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01:43 AM on 03/13/2009
God...she is so gorgeous.... I almost thought of being a republican...

Then i woke up 1 second later and realized selling out for superficial things is what Repubs no thanks
08:31 PM on 03/13/2009
Where have you been? There is no shortage of women in the Republican Party who exhibit the American stereotype of beauty. In fact, it's a cliche - if a woman bleaches her hair blond and wears it long, and slathers on the makeup, there's a pretty good chance she's a Republican. In the Republican Party, the role of women is to look attractive next to a man.

Ask Bill Maher - he seems to fall for most of them. Mark my words - Meghan McCain is destined for Real Time.
12:09 AM on 03/13/2009
On the "precipice of irrelevance", hmmm...someone do me a solid and give the GOP a little shove toward that precipice.
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Micro Me
10:56 PM on 03/12/2009
Fortunately for Megan, as she says, she understands zilch about economics.
A necessary prerequisite for loving the GOP.
10:54 PM on 03/12/2009
Hilarous! Little Miss McCain has begun her political career. And she certainly knows how to go about it...
for instance, by starting with a lie: "I'll never run for public office."
10:46 AM on 03/14/2009
She doesn't need to ever run for anything - she's filthy rich thanks to her mother's family, and as high profile as you can get - and she hasn't run for anything. You just automatically assume that it's a lie about her going into politics - do you have a crystal ball, or something?
10:47 PM on 03/12/2009
It was refreshing to hear from a Republican who is not abrasive and repulsive. Thank you Rachel.
02:22 PM on 03/13/2009
Give her time... she's "only 24" and she all the prerequisites for being the perfect airhead Republican.
10:29 PM on 03/12/2009
I have to say she is smarter than Palin. Maybe she will be the VP pick for 2012.
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12:39 AM on 03/13/2009
That would be a pretty dumb ticket.
10:19 PM on 03/12/2009
not sure that, if Meghan's last name was Smith, Caravelli, or Dominguez, anybody would care what she thinks. But since she's John McCain's daughter, she gets a bully pulpit handed to her at the ripe age of 24.

I'll take her more seriously if/when she's still got a media career in 10 years.
11:11 PM on 03/12/2009
Well she is just as qualified as "Ms. Survivor" Elisabeth Hasselbeck...and a bit more saner.
10:50 AM on 03/14/2009
One of those "ignore her because she's young" people, I see. Young people are the only ones that are going to be able to change the Republican party. The old ones have destroyed it. And judging from the people that HAVE had media careers for more than 10 years, and the fact that they've sold out completely, I'd think you would want to hear from someone with a different perspective at this point. The young ones aren't the ones that sold us that bill of goods called the Iraq War. The ones with all the "experience' did.
Obama. There is no substitute.
10:10 PM on 03/12/2009
Rachel's a class act, but I have to Meghan credit for going on MSNBC while her father will only go on FOX. I didn't know what to expect with this interview. I half expected her to criticize Obama and Dems like her father does. But instead she seemed pretty honest and forthright about the criticism her party deserves at this time. Her father should take a few tips from his daughter.
10:04 PM on 03/12/2009
Kudos to Rachel. She is a class act--not once did she try to manipulate Ms. McCain--and how easy that would have been.

The fact is: Meghan McCain is a twenty-four year old little rich girl. That makes her realistically, about fourteen. The good news is, she has plenty of time and resources to use to educate herself about the world. She honestly seems to be a sweet girl. Time will tell.
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09:54 PM on 03/12/2009
How ever we actually agree or disagree with her, Meghan McCain is asking the right questions of the Republican party. Are they going to remain a part of the American outlook or will they become as irrelevant as the Whig Party?

It may not be Meghan, but it will be someone who can carry that message across the Republican party that will save it if it can ever be saved.

If the Republicans went away forever then maybe we could see the Green Party become the liberal party that faces off against a conservative Democratic Party. Or maybe Sarah Palin can revive the Bull Moose Party. Or maybe I'll sprout wings and fly. Stranger things have happened.
09:26 PM on 03/12/2009
Don't understand why people are hating on Meghan McCain. I may not agree with her views policy-wise, but I think it's refreshing to see a new commentator (Republican or Democrat) who is honest, articulate, and real. And I like that she has enough confidence in her intelligence to admit when she DOESN'T know the answer--she knows she is not an expert on economics, and therefore isn't qualified to make a strong judgment about economic policy. If only the self-proclaimed "pundits" all over the news and blogs had the same kind of character, our political discourse would be in far better shape.
09:30 PM on 03/12/2009
This is coming from a strongly pro-Obama Democrat. And P.S. Meghan is HOT
09:43 PM on 03/12/2009
"And P.S. Meghan is HOT"

So does that mean if she was ugly you wouldnt mind her being hated?
09:47 PM on 03/12/2009
Yeah, right!

24 going on 15.
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09:18 PM on 03/12/2009
Good for her if she wants to take on Coulter. But, I don't think she has a whole lot to say for herself.

She speaks a lot but doesn't say anything.
02:29 PM on 03/13/2009
Remind you of any other recent Republican headliners? They're all from the same mold, and it's getting really, really old.
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08:47 PM on 03/12/2009
Laura Ingrahm and Ann Coulter are against her, she must be okay.
08:27 PM on 03/12/2009
When I look at her all I see is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$......etc.
08:41 PM on 03/12/2009
I see that whenever I see anyone on these shows
08:26 PM on 03/12/2009
The issue I have with Meghan McCain is that she became a Republican only when her father was running for office. So in all honesty is she actually a Republican, or a Democrat trying to change the Republican Party? The things she is advocating is what the Democratic party advocates. So Meghan just be an Independent or a Democrat. Why fight the Republican Party?
Obama. There is no substitute.
10:15 PM on 03/12/2009
I agree with you. I think she's really a closet Dem. But she won't admit to it because of her father. I thought I heard a rumor that she supported Kerry four years ago.
10:59 PM on 03/12/2009
That's where this all get's weird. As a true's not about Democrats and Republican's anymore. Not for folks like her Dad used to be and what Megan sort of talks to. Neo-Cons and Religious Fascists are NOT conservative in the least. So now us true conservatives are "Moderates" as the GOP has swung so far to the right they left us all behind. The only conservatives in the 2008 election was Obama and Biden.

Frankly, now we just want to government to do their jobs! So the media and folks can bicker and point fingers but the GOP will be in the wilderness for a very long time. It doesn't have a clue what happened...they lost their "base" when they made their base Pat Robertson lemmings.