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01:11 AM on 08/14/2012
This will never go to trial. The Joker will be determined mentally unable to participate in his own defense and he will be sent to a prison mental hospital. You will never see him again and there he will remain for the rest of his days.
01:48 AM on 08/14/2012
it will , they will force him to take medication if necessary until he is fit to stand trial.
12:47 AM on 08/14/2012
Mark my words. This will never go to trial. It will end up just like the laughner case and the underwear bmber.
Cause if there is a trial we might find out what really happened.
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02:51 AM on 08/14/2012
Spot on....F&F.

04:48 AM on 08/14/2012
I hope you're wrong, but, it's something to think about. Doing so, they will have a lot of back lash to contend with in this specific case, I think... I shudder to think!
12:46 AM on 08/14/2012
Note to HuffPost: You don't need to post this, but someone needs to wake up. The heading under more news reads..."Aurora shooing case to remain sealed". I know editing can be tedious, but it is a headline. It just makes you look bad.
04:43 AM on 08/14/2012
There are MANY unemployed editors that would love to work for the Huffington Post.
12:43 AM on 08/14/2012
Coincidence? Robert Holmes, the shooting suspect’s father, is a senior lead scientist with FICO (Fair Issac Company), the American credit score company. He was scheduled to testify in the next few weeks before a US Senate panel that is investigating the largest bank fraud scandal in world history. The LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) banking fraud scheme threatens to destabilize, and possibly destroy, the Western banking system.

Interesting facts and timeline here:
12:30 AM on 08/14/2012
Who do you think has engineered all the shootings as of late? Our govt. of course!! in an election year that they want people to believe that gun control is for the better of all. Wake up sheeple!! A nation of sheep breeds a govt. of wolves!!!
I am, therefore, I think!
01:01 AM on 08/14/2012
So, you would have us believe that someone is performing mind control on these perps? I'm a democrat and I own a gun. But it's certainly not an assault weapon. You need to rewind your screenname.

OBAMA 2012!!!!
02:06 AM on 08/14/2012
You are an idiot! Indeed one of the sheep WatchClock was referencing in his comment. First, I do not support Romney. I sure as hell do not support Obama. That man has lied more than any other candidate. Everything about him is a lie. I won't even get into how many videos exist of Obama making promises and statements only to perform the exact opposite. However, let's chat about this man you want for president. In fact, let's chat about the bill he signed into law on December 31st, of 2011. NDAA National Defense Authorization Act. Now let's chat about section 1021 of the NDAA which authorizes the "indefinite detention of U.S. Citizens without charge or trial." Yeah, great president dude... Nothing like abolishing one-third of our Bill of Rights. You say you are a democrat and own a gun?? Please do us all a favor and give fellatio to the barrel and then pull the trigger.
My micro-bio has been seized by the Feds
02:52 AM on 08/14/2012
It's called it.
04:41 AM on 08/14/2012
The gun lobby wants wide-spread panic, and everyone rushing out to buy guns/more guns. $$$$$$$$$.
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12:27 AM on 08/14/2012
I can't keep up with all those mass shootings.

Is this last week's, or the one from 2 weeks ago?

Soon every psychopath in America will own military weaponry and every town in America will have (at least) a mass shooting to be remembered by.
Death is certain
01:05 AM on 08/14/2012
Shootings are happening all over there just not all brought up in the media.
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01:39 AM on 08/14/2012
Maybe if children all had guns they'd be able to stop this.
01:52 AM on 08/14/2012
I agree, so many all over America and I feel that it is just going to get worse. Unfortunately the Libor scandal may have been the basis for this horrible staged event in Aurora.
Cat guardians for Obama/Biden and all Democats
12:18 AM on 08/14/2012
Interesting that the gag order is only in the state of Colorado, other documents are out, such as from Illinois
12:07 AM on 08/14/2012
HOLMES - Batman Massacre WHY and HOW and WHO
12:05 AM on 08/14/2012
i say let all the mental people out let them have guns and all the ammo they can carry and also all the people i prison and lock up the sane and honesty people
Foward and to the left
02:49 AM on 08/14/2012
Sounds like a plan.
Ajax Johnson
Am I myself or is it just me?
12:04 AM on 08/14/2012
His father is an expert who was about to testify in the huge Libor scandal?
Princess Rita
Everyone is entitled to my opinions..!!
11:59 PM on 08/13/2012
He is no mental patient....... it's all an act from a Ph.D. student...
11:29 PM on 08/13/2012
In high profile cases like these there is too much judging done in the press which is looking for sensationalism and not truth or justice. This just enables lawyers to wrangle more, manuver more, exclude more evidence, manipulate the courts so there is more "law" but less justice in them. Gag orders are good reserving some evidence for the actual trials. If you want to know all the details, volunteer for jury duty. The real problem is taht in a case leike this, the jurors may not have the stones to condemn a man to death. Easy to talk about online; hard to do in real life.
Obama won, America lost.
02:43 AM on 08/14/2012
Often, very true, the media truly does help to create lynch mobs in so many cases. However in this one, he was caught, positively identified, so there is absolutely zero doubt of his guilt. Plus, there is ample proof he planned his rampage for months in advance, so he actually does not deserve a trial at all.
03:25 AM on 08/15/2012
The real problem is in the courts and how they conduct cases. Like the case of the little girl in Utah who was kidnapped for months and her abductors were captured and it took the courts 9 years to convict a slam-dunk case. It seems increasingly that the court system is merely an arena where lawyers compete to chalk up personal wins and losses and not a system for dispensing justice. The danger is that if this trend continues, people will lose faith in the judicial system and vigilantism will run rampant. Then we are all in trouble.
Hate only breeds hate.
11:27 PM on 08/13/2012
Not really just a suspect if you are caught in the act....
12:20 AM on 08/14/2012
Found high and passed out in his car wearing a gas mask thinking he's the joker does not make one a suspect. Think about it.
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11:21 PM on 08/13/2012
military psyc-ops.. case sealed.
obedience is not patriotic
12:51 AM on 08/14/2012
NO Our government loves us, they need those drones and stuff to save us from a enemy we created.
Obama won, America lost.
02:44 AM on 08/14/2012
Now that's some great sarcasm.
11:00 PM on 08/13/2012
Good for him for sticking by his decision. Too many judges today allow themselves to be controlled by the media, rather than controlling their own courtrooms.