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HLL 03:48 PM on 07/23/2012
The Paul Ryan budget that Mitt Romney loves

Abolishes (voucher-izes) Medicare
Defunds Medicaid
Protects Corporate Subsidies & Corporate Loopholes (as all Grover Norquist Pledge-signing GOPTeas MUST DO under all circumstances, including war, including disregarding their Constitutional oaths)
Raises taxes on the Middle-Class and poor
Cuts 4.2 
Gary Strawley
04:16 AM on 07/25/2012
Of course It helps the rich, why do they do anything? Face it it is the rich AGAINST THE REST OF US!!!!
03:58 AM on 07/25/2012
"honeybear" suggests below, the people at the bottom who can no longer provide for their children or themselves, may "go mad." If they do and strike out in physical revolt, the 1% in the US will strike back in massive retaliation. The closest example of that retaliation is the response of the Assad regime in Syria to the originally peaceful protests about 16 months ago. 'When the savage crackdown changed the protests into active, violent resistance, the 1% of Syria, the Assad regime responded with exponential barbarity. If the "mad" people here offer violent resistance, the American 1% will reply with similar preternatural bestiality. There is no hope for the future here or anywhere. The best that can be done is to stop having children to prevent further misery and to try to endure what is bearable and ameliorate the suffering until the blessed relief of death comes for the vast majority of the hopeless. "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose." This is a failed state--a plutocracy and kleptocracy.
11:52 AM on 07/25/2012
USA is a very big country. The 1% can't be everywhere at the same time.
04:46 PM on 07/25/2012
No, they can't. But I'll wager that very many of those who adamantly oppose even the slightest restrictions on mass assault weapons because they want to have the option of fighting government "tyranny" will be on the side of the 1% protecting those persons' sovereign liberty against the peasant revolt.
12:42 AM on 07/25/2012
Most people consider welfare for the poor as charity. In a society where there is an inability to provide jobs for all who are capable of working...welfare is paid as an insurance that the poor are afforded, at least, a subsistence existence and will NOT tear down the fabric of society.

Now that the "powers that be" are forcing the middle class into the poverty level...the lesson has NOT been learned from the French Revolution...that when people can no longer adequately feed, house and clothe their children--they will go mad...

These austerity measures only benefit the wealthy at the expense of the poor and middle class.

When will we learn....
Sral Rolyat
We deserve the worst government we will tolerate.
01:40 AM on 07/25/2012
The loop has repeated throughout history. They are never are around long enough to learn the lesson of true public revolt.

They either run and never face the consequences.

Or they do not run fast enough and never remember anything again.
07:43 PM on 07/26/2012
Great comment!
11:52 PM on 07/24/2012
When corporations treat their employees like they're not human and refuse to pay a decent wage and appreciate what their employees do for them it will destroy businesses.They can't run a business without a loyal and competent work force. Playing politics at work with employees and trying to fire them if they don't like your opinions or the way they vote can shutter their doors because that infringes on individual rights and freedoms. It really ticks me off when they treat their employees badly and claim that they can't offer better wages while at the same time they let their buildings fall apart so that they can buy more business in order to attempt to create a monopoly. It's also very sad when people have to drag themselves to work because they know that they'll be treated like dirt once they get there. A happy workforce is a productive one.
11:46 PM on 07/24/2012
What we really need to do is get back all that money they leeched out of our economic engine and put at least the last 10-years' worth of 1% dividends and bonuses and skimming and greed back into our country. Our government skimming from today's and tomorrow's broken economy and treasury shows us that they are incapable and not intending to return our country to the way we were, can be, and should be. Their unwillingness to make immediate policy actions to not only STOP, but to REVERSE the leeching, shows they are condoning and content with the 1% aristocracy that is guilty of every act attempting to snuff out the greatness of the U.S.A. I say it's time to get rid of the aristocracy that is burdening our nation.
11:39 PM on 07/24/2012
My self we need the the improvements of the hwys, utilities, bridges, more teachers, police officers, firemen, emt etc. I would rather see my tax dollars going for these things then the unemployment, food stamps etc. If these plp were working & it is going to take yrs to get this all done they are going to be buying which puts others to work guess what they are all paying taxes. that is how you get the debt down, not by cutting the services these plp need right now just to live. Stop the 20% tax break for company's out sourcing our jobs, instead give it to the ones who are bring the jobs back to this country. Give a tax break to companies who are hiring, these plp have to have a living wage not a Romney part-time 4hr a day min wage job. If that is socialism so be it if it means we want to see our country to go forward this is what we have to do. We have given the 1% their chance they broke the back of the middle class, but we have came back to say WE WILL GO FORWARD, NO MORE WILL WE LIE DOWN TO LET YOU WALK ON US AGAIN. OBAMA 2012 & A WORKING CONGRESS. WE WILL DO IT
11:32 PM on 07/24/2012
The author uses the much abused AUSTERITY word like it was an ax. Isn't it the same as cutting your cloth to measure, something previous generations of Americans did without the hysterical outcry? How long do we think we can live beyond our means, and blame everyone else for our ailments? What is wrong with tightening belts a little during hard times? The sooner it happens, the sooner things will start to turn around for all Americans. Class envy is not the answer. The rich, like the poor, will always be with us.
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11:50 PM on 07/24/2012
Missing the point big time. There is NO class envy in this -- Zero! Just a GOP diversion. Spending cuts / austerity is not the answer, the point of the article.
11:22 AM on 07/25/2012
I countered the point of the article, with which I don't happen to agree. That is different to missing the point. Forget the politics, if you can, for a moment. What is the answer, if not to tighten our belts a little? We cannot keep passing the bill on to the next generation.
11:52 PM on 07/24/2012
Ontopofit4sure - How can this austerity program be anything else BUT an AX in the necks of the middle class and the poor? Since when were the rich in need of socialism in this country to survive? These greedy B@$$$tard$ don't know when to say enough...and the you are hoodwinked when you are told that YOU are the only class that needs BELT TIGHTENING!!!

