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07:09 PM on 07/22/2012
May the families of the 12 hold their memories to their hearts and cherish them allways. Their loss are our loss. tears.
10:49 PM on 07/22/2012
I really feel like crying over those poor people.
This is nonsense and maybe touching a little on terrorism? I don't know. Aren't we supposed to be more civilized in these UNITED STATES?
06:53 PM on 07/22/2012
Seems a little rediculous, and callous to misplace the issue by makeing a perpetrator out of the victim. Whether I would take my child to a violent movie or not, no one has a right to come in and kill us. Forgive me, I try to be a nice person but WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU THINKING?
Polymath--Thinking is serious work.
07:42 PM on 07/22/2012
Everyone always wants to second guess after a tragedy. People are just upset that children were killed. Don't be too hard on them. They aren't blaming the victims, just trying to deal with the tragedy with that most imperfect of tools, the human mind.
12:09 AM on 08/08/2012
Sounded very judgmental to me and it sounded like they were faulting the parents for bringing the children to the theater instead of hitting the issue of what was done head on. Talking around an issue to not have to face it is an old practice but placing the burden of more guilt on the parents is still wrong. So when we are in that parents place maybe we can be kind to the critic while I am praying at my childs bedside. So if we want to missassign responsibility maybe it would be best to keep it to ourselves instead of misspeaking at the cost of the peace of mind of already tortured parents. I admire your compassion but there are larger issues here.
06:50 PM on 07/22/2012
Guns are 21 times more likely to be used to save lives than to murder people. We have over 50,000 car deaths per year in America, so should all cars be outlawed???
Out standing in my field
07:21 PM on 07/22/2012
I doubt your facts, you need to verify before making such an outrageous statement. Secondly, your logic is twisted to suit your agenda. A weapon is designed and manufactured with the expressed purpose to kill and an assault is designed to expressly KILL PEOPLE. A car or truck is designed with the express purposes to transport people and/or goods.
Polymath--Thinking is serious work.
07:51 PM on 07/22/2012
I think professor John Lott (More Guns, Less Crime; The Bias Against Guns) was his source, but he can respond more precisely. An assault rifle is designed for sport and for self defense, not for murder. It can be used for murder just as a car could be used to run somone over. So, in that sense a car is no different from a gun.
Tim Tindera
09:33 PM on 07/22/2012
Yes cars kill more people than guns in USA.
¿Y read backwards?
07:34 PM on 07/22/2012
Strawman in the belfry.
06:46 PM on 07/22/2012
And before it is said, no, I would not take my child to a late movie. Especially a violent one. However, I'm not about to blame the grieving mother for a psycho coming in and rampaging the place.
Your name here
11:00 PM on 07/22/2012
Judge not...
07:29 PM on 07/23/2012
I'm not. That was the point I was making.
06:44 PM on 07/22/2012
Judge. Judge. Judge.
06:42 PM on 07/22/2012
To paraphrase Bob Dylan,

How many deaths will it take 'til we know
That too many people have died?
The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind.

Deepest sympathy for the victims and their loved ones.
09:36 PM on 07/22/2012
to paraphrase 50 cent, "liq my ballz"
06:37 PM on 07/22/2012
What about that poor child that was killed during Senator Giffords meet and greet...she went with a neighbor, what horrible parents letting their child out of their sight, I mean come on people, judging these parents because they did something exciting with their kids, like go see Batman at midnight should not have turned into a massacre
06:35 PM on 07/22/2012
Judging parents that take their kid to a MOVIE...shame on you! It's a movie, not a strip club. If this psycho decided to do this during a matinee then what is your reasoning then.
06:31 PM on 07/22/2012
Gun Control is about maintaining Strict State Control over the law abiding people. Its funny how few people point out that most of the big Anti-gunners are surrounded by an army of armed bodyguards
Polymath--Thinking is serious work.
07:55 PM on 07/22/2012
Politcians never live by the same rules they try to impose on the great unwashed masses. Hypocrites they are. And the party doesn't matter.
Working class heritage
08:17 PM on 07/22/2012
Hogwash. Trained Secret Service or whatever protecting a politician has nothing to do with just anybody walking in and buying an assault weapon with no checks and balances.
cant say he SUX, but there is a Leadership Vacuum
11:32 PM on 07/22/2012
Well if Holder is going to give them to the cartels, then we should have every right to have something equal or greater to defend ourselves.
screw the real world-I'm an artist!
06:30 PM on 07/22/2012
More pieces like this one, please, and far fewer about the perp. Humanize & honor the victims and marginalize their killer....if for no other reasons that another disturbed individual will see all the press the Aurora shooter is getting and think, "I could be famous, too!"
No, it would not deter a truly determined madman. But it would be a step in the right direction.
06:09 PM on 07/22/2012
But it is against the LAW to carry a gun in a movie theather. Not even those with a CCW permit are allowed. How could this have happened???!!!
Polymath--Thinking is serious work.
07:53 PM on 07/22/2012
Nice bit of sarcasm there.
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08:02 PM on 07/22/2012
And since the law does not work, then the law should be changed. In fact, such a law would be unnecessary if the guns were not available in the first place.
cant say he SUX, but there is a Leadership Vacuum
11:35 PM on 07/22/2012
Once they take your guns, they can then take anything they want. You can not ban something you can make with parts from a hardware store.
12:50 PM on 07/23/2012
If guns are banned...I would like to know how will you keep weapons from the hands of criminals and drug dealers? Do you just expect them to obey the law?
05:54 PM on 07/22/2012
R.I.P. to all of those who died. As a father of a 6 year old Daughter hearing about the youngest victim is hard. I can't iagine that level of hurt. I'll never understand why people take their issues out on people who have nothng to do with it. We've gotta get better at identifying these violently insane types.
Jeff Haley
You who choose to lead must follow
09:51 PM on 07/22/2012
Usually those insane crazy ones seem to stock up on weapons of mass destruction! Be easier to make semi and fully automatic weapons illegal. Life sentence for any crime committed with a gun with capability's of shooting 2 bullets. We can let the non violent pot smokers out of jail to make room.
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05:32 PM on 07/22/2012
Horrific event.

No excuse for it.

Thankful for the Trauma Surgeons.

Many veterans from the Afghan and Iraq conflicts.

Much learned.
05:21 PM on 07/22/2012
What's the big deal? Every news station, news papers and reporters waxing about this horrible tradegy.

Every day in this country 270 people are shot by guns that only have one pourpose, "to kill or maime people". 87 of those 270 are killed every day, the rest are physically or mentally maimed for life.

This incident only upped the average by a little for one day, so what is the big deal?
J Michael Norris
05:53 PM on 07/22/2012
Usually people are killed for some reason, a domestic dispute, a husband caught with a mistress, a gang retalliation, a botched burglarly . . . the difference here is that there was no personal relationship between the shooter and his victims, nor was their any perceived motive by the shooter other than to kill people. I'm sorry if you don't understand the difference.
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07:43 PM on 07/22/2012
most of the people I know used the gun on themselves. Same as our soldiers.
06:56 PM on 07/22/2012
Mass Murder is the big deal, of the 270 you mention, less then half of those are killed in out right murder...there is a difference, I'm sorry you don't see that.
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