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09:13 AM on 08/16/2012
For a young woman who was strong enough to overcame a horrible childhood obviously was very weak mentally to hang herself because she was being bullied on a moronic social page such as Facebook is. I think there was foul play involved.
09:37 AM on 08/16/2012
I was thinking the same thing!
patrick klocek
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09:09 AM on 08/16/2012
At some point people need to simply say-- "that's it, I am going back to MySpace!"
09:21 AM on 08/16/2012
very true but i wish everyone would stop airing their dirty little secrets in every moment of their lives on social pages.
09:37 AM on 08/16/2012
09:08 AM on 08/16/2012
it's pathetic that people think so little of themselves that others opinions push them over the edge like this. but better this way than to pull off a murder suicide. political correctness has ruined this country to the point of kids never have to fend for themselves with other kids. when i was young if a kid hit me or called me names my dad would tell me to handle it or get over it. now the parents want to get involved, have the school administration do something, or even the police get involved. we should be teaching kids that they can stand up for themselves instead of just sitting back and taking it and letting fester inside till it boils over. i have told my son, never let anybody put their hands on you without retaliating, and if they call you names, so what. word mean nothing unless you let the other kid have that power over you.
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09:06 AM on 08/16/2012
Young people take social networking and computer socializing way to seriously - you cannot take to heart something someone says on the internet. It's simply too easy to turn that machine off and continue with your life in a more fulfilling manner - without all the negative stress. We are all in control of what we allow into our heads and lives - never allow another person to dictate your inner wellbeing. Close them out. Raise your head and continue your life without their input. It's just way to easy for bullies to spread negative and nasty comments with impunity - only a tragedy such as this young girl brings the spotlight onto the culprits who caused her distress. Parents, talk to your children, and tell them social networking is easily controlled, by their own actions, and should never impact them in such a disastrous manner.
09:00 AM on 08/16/2012
You always hear kids are cruel but adults can be just as bad!! RIP Raksha.
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08:48 AM on 08/16/2012
I guess that Raksha Sharma showed them!! Kinda' like the guy that comes home to find his wife in bed with another man and puts a gun to his head. The guy in bed starts laughing and the husband says, "what are you laughing at, you're next!"
08:34 AM on 08/16/2012
Raksha Sharma is off to a better place. It's a shame that her short life was so troubled. May she rest in peace. Those who may have helped to push her over the edge will have to live with the results of their actions.Perhaps the lesson here is that one should not consider being defined by others. The world can be a very cruel place indeed.
08:22 AM on 08/16/2012
This generation is without morals or conscience. They blame others. These bullies will never assume responsibility for this poor girl's act of desperation.
08:49 AM on 08/16/2012
Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.
09:31 AM on 08/16/2012
08:50 AM on 08/16/2012
There's not nearly enough information in this story for you to come to the conclusions you have. Disturbed people commit suicide for many reasons and with varying degrees of provocation. "If you break up with me, I'll kill myself." If he breaks up with her, is he "responsible" for her "act of desperation?" There isn't always a villain.
08:13 AM on 08/16/2012
It has to be taught to young people to disregard what others say or think of them, to blow it off as junk and just stay on thier OWN path. They care far too much what some jerk has to say and they need to realize that this is just electronic NOTHING . There will always be people who think they are better than someone else but they forget that no one gets to live forever, so what difference does it make? It's not worth cutting your own time short because someone else is ignorant and the pain is causes loved ones is not worth it in any way.
10:04 AM on 08/16/2012
thank you! I tell my children this all the time. Living happy and well is the best revenge.
08:10 AM on 08/16/2012
On Facebook every user has the option to Remove This comment / Report As Abuse and Remove Friends, but this doesn't remove painful comments from your mind or heart.

I'm careful who I accept as Friend and only have about 50 which are family and friends that I'm honestly very close with. When I see people with hundreds of Friends, I have to wonder just how well they even know these people.

Such a tragic ending to her life. R.I.P.
09:05 AM on 08/16/2012
how many of those so called friends would you call if you were in jail, or a hospital, or needed to borrow money.....

do yourself a favor, can facebook, speak to your friends and family face to face, while they are still here..
10:13 AM on 08/16/2012
Most all of my Friends are family and their children, Aunts and cousins.
All of us are in different locations and use Facebook to occasionally catch up.
If I needed money I would feel very comfortable asking any of them.

