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It takes an Atheist to truly appreciate Jesus
11:04 PM on 07/21/2012
As the human brain finds it impossible to visualize the infinite.

Then we will never be able to accept the "nothing" theory. As in the same way we simply cannot conceive of an infinite universe (or what there is beyond the universe).

I propose the 'time donut' theory helps with this as there is never an end or beginning. But of course, what lies outside the donut?
12:15 AM on 07/22/2012
What lies outside the donut? In most cases it's a bakery. Later... well, that depends on the customer who buys them.

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Marooned Star Traveler
10:55 PM on 07/21/2012
What existed before the Big Bang? Joan Rivers?
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Religion is all bunk -Thomas A. Edison
08:58 PM on 07/21/2012
I like the book,,, easy enough read...
Opinions should be based on some rational thought
12:19 PM on 07/21/2012
What existed before the Big Bang? I thought it was Two and a Half Men.(BAZINGA!)
10:54 AM on 07/21/2012
I don't think it expanded from "nothingness"... The most likely explanation is that each universe is fed by a super black hole at the center of a galaxy. We are just look at the event horizon from the other side.
11:10 AM on 07/21/2012
GR predicts very strong gravitational forces inside a black hole. We don't observe any of those, therefor the inside-the-black-hole model is rather questionable.
12:21 PM on 07/21/2012
As questionable as the entire known universe having been condensed to the size of a pin head? Regardless of what our individual beliefs or inklings are, it's a great time for science :)
10:39 AM on 07/21/2012
Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Well, the Universe is Euclidean therefore Einstein has been proved wrong. The Tof R is silly and wrong. So the shortest distance between two points is a straight line and the sum of the internal angle of a triangle here or a billion billion light years from here is a 180 degrees. Well, thank Kaku for showing us this.
11:11 AM on 07/21/2012
06:36 PM on 07/21/2012
11:36 AM on 07/21/2012
And you gotta have something if you wanna be with me. Oh, well.
10:20 AM on 07/21/2012
Well, here we go again. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. First, science has shown that Einstein has been proven wrong. Th Uinerse is Euclidean not non-euclidean as he wanted it to be. There is not enough matter out there to create a non-euclidean Universe. Second, they say that this "expansion will go no for eternity." Well,, here we go again. Nothing is forever? So, thus how do you adapt Einstein Sagan Hawking to a Euclidean Universe. Sorry you can't
11:11 AM on 07/21/2012
06:05 PM on 07/21/2012
Ok kool-aid drinker. Flat Earther. A modern Alchemist!!!!!!!! Your no different thatn Peter Poppoff! Oh and you probably think the Universe is non-euclidean too?
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a.k.a. crowsnest
08:49 AM on 07/21/2012
The notion that absolutely nothing existed before our big bang and that includes a time (notice: not OUR time) is not a scientific but a religious concept which begins with "and then God created...." It implies that only God existed before our big bang.
01:45 PM on 07/21/2012
This post shows a gross ignorance about the meaning of 'notion' and 'implies'.
06:37 PM on 07/21/2012
The Big Bang Theory and Sheldon makes a lot more sense.
Superconsciousness switched on the bigbang
01:17 AM on 07/21/2012

