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09:23 PM on 02/21/2009
There is always the chance that President Obama IS being optimistic .....
12:53 AM on 02/22/2009
01:01 AM on 02/22/2009
You must have a crystal ball.
08:46 PM on 02/21/2009
To me President Obama is trying to achieve a very difficult balance in a situation where many are in fear and anger over losing their jobs, their savings and the value of their homes. Obama has to channel that fear and anger into constructive action to deal with it. He should note at times in our history things sometimes be tough, that everybody will have to make some sacrafices, make some sound money decisions from now on and be patient for the good of our country and ourselves but most important that we will come out of this.
12:55 AM on 02/22/2009
I agree...Americans are inherently optimistic, and feeding into that optimism, even when things are going so badly, is far more effective than scaring the bejeezus out of people when they are already are scared s--tless.
08:18 PM on 02/21/2009
Not to plagerize JFK, but how would it be if, instead of opining whether this brilliant, loving man is doing things correctly, we were to make ourselves available to him. I no longer worry that the guy driving is in over his head; that he bases his decisions on political, personal or ideological loyalty; that he has the Constitution explained to him by Cheney, Addington et al. Mr. Obama has made himself available to take on this burden, to devote his gifts to the advancement of humankind. It is clear that his love for his family informs his decisions. He speaks clearly and, most of the time, actually answers questions. Maybe instead of judging him based on what WE know, we remember that he has access to, well, everything. Maybe we should follow his example and let ourselves become aware of the suffering going on around us and do what we can. We have become so accustomed to getting screwed we can't believe we actually have power. He is reminding us that we do. We ought to jump on this.
Got your back, Barack!!
11:23 PM on 02/21/2009
01:41 AM on 02/23/2009
WOW. I am so with you
07:18 PM on 02/21/2009
President Obama is keeping another promise he made to the American people, that he will tell it like it is....

With all respect to President Clinton, President Obama is handling the economic situation "just right"...He is laying out the facts, as they REALLY are about the state of the economy, but, he is also laying out the PLANS to mitigate/solve the problems.....

The problem, IMHO, lies with the MSM, that is h*ll bent on using First 100 days as a yard stick, and oversimplifies the problems we are facing...

I think, by the Spring of 2010, the conditions will be about 30 to 45 % better than what they are now....
12:57 AM on 02/22/2009
I trust Bill's opinion, for he has been there quite a bit more than Obama has, no matter how smart he is, no matter how clever, no matter how allegedly brilliant his team is...selling hope was Obama's trump card, and he cannot abandon it now.
03:46 AM on 02/22/2009
Why would you trust Bill's opinion? He is so green with envy that he didn't get back into the white house that you can just hear his teeth grinding every time he's asked about Obama.

I am so sick of Obama being compared to Clinton or Reagan or Roosevelt or Kennedy or any other prior president. He is his own strong self thrust into a unique set of circumstances and he will govern in his own inimitable fashion.
07:09 PM on 02/21/2009
you know that icky feeling you get when you watch a Plastic Newscaster with Plastered Smile announcing a murd er or kid napping?
The Free Market is Not Free
06:16 PM on 02/21/2009
In all my 70 years I have never seen a president inherit such a mess as did President Obama.
This morning, I walked past a car that was obviously being used as somebody's home. All their possessions were loaded into it. This is nothing to be "positive" about. I think for the first time in a long time we have someone that is telling the public the truth instead of lying or covering up with false bravado. GW treated us like children and never told us what was really happening. He was the "happy optimist". Look where that got us! Here is the hard truth, folks, if we want to be treated like adults, then we need to stop whining and step up to the plate. President Obama has the best of the best working on this mess that was left to us, and he needs to level with us and ask us to have faith in our country.
06:59 PM on 02/21/2009
GW treated us worse than children. He treated us like annoyances and i di o ts.

I want a president who will be strai ght with us. We need to have fai th in that he can understand the ramifications of everything we are facing at all times.
12:59 AM on 02/22/2009
Being straight isn't the same as trying to freak people out...yes, it's one except some nuts think it isn' you instill confidence in that we will come out of this with very specific ideas that steer clear of ideological pitfalls.
05:44 PM on 02/21/2009
it is most interesting that these men, of some repute in their respective fields would engage in such trivial pursing. i also share your general conclusion as to the perceived tone of clinton's comment as being an attempt at constructive commentary yet he fails short of the mark. the electorate cast their lots on the side of change with a view and promise that politics can indeed be a civil and overall humanizing pursuit. they even dared believe, yes the voters believed a politician, that truth could indeed be a cornerstone of an administration. i suspect that the electorate is principally interested in truth and on that road i do take offense with the ex-prez for i have seen and heard nothing that could be termed as overly sad or negative on obama's part. as you highlighted, he simply stated the facts as bore out in different government statistics. now perhaps he would prefer that the president of the united states honey-coated the truth for the sake of soothing the homeless, unemployed, uninsured, hopeless. after all there is no better balm for such ills like empty optimism. i seem to recall a figure that drunk daily from such springs - he did exactly as clinton would suggest, he the extreme optimist even at the expense of reason. so to the question "should president obama be more optimistic", simply put - truth shall suffice.
05:37 PM on 02/21/2009
Bill Clinton should shut up. If he has any useful advice for President Obama, which I sincerely doubt he does, he should give it in private, not on TV. Having been a president himself, he should know better!
06:58 PM on 02/21/2009
I agree! Didn't he learn his lesson from the primaries? The President has said that he feels that we will get through this! I wish Clinton would stop talking and allow the President to his job!
There Will Be Dancing!
09:10 PM on 02/21/2009
Awwww, come on, you know Bill is just lonely for attention....Hillary and Barack have swiped all the spotlight. It's going to be hard on ol' Bill to just mooch around in the background. He REALLY likes hanging around the WH, being helpful.
A radical leftist with a JS Woodsworth avatar.
05:18 PM on 02/21/2009
The lessons Obama should take from Reagan involve what not to do.
05:14 PM on 02/21/2009
I prefer the verbal content he provides us and think he is doing a splendid job!
08:02 PM on 02/21/2009
Absolutely!!!! We will make it through's hard, but it will get better!
04:36 PM on 02/21/2009
I had a problem with the timing, public nature and substance of the former prez's comments.
This was grandstanding at it's worst. First of all Sec. Clinton was on her first foreign trip. He took a lot away from her.