I said my Friends were about 50, and logged on to check - it's 42
10:37 AM on 08/16/2012
Plus, all of the people that are on my Friends List, I know them personally in real life.
Katie Nacy Casteel
09:19 AM on 08/16/2012
As a Mom, I wonder too. How can ur kid have over 700 "Friends"? This was when I was able to get on her page--------she wised up--------Any way I can get into her page? Lol

As for this beautiful girl, it is so horrible that she thought this was the only way out----the hurt consumed her. Be at peace, and remember if God finds a bully among his pact;straight to hell they will go.
09:45 AM on 08/16/2012
If you are not her Friend, you can only view depending on her settings. If she has any comments that are Public, you would be able to read them. Comments that she Share With Friends Only would be hidden from you.

Also you should be able to view her Friends List, but that also can be hidden from members who are not friends. Most people don't do this, but it can be done.

A lot of people see the number of Friends = Popularity and I highly disagree!. My Niece has 1,500 Friends so I asked her "do you really know all of these people?" She admitted she went around clinking on Friend in order to have a high Friend count.

What bothers me a lot about Facebook, is that I have yet to find any way to contact a real person. You can go to Help Topics and that's about all the help they give or all they want you to have. Or they just don't want to be bothered.
08:10 AM on 08/16/2012
if you don't go on facebook then you won't see what's written about you.
08:35 AM on 08/16/2012
So true. Facebook has become a nuisance. I have 1 friend on Facebook, my daughter, only to be able to see pictures of my grandchildren because they live so far away.
09:12 AM on 08/16/2012
my wife does the same, I tell her, EMAIL, she likes the games
09:09 AM on 08/16/2012
there is so much pressure on the youth today, years ago, a group of kids said something about another, just those kids knew, now its posted on FB, and the whole school knows, a little different playing field of pressure.. FB needs to be SHUT DOWN
08:09 AM on 08/16/2012
They may have done wrong with any threats and should be held accountable for those threats, but they are not responsible for her death. Only she is. She hung herself. Not anyone forced her to make that decision.
07:58 AM on 08/16/2012
Facebook should be banned.
REVOLT! Never surrender! Never obey!
08:36 AM on 08/16/2012
Why? Why not ban EVERYTHING? We could be held in cells to shield us from every possible danger and do only work from the moment we get up to the moment we sleep, every meal the exact thing we need to eat and only that. Wait, that's called a JAIL! And, apparently, the only safe way to live!
08:59 AM on 08/16/2012
WHY? because facebook is garbage, it capitalizes on its ability to abuse, and not be held accountable.. it puts pressures on the youth that they are not able to deal with..
it wont be long before FB is out of buisness.. it made a big mistake going public.. what the market doesnt crush, the lawsuits will take..
FB should be fined for every youth under 13 that has an account.. if that was 2 happen, they would be gone tomorrow
09:13 AM on 08/16/2012
Because facebook is nothing but dramaa!!! It is stupid and pointless and a waste of time. Facebook "addicts" losing thier jobs and families. It is stupid and pointless! Again it is for DRAMA
08:52 AM on 08/16/2012
yes ban facebook because our generation grew up being told they were "special" and they "mattered".. blow me. This is the weakest generation of people to walk this earth yet. Were at the top of the food chain kill everything in the planet but somehow someone says something "mean" and we kill ourselves? boohoo delete your facebook n move on. If you are willing to kill yourself over what people are saying then go for it
09:23 AM on 08/16/2012
Ok redsoxhater.... Now, imagine it was YOUR daughter!
10:18 AM on 08/16/2012
but don't blame others u didn't have to read it or allow it.
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07:43 AM on 08/16/2012
". Police reportedly were unable to find Raksha's computer, but would be checking her Facebook page for evidence."

So they arrested two people before they had any evidence?? No matter what they find, she is dead, and it is her fault she is dead.
08:34 AM on 08/16/2012
It's India. I guess they can do what ever they want.
09:24 AM on 08/16/2012
They had her letter!
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09:31 AM on 08/16/2012
So if I kill myself and write a letter blaming mcollins297. You think the police have the right to arrest you with out any more evidence?
10:19 AM on 08/16/2012
the letter of someone sufficently mentally ill to kill herself
Eric Graff
07:43 AM on 08/16/2012
computer records will reveal all.................................
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08:24 AM on 08/16/2012
Computer records didn't kill her. She killed herself.
08:52 AM on 08/16/2012