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01:20 PM on 03/29/2009
Stories like these never get old, an older woman looks in the mirror and realizes she is getting old, so she tries to validate that she is still desirable by comparing herself to the Hollywood types. How is that she never mentioned that all the examples she is looking at are super rich and have their plastic surgeon on speed dial??How about you walk in to a local grocery store at 11:00 in the morning and tell me what the middle aged women look like. A favorite blogger of mine could not have put this in better perspective
06:08 PM on 03/29/2009
Thanks for the link. I was trying to explain this in a post above, but this does a MUCH better job. Thanks for the link. I wish people would get a little smarter about all the "behind-the-scenes" systems pulling our puppet strings (a bit of hyperbole, but that's just my style). We will never master ourselves (or, more realistically, get better at mastring ourselves) until we are willing to study and accept those behaviors we exhibit that have little to do with what "we" want and more to do with our ultimate biological purpose.
01:12 PM on 03/29/2009
"Demi, for her sexy, un-plastic-surgery-looking looks"

Please. She's had more work done than Nicole Kidman and Nicolette Sheridan put together. The only difference is that Demi Moore had a good surgeon.
12:44 PM on 03/29/2009
Megan Fox
May you never get old.

The milfs may look good from far away but is that skin so soft, the boobs so nice, ass so firm like the 20somethings. i doubt it.
12:41 PM on 03/29/2009
NO THEY ARE NOT. Get over it old women are not as appealing to men as young women.
11:57 AM on 03/29/2009
Bonnie, thank you for this wonderful story. I turned 40 on the day you posted this and I'm hear to say that i look and feel more gorgeous than I did even five years ago. I still get carded, hit on, and have nary a wrinkle. I firmly believe age is a state of mind.
04:49 PM on 03/29/2009
Seriously, did you just read your own post? You say age is a state of mind, but in the previous sentence you talk about having no wrinkles at 40. So if you had a wrinkle would that change your "state of mind?" And if you weren't carded? And if you weren't hit on? Sounds like superficial things influence your "state of mind."
11:55 AM on 03/29/2009
That was not a quick poll But my votes go to Demi Moore & Jessica Alba in a tie
You're welcome
11:49 AM on 03/29/2009
Hey! What about us pervs who love women with droopy boobs, fat saggy butts, wrinkly faces and enough cellulite to make a cottage cheese salad?
12:54 PM on 04/02/2009
That's so funny! It makes me picture guys when the are around 40 to 50 and their bodies really start to sag and they get those round bellies that have CREASES and saggy butts and their necks are starting to disappear. Their jowls kind of fall and it's really funny if they've been drinking a lot the past few years because then they get all those broken blood vessels in their noses and cheeks. And the hair growing out of their ears!!! YUCK!! And they get gross nose hair, too.
And that's not even getting into the fact that almost all of them lose their hair and are walking around bald or balding.
10:39 AM on 03/29/2009
Us 50+ women are waay hotter... literally! You can see us turning red and sweating several many times a day without even exercising! Don't worry hon, it's just a power surge...
10:36 AM on 03/29/2009
I have awakened her
like flint
the spark
ignited to what degree
and oh
how her rising pleasures brings warmth to me
worth more to me
than all the volumes of my poetry
for without flesh even touching

i have awakened her

Megan Fox.
09:05 PM on 04/09/2009
Ahhh, beautiful!

Thanks, Megan!
10:34 AM on 03/29/2009
If there was any truth to this silly article, then botox and restalyne wouldn't be so popular. And running a poll based on retouched photos isn't exactly decisive, is it?
10:21 AM on 03/29/2009
Am I the only one who finds these appellations tasteless and offensive?
10:39 AM on 03/29/2009
quick, cover the breast of justice
The fighter still remains...
09:39 AM on 03/29/2009
I'm 56 and look a lot younger than my age. I lifted weights for years and still have a lot of muscle. However, there is a reason Valerie Bertinelli and Cindy Crawford have their arms up for those photos. If they didn't there would be skin slack showing. Unless one spends thousands like Demi to get rid of the flaps, sags, and extremely soft layer of skin that begins to hang, there is a skin issue with old age. and no fooling anyone. Aniston and the early 40 somethings are still young and with hormones so no big deal YET. I was still getting hit on at 48, but lose those wonderful little hormones and the chain of events that takes place is quite visible. Before long, the biggest concern becomes saving one's bones and health issues, the outermost shell of skin, oh well.
Lee Andrew
09:13 AM on 03/29/2009
I never in my life thought I"d see the day that I would be "forced" to vote for Caribou Queen Palin for anything - but Meg McCain just does not do it for me. (Sorry world.)

Generally per se I voted for the sexiest which for the most part was the older women, excluding Valerie Bartinelli and Demi Moore - Rachel Bilson and Megan Fox are HOT - I am not stupid!
Retired Aviator
09:45 AM on 03/29/2009
Sara Palin IS a very beautiful woman. You have got to give her that!
Lose the glasses and we're onto something here...
I had to vote for her against Meg...Brain or otherwise...
10:52 AM on 03/29/2009
I skipped that one. They're Republicans. Therefore, neither is hot.
03:35 AM on 03/29/2009
The Michelle Obama picture is indeed the hottest picture of her to emerge thus far. I love it.
01:56 AM on 03/29/2009
I'm 66 but can pass for someone 20 years younger. At my age I'll be glad to take any of the rejects from your list.
Retired Aviator
09:45 AM on 03/29/2009
I'll drink to that.