bothers me that sex is more complicated and that's I'll tend to be a little more cranky about stupid things, but the period in itself... nope. What she means is most of women actually don't really care anymore after a while. It's just vaguely annoying. I haven't heard a single woman cry about her menstruations since my highschool years... And Hollywood wants to make us believe that EVERY woman hates menstruation. Which is not true at all. If it were the case, I don't see how we wouldn't all have a mental breakdown after suffering so many years of periodic stress and hate.
07:00 PM on 07/17/2012
I am dumber for having read this article about American pop culture opinions on periods.
06:18 PM on 07/17/2012
Yuck. Why not just have sex a few days before having a period?
The night is dark and full of terrors.
02:06 AM on 07/19/2012
It's actually not bad during the period at all. Just lay a couple towels down if you don't wish to ruin your sheets.
06:17 PM on 07/17/2012
Hollywood gets everything wrong about women.
Maybe if there were more women involved in projecting normal women, we would not have this problem.
04:59 PM on 07/17/2012
Sounds to me like Hollywood is right on. Periods are disgusting, uncomfortable, and in no way enjoyable. The tend to make some - not all - women emotional basket cases. This seems to be one of the few instances in which Hollywood gets it right. This is coming from a woman. I'm heading for the woods if some nutty feminists start a period-acceptance movement.
10:08 PM on 06/04/2014
So you'd rather just go through life feeling disgusting and uncomfortable for one week a month? That's ridiculous. P.M.S. happens *before* menstruation, not during, so if your period is still making you a 'basket case' *during* menstruation, that's something to discuss w/your physician--because you should be done with being emotional labile.

I honestly don't get it, I don't feel 'disgusting' or 'uncomfortable,' and it's incredibly disingenuous for your to try and speak for all women in that capacity. This is definitely something that Hollywood gets *wrong.* Keep your antiquated notions about menstruation to yourself!
04:19 PM on 07/17/2012
When my daughter began to menstruate, I took her to lunch and bought her something new to celebrate. I told her, " You are a young woman now capable of having children although your body is just practicing now for the time when you want to have children". 8 months later she was pregnant. If I had it to do over again, I would have given her a birth control prescription.
Having your period is not fun or wonderful. It can be painful, keep you from engaging in some activities, cause embarrassing moments of flooding and ruining your clothing or someone's furniture. Tampons are not fun and sanitary pads are almost as bad as diapers.
How wonderful that there is now a pill that allows you not to menstruate unless you want to develop a cycle to become pregnant.
I was never so happy as when I went through menopause. In fact I had a Menopause party and invited all my friends. We shared methods for averting hot flashes and night sweats. And we celebrated being "crones".
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04:17 PM on 07/17/2012
You can fluff it whatever way you like, but the bottom line is that periods still suck. Can you find a women who loves being on her period for any other reason than because it tells her she isn't pregnant?
squirrely girl
Assistant Professor ~ Developmental Psychology
04:10 PM on 07/17/2012
I think that would depend on the personal preferences of the folks involved... some are cool with it and others aren't... I don't think either position would impugn one's character.
03:24 PM on 07/17/2012
God should have figured out another way. He is obviously a man and wasn't thinking logically.
03:20 PM on 07/17/2012
Just to understand her point with reference to Californication; men are supposed to be okay with having sex with a woman having her period? A woman is supposed to want to have sex with a man while on her period? This is positive?
03:31 PM on 07/17/2012
Orgasm is the best cure for cramps. Not every man can bring himself to go there and I would never ask nor expect a guy to have sex while I'm on my period. But if he's willing, it wouldn't bother me in the slightest. Just put a towel down and go at it. The flow of blood tends to stop while bathing, so shower sex is always a good compromise to keeping things clean.

That said, if you're feeling bloated, depressed, and crampy, sex might be the last thing on a woman's mind. Sometimes it's just "Ew, get away from me," and sometimes, it's "If you can stand it, I can." Every woman is different and so is every period.
03:32 PM on 07/17/2012
It is positive! Many women enjoy being intimate while menstrating, it can even help to relieve cramps.
02:00 PM on 07/17/2012
Thank you, HuffPost, for writing about this research. While studies of media representation of menstruation are (so far) limited, there are decades of research on how media affects audiences in other realms, and no reason to think that somehow the menstrual cycle would be magically exempt. Consider, for instance, this recent study about television, race, and self-esteem:, or the growing body of work on the so-called CSI Effect -

To read more research about the menstrual cycle and media (and everything else), I invite HuffPost readers to visit re:Cycling, the blog of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research:

We will be featuring a guest post tomorrow from Dr. Lauren Rosewarne about her new book. We've also written about menstruation on Roseanne's Nuts (, Curb Your Enthusiasm, the film The Runaways,, and many, many more.