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02:14 PM on 08/12/2012
These would be cute if it weren't for the fact that several of them were fights that were about to break out. That "horse hug" was a horse totally disrespecting a human. And the first picture, while cute, was scary dangerous. If something startled the dog and he jumped up, he could have broken the baby's back or neck. Then people would be blaming the parents and screaming about how irresponsible they were.
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imagination is more important than knowledge
04:53 PM on 08/12/2012
What a downer you are! You must be great at parties!
09:03 PM on 08/12/2012
Actually, I am a lot of fun at parties. I'm able to converse intelligently on a great variety of subjects.
08:12 PM on 08/12/2012
Had English Mastiffs. They are called the gentle giants. Amazing dogs and excellent with children and cats. English Mastiffs take care of their family. A breed with a very steady nature. They are not an agressive breed but rather very nuturing.
09:09 PM on 08/12/2012
The dog in the photo is not an English Mastiff, it's a Neapolitan Mastiff, not that it makes any difference. If the dog were startled and jumped up, his foot would have been right in the center of that baby's back. It could easily break the back or neck, depending on where it stepped. It's a cute photo, but it was a dangerous thing to do.
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02:10 PM on 08/12/2012
Eww, that poor baby doesn't have a choice. This dog drooling on that baby. People get a grip, pets are animals!!!
07:40 PM on 08/12/2012
You are so right!!
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12:13 PM on 08/12/2012
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karen lyons kalmenson
i poem/paint, sometimes, i ain't
06:39 AM on 08/12/2012
even when life
drive you "bugs"
instant cure?
sweet animal
05:53 AM on 08/12/2012
I don't know where I'd be without my WONDERFUL animal friends!!! XOXO!!!!!
02:58 AM on 08/12/2012
life is as good as you make it
10:55 PM on 08/11/2012
I'm going to do a take on Arsenio Hall's saying "things that make you hmmmm"

This is "things that make you go awwwww!"

so cute!
08:46 PM on 08/11/2012