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01:41 AM on 07/25/2012
For those that don't understand why she would say something like that... its simple. Its todays mentality of people wanting to become famous at whatever cost. She's loving these comments because the more we do it.. the more her name gets out there. Hence, how many of you knew who this dunce was before she tweeted? How many people knew who that singer, the one who flicked a birdie, was singing with Madonna during HT of the Super Bowl? How many people really knew who the Kardashians were before that sex tape was "leaked"?
Jessica DrakeArtz
06:58 AM on 07/25/2012
01:13 AM on 07/25/2012
joel always tells it like it is. he is the definition of a role model. i cant say the same about this busdown centerfold. i wonder what hef has to say.
12:46 AM on 07/25/2012
don't know who Deadmau5 but like him as of now
12:44 AM on 07/25/2012
Her tweet is so insensitive - I can not even imagine what she was thinking...
This shooting is one of the most serious crimes since the Oklahoma bomber.
No comment.
12:40 AM on 07/25/2012
She sold her brain for breast implant money.
Whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stranger :P
02:42 AM on 07/25/2012
what brain?
One good deed deserves another
12:17 AM on 07/25/2012
No one in their right mind should even consider making joke about this colorado shooting, this lady is dumb as a bucket of rocks, just by looking at her its obviously that she doesnt know better.
12:09 AM on 07/25/2012
"controversial tweeter" = oxymoron (or just moron)?

Coy attempt to pass off heartless, tasteless one-liner, then back-stepping and referring to it as an opinion? The "me, me, me" generation with its instant celebrity opportunities - crying shame.
12:00 AM on 07/25/2012
that joke wouldn't be funny even if it weren't too soon.
11:08 PM on 07/24/2012
there is no way this girl thought that was acceptable? Wow
10:38 PM on 07/24/2012
Totally tasteless joke. Of course, I also thought Daniel Tosh was without any class, and everyone smacked me down for it. Where are the masses who came to Tosh's defense? If you want to be blatantly insensitive to the feelings of others, at least be consistent.
Yes I am and NO you can't watch
04:36 AM on 07/25/2012
I couldn't have said it better.
10:23 PM on 07/24/2012
She just wanted attention; and Twitter and Huffington Post just help her climb to fame. BC in society today you dont need real talent to be successful all you need is perky set of DD's, a scandal, and a smile to be famous!
Applaud the people that make you think.
10:21 PM on 07/24/2012
We've all had "open mouth, insert foot" moments. The key to getting past them is saying, "I'm sorry, I was thoughtless." You'd be surprised how easy it is for people to move on.
10:20 PM on 07/24/2012
free publicity all around!
10:15 PM on 07/24/2012
Look, I get it. People use humor to cope (if they were actually there) and we live in a very jaded, cynical world at times, especially online where human decency is a rarity.

But there are lines, and the majority of regular, well-adjusted people know that this is not okay. There's a difference between humor being a method of dealing with/approaching an issue and just plain being insensitive.

I want to call her a lot of names, but the internet did that for me. Show a little respect, Tricia, and next time you won't be so (deservingly) lambasted.
10:26 PM on 07/24/2012
ur 2nd paragraph hits the nail on the head and is the basic common sense answer to the "defenses" offered by ms. evans' supporters.

if she had time to type it....then she had time to realize its matter how comical she wished to be. smh
I'll take mine to go.
10:06 PM on 07/24/2012
Tricia, you should go crawl under a rock and stay there're old and wrinkled.