She and Mr.Obama should have dominated the headlines. But this guy is out here giving interviews appearing on Larry King, making controversial and disloyal comments, in that tired silly 'Slick' way. He opened up a whole new line of attack for right wing talk radio. Thanks a lot. I feel for Secretary Clinton. What a a jerk.
As for the pedestrian nature of his comments. They are not sound and speak to the PR nature of his presidency. Mr. Obama knows what he is doing and has a timetable to do it.
President Obama has passed more in one month than The former Prez did in eight years. One can see why he was such a liability in Hillary's campaign. Its not about him its not about his administration and his need for attention.
If he has advice to give the New President it should be in private. It is time for Hillary to shine. In the future he should just stay out of the way.
Brothers and sisters of the same mother
05:27 PM on 02/21/2009
I agree with your thoughts and the way you have communicated them.
Speaking Truth to Lies
06:11 PM on 02/21/2009
TO: ezet22:

I agree with you one hundred percent. You raised some valid comments concerning the timing of his "debut" and it was indeed interferring with his wife and if in fact he had some sincere advice for Obama ....I am sure he has his phone number and could have told him personally if indeed it was genuine and not as you so eloquently stated..."grandstanding." President Obama has achieved a great deal in this short period of time than Clinton or any other president in previous history. He is facing a crisis that none of them...with the exception of FDR faced and still this 21st crisis is greater due to the global nature of its impact on the whole world. President Clinton needs to sit down and shut up. It is time for Hillary to shine and for Obama to lead and if he wants to be constructive...use some etiquette skills and critique in private or reeks of a jealous and spoil brat that craves attention...even from the lights that is shining on his wife...he will take it.
04:28 PM on 02/21/2009
"A more practical reason for Obama to avoid being too optimistic is that raising expectations would be very damaging for him and his party. ... Therefore, the party's future success depends on Obama being frank about economic realities with the American people."

Well, ahem, yes. The most important principle to follow in the short term is "What is good for the Democratic Party?"
04:51 PM on 02/21/2009
Doing what's best for the Democratic Party is indeed part of it. Without an overwhelming Democratic majority, Obama will not be able to enact the measures necessary to move this country forward. We learned that with the stimulus package.
An easy going responsible bohemian
04:59 PM on 02/21/2009
No, the most important thing is to tell the truth so the people can once again believe what a government official says. At the end of his term Bush and his administration had zero credibility. Everything he said went in one ear and out the other. The truth is the truth. Facts are facts. And the true fact is that globally all economic activity has virtually ceased. That's what President Obama needs to tell us, so that when he says it's getting better we can trust that as well.
06:28 PM on 02/21/2009
Please cite your source that economic activity has virtually ceased. Q4 GDP was down 3.8% from Q3. Not good, but not bad and not even close to the great depression or even the early 80's.
04:24 PM on 02/21/2009
Obama has the right tone. America needs the humilty of a 12 step program candidate.
Step 1. Im addicted to debt and I need help. - and so on.
04:00 PM on 02/21/2009
Resolve is the absolutely right word. Anyway, Obama has always said he was confident we would get out of this mess, but that it would take time...that's being optimistic with a touch of realism. Not out and out lies, which we don't need. That would kill him and give GOPers an opportunitiy to say 'I told you so.
03:59 PM on 02/21/2009
I think Obama should just pack his bag and go home! He's already done enough damage, and its only been one month.
04:52 PM on 02/21/2009
yep, he's done alot of damage to the Republican chances of ever winning again.
An easy going responsible bohemian
05:19 PM on 02/21/2009
You're obviously in the 20% or so who thought President Bush had it right. I'm sure you lament his leaving, and McCain's subsequent defeat. Now many of those policies will certainly be discontinued. But out of curiosity, what decision or policy change that President Obama has done so far do you object to the most? Is it reversing Bush's veto of health insurance for children? I'm sure that offends you, but what else?