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09:00 PM on 08/08/2012
Elvis is still a legand. I love going up next to a car with kanye west or two chains crancked up. I turn on me some Elvis in my jacked up truck and that my friends is the way I roll.
08:41 PM on 08/08/2012
I'm suprised that Elvis's petrified poopy hasnt come on the market yet. Go on idiots, keep giving his un-employed wife your free money...
10:15 PM on 08/08/2012
His unemployed wife Priscilla is 68 years old and help her daughter run Graceland, and is into many other healthy and productive pursuits. Make sure you have your facts straight before you decide to dis others. Graceland still employees over 4000 people, and they still support all 50 of Elvis charities today. Priscilla Presley, who is Elvis's ex wife by the way, is still very involved with Elvis Enterprises with her daughter Lisa Marie.
05:35 AM on 08/11/2012
I was only encouraging you to continue giving them your free money. You're the ones that make it possible for them to eat foi gras and wear gucci!!! Keep supports thier lifestyle. Now go dust off your velvet blacklight elvis poster and leave me alone.
10:37 PM on 08/08/2012
His estate and everything brought in by it belongs to his DAUGHTER
11:51 AM on 08/09/2012
While Lisa Marie still owns graceland, the bulk of his estate was sold in 2004 to a private investor.
08:37 PM on 08/08/2012
Oh how un-interesting
05:37 PM on 08/08/2012
This was a library card? Don't think so. The man had issues and was falling apart when he died. Let him RIP.

Gosh, this man who had everything, including a kind heart (someone who worked with him), wasted his life. With pills! They are going to sell a pill bottle? Ghouls.
04:56 PM on 08/08/2012
Any signed toilet seats?
opinions are like___we all have em
04:48 PM on 08/08/2012
Who decided TO CIRCLE IT?
05:37 PM on 08/08/2012
04:30 PM on 08/08/2012
Well crap. I have photo's of him in concert. not that I was there. But, If anyone interested heck I'll sell 'em and also I have some orignal sun label Elvis.......Show me the money.
04:19 PM on 08/08/2012
I met Elvis on July 4th 1969 at Graceland. We got 3 autographs.
TCB forever!!!
06:58 PM on 08/08/2012
Lucky you. Elvis week starts soon.It's online if you can't be there.
07:25 PM on 08/08/2012
I saw him 3 times in concert as well. 1972, 1973 and 1976.

F&F #77 Coming right up!
U2 Rocks!
07:59 PM on 08/08/2012
Was he a nice guy?
08:23 PM on 08/08/2012
Nice enough to kiss my mom several times - LOL!
Very polite to me and my brother as we were kids at the time.
I also noted he was wearing lifts in his shoes to make himself appear taller.

He also liked to smoke long slim cigars. He was smoking one when he came down the lane to the gates of Graceland before his Uncle Vester opened them up to accept a small wave of mini-skirted fans waiting for him.

Thanks for asking. Lots of memories.
12:13 AM on 08/09/2012
He was known to be very kind...he had given cars away to perfect strangers and was always giving things to his friends. Once a friend asked him for picture off his wall. He told the guy he could take it then phoned his guards and said he stole it! The guy was terrified but Elvis came down and let him off the hook and told the guards it was a