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We are the Knights who say NI!
01:01 PM on 08/14/2012
You are Dreaming.
12:59 PM on 08/14/2012
I can't believe that I wasted my time watching this stupidity.
12:57 PM on 08/14/2012
she has beautiful lips....
12:38 PM on 08/14/2012
Wow. Looks like an asian girl made up to look like Johnny Depp.
12:37 PM on 08/14/2012
What are they paying him for? just have her do all the parts. scissor hands was the best one
12:37 PM on 08/14/2012
Some of you didn't look at all the photos. She did great on all but Johnny.
08:22 PM on 08/14/2012
I looked at all of them this time and the last time HP ran she doesnt look like most of the people she is trying to imitate. She just looks like she is trying to look like someone else.
12:35 PM on 08/14/2012
How is this jaw-dropping? She doesn't look like Depp at all. Dumb.
ambidextrous winger
12:30 PM on 08/14/2012
Stupidest thing I have ever seen on the Internets
Jt John
Asura's Samsara
12:23 PM on 08/14/2012
Very talented.
Luke Vaan Horne
12:20 PM on 08/14/2012
WHere does she fall EXACTLY on the autism scale? I know Im someone at the mild end but Im wondering how severe she is exactly????
12:31 PM on 08/14/2012
Wtf are you talking about?
12:17 PM on 08/14/2012
not so stunning, please hp, come up with something worthy...
12:15 PM on 08/14/2012
12:14 PM on 08/14/2012
what a waste of my time watching this . she doesn't look like depp at all !
12:07 PM on 08/14/2012
You sure that wasn't Johnny Depp shaved all down to look like Ms. Phan???? Spooky
We are the Knights who say NI!
02:45 PM on 08/14/2012
Sir, I believe you are correct!! lol
08:16 AM on 08/14/2012
Personally, I'm more a fan of Kandee Johnson on YouTube. Her costume looks are fantastic.