This is NOT belt tightening...but NOOSE TIGHTENING!!! When did the Department of defense need to hold a bake sale to get with THEY needed? When did Wall Street need to tighten THEIR criminal belts after the taxpayers bailed them out?

Your comment only confirms that this pro-business/anti-people Congress has nothing to worry about as they line their own pockets while serving their robber baron masters.
K August
Research Alec Exposed
01:38 AM on 07/25/2012
Isn't it sad.......they read the article and STILL repeated their nonsense Fox talking points.
11:31 AM on 07/25/2012
Ease up on the extremist rhetoric, if you want to make an intelligent point. No one is trying to hang anyone here. Shouting at each other will result in zero progress. I happen to disagree with you on all the issues you raise. On the other hand, I have no problem with the legal system taking errant bankers to task, just as I am sure you would have no issue with a crackdown on welfare fraud?
I believe I don't believe
11:30 PM on 07/24/2012
Well we'll all see how "austerity cuts" help the economy at year's end when $500 billion in defense cuts take place!
What do you think about those cuts Mr Ryan?
11:27 PM on 07/24/2012
" Cutting or eliminating government programs that benefit the less advantaged has long been an ideological goal of conservatives. " Of course Huff Post wants to put all the blame on Conservatives. Welfare needs to be cut and people need to stop living off the government ie" people who actually pay the taxes to pay for welfare.
People not working or making less now expect money to be handed to them without working for it because of the way the government has tried to divide the classes. If someone has worked their ass off and makes good money, I say congratulations! Why should they have to give handouts to anyone? If you went to college and got a good education and made something of yourself, why should that be given to anyone else? That is just plain BS. How about our government stop spending millions on failing companies (like Solyndra) and big parties (like in Vegas) that we the taxpayers pay for! Why is no one throwing fits at this? 500MILLION on a failed company! How many mouths of starving people can that feed? The government wants to keep the limelight off themselves and point it at the big ole bad CEO's. Funny though, they aren't spending your money (except the banks who received funding)! But the government is wasting MILLIONS of your hard earned money. Why aren't you protesting? Why aren't you furious at them? SERIOUSLY!!
K August
Research Alec Exposed
01:41 AM on 07/25/2012
Fox talking points are getting old.
Maybe you should read the article S L O W L Y and get a clue!
Sherrie Heckendorn
still searching
04:50 AM on 07/25/2012
Seriously, did you even read the article?
11:26 PM on 07/24/2012
I read where it is going to cost with ryan's budget every person on medicare every yr 6400. with the voucher system. Now is this what you want? So they can have a free market in ins, so we dont know what the next yrs premium will be. So we can go back to you have a pre-existiting condition, or your dropped, refused meds, surgery, therapy, a limit on the amount you have for ins? Dont think it happens, well I do, I sold ins. saw a lot of it happen. Saw plp lose everything because of a serious illness or an accident. You dont want to be there in those shoes.
K August
Research Alec Exposed
01:44 AM on 07/25/2012
Republicans could care less if medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy in our country.
That's why the don't like the more medical more being denied coverage..... no more huge premiums...
11:25 PM on 07/24/2012
We saw this fairy tale way back in Reagans administration. More trickle down economics is not the answer. Big banking, and some, big business is responsible for this present mess.
Have backpack, will travel
11:19 PM on 07/24/2012
Only a freak like Ryan could believe in a Bizarro world where cutting spending creates more jobs and prosperity (except for prosperity as in corporate profits).
11:16 PM on 07/24/2012
No pain for the poor, no gain for the rich.
10:55 PM on 07/24/2012
We already have a system that lets corporations socialize cost and privatize profit. Now they want to privatize social services and social security. That will be the death of the American dream. If we must have austerity lets start by implementing it on the people who are robbing our country. Cut CEO salaries, tax wealth above X dollars, being back estate tax. Austerity for the middle and poor is economic death. We'll end up like a banana republic if the bankers and brokers have their way.
10:53 PM on 07/24/2012
I have an idea. Lets try something different and see if that does not help the economy, because I keep hearing the same thing that you are saying over and over again. Yet I do not hear anything about what your saying from Obama or Romney on what they could, should, or would do about this situation. Does anyone see this? Where or who is Obamas advisors? Maybe I am niave but everyone is talking,talking about the economy but I do not see any changes.