Consider that this room - where I am sitting and responding to this blog - with all its furniture, is made up of atoms and molecules. The diameter of each atom is about 0.00000001cm.The atom consists of a nucleus at its centre with one or more electrons orbiting the nucleus, Though almost the entire mass of the atom is contained in the nucleus, it is extremely small having a diameter of about 0.0000000000001cm., simple calculation will show that the atom occupies a space about15000 Trillion times the space occupied by the nucleus and the remaining space inside the atom is simply empty space and if this atom is enlarged to the size of a huge auditorium then its nucleus will be no bigger than a grain of sand. The problem is that we are so large compared to the nucleus of an atom and that is why if we suddenly arrive in this universe from somewhere and find ourselves in the midst of people, other creatures, houses with tables and chairs ,cars moving on the roads,etc etc we are astonished and bogged down with the problem of having to explain how we came to be and how this universe was created and by whom. But for a quantum entity like the nucleus of an atom to suddenly enter the universe there will be no surprises at all.
(To be continued)
Superconsciousness switched on the bigbang
01:59 AM on 07/21/2012
PART 2 ;
It will expect to find nothing,,, and nothing it is that it finds…. being surrounded by empty space 15000 trillion times Its own size. Its only surprise is its awareness that it sees nothing, and if it is not aware of anything… even that surprise is not there. And if the nucleus is enlarged to the size of a Human being `A`, It cannot see anyone around.. the next human` being will be a near weightless one located some 15 KM away orbiting around `A`. In the entire city of Mumbai… there may be just about half a dozen human beings, scattered far apart, unable to see each other.
Now you might say .. `that must be extremely lonely`… and ask the question. `How can we bring them together ?`
I guess you will have to go to a Neutron star... And if you want to see something like that on the planet Earth, where all the electrons merge with their nuclei, Earth size will reduce to that of a moderate size shopping mall with no mass reduction. And if the Entire mass is assumed as made up of human beings it will be something like Forty-five Billion Trillion men and women cramped within that shopping mall.
You might say.. `That will be very congested`.

But nowhere near as congested as in a Black Hole where they will all have to manage inside a Ping-Pong ball.
(To be continued)
Superconsciousness switched on the bigbang
01:24 PM on 07/21/2012
With all this calling something as `Empty space` or `nothing` is simply a concept defined by our categorizing mind. When we arrived in this universe as Quarks – at the time of the big bang – we had but one chance in about 30 million to survive from annihilation by our antiquarks. We did survive..congrats. But to call that as the beginning of the universe .. ie Time zero… is just a plausible hypothesis conceived by our categorizing mind, and to say that matter and all the forces got created from `nothingness` and that the big bang happened without a cause. is difficult ..rather impossible to believe. I would say the probability of such an eventuality is about as low as - as someone said – the probability of an aircraft getting completely assembled by a tornado striking a junkyard. It is definitely possible that space and time extend beyond the big bang moment. Whether that was the last stage of the previous universe is a distinct possibility and cannot be ruled out. It is astonishing that very few scientists are giving importance to the role of consciousness.. or `super consciousness` in this regard.Though it is unlikely that the true picture will emerge in the near future…all possibilities must be investigated with an open mind.
( To be continued)
Everyone is entitled to my opinion.
11:28 PM on 07/20/2012
In the beginning, the Higgs Boson created the elementary particles and their masses. And the elementary particles filled the void. And the Higgs Boson said, "Let there be light." And there were photons. And the Higgs Boson separated the photons from the particles that had mass. And the Higgs Boson further separated the Dark Matter from the other particles with mass. And the other particles with mass, the Higgs caused to condense into stars and worlds. And the evening and the morning were the first billion years....
Everyone is entitled to my opinion.
11:17 PM on 07/20/2012
Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

-- Robert Frost
Everyone is entitled to my opinion.
10:46 PM on 07/20/2012
What existed before the Big _Bang?

A Big _Horny?...
09:29 PM on 07/20/2012
....sometime I wonder if there has to be a beginning and end.....there is much that could be in between those two extremes.............Never thought much about the big bang thing.......seems like there would be other occurrences of that in the great universe. Will never be able to know I guess......
05:31 PM on 07/20/2012
Lawrence Krauss: 'A Universe From Nothing'"---Here is the answer:

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."
09:14 PM on 07/20/2012
Which, of course, also says that God only created the Jewish people and the rest were brought by the cat.

09:25 PM on 07/20/2012
I disagree for God created all men in His image.
The Universe is even stranger than we can imagine.
10:58 PM on 07/20/2012
Okay, and where did God come from? Btw, the Genesis account has been proven to be factually wrong.
Happiness is a 9 letter word
02:08 AM on 07/21/2012
god came from their lack of a better answer or more scientific one
05:02 PM on 07/20/2012
We all began in fire and will end in total does not care.
Everyone is entitled to my opinion.
11:12 PM on 07/20/2012
For Thought's the slave of Life, and Life's Time's fool, and Time, that takes survey of all the world, must have a stop.

--William Shakespeare....