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03:02 PM on 08/22/2012
Ok, sooooo..... How often was she refilling their glasses? Where did you get this information other than the one "fact" you attribute to the St.Louis Post Dispatch? Did you ask the waitress for an interview? What did the restaraunt manager DO when his employee was physically attacked? Why did frequent water refills aggravate these ladies? They have been charged, so what is the potential sentence for this crime--if indeed they finally appear before a judge? I would hope their public defense attorney will tell them to just plead guilty for a deal on a reduced sentence or probation. Most people eat in restaraunts now and then and know this is NOT good restaraunt ettiquette so a jury of restaraunt-eaters may not be very kind.

Is this gossip or an actual news story? If you are going to use other news sources as the information for your story at least do a better job of ripping off the information!!
personal beliefs
Things never go according to plan, so plan accordi
02:19 PM on 08/22/2012
ghetto animals.
03:21 PM on 08/22/2012
This is normal behavior at Popeye's Chicken. Check it out YouTube if you want to see what's coming to your nearest restaurant.
02:09 PM on 08/22/2012
And all Red Lobster had to say was that it was 'unfortunate'? Those involved should NEVER be allowed inside a Red Lobster restaurant ever again. My question is, why didn't they simply ask the waitress to stop? Maybe she ws new or something. Geez....I'm beginning to like the idea of staying home more and more each day!
Debra Moore
Play nicely or go away....
11:35 PM on 08/22/2012
One theory being floated is that they started the dust-up to create a scene and then run out on a sizable bill they had run up.

I have no idea whether that scenario is true, but that's been posited as a reason.
01:42 PM on 08/22/2012
hey...Olive Garden has some darn good salad!
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01:06 PM on 08/22/2012
What upset them is that the waitress was staying too close for them to run out on the lobster bill.
Shallow and Pedantic
I believe in fairytales.
12:49 PM on 08/22/2012
How disturbing. Imagine what it was like trying to dine whille all that chaos was going on.
Read the Desiderata
03:20 PM on 08/22/2012
One would assume if this waitress was filling their water glasses too often, one would simply ask them to stop saying, we have enough water, thank you. So many problems today could be avoided with a little common sense. They who hollar the loudest....
12:41 PM on 08/22/2012
Find them,charge them,Prosecute them and lock them up.The rest of us don't need to tolerate these people that can resort to violence at any moment.
02:06 PM on 08/22/2012
Water throwing warrants prison time for you? lol Righttt
02:58 PM on 08/22/2012
If you read the article they hit her with their hands as well. So yes, prison time is warranted!
12:35 PM on 08/22/2012
Wow people here in America are quicker and quicker to violence .I see these articles all the time recently a guy came back to a taco bell with a gun because they didn't put sauce in the bag.
What's going on with people and all this with more therapy then ever before in history yet that's all you here is we need more therapy
12:19 PM on 08/22/2012
Its St. Louis so this isnt surprising.
Someday it will make perfect sense
12:01 PM on 08/22/2012
Some people have no class what so ever. I hope the waitress continues to press charges.
12:17 PM on 08/22/2012
Agreed, all they had to do is tell her to stop. Why the H would you need to attack someone for this ?
12:56 PM on 08/22/2012
I think it comes from the self-centered attitude everyone has these days. That's why you have people on cell phones talking extremely loud in restaurants, grocery check-out lines, etc. People think they have a right to do what they want, when they want and where they want! These people never got their butts whooped when they were little teaching them that they are not the beat-all and end-all in this world!
Kara Oneil
reading, and writing keeps our minds alive.
11:59 AM on 08/22/2012
wow, complaining because she gave them refills? Normally, you have wait forever when you want something to drink!!
RK Johnston
Good Blood Never Lies...True Love Never Dies!
01:35 PM on 08/22/2012
And in this Age of Droughts, a glass of ice water is a hard thing to get indeed!
11:42 AM on 08/22/2012
Sorry but blacks have ruined Red Lobster an Olive Garden with there flair ups an smart mouths !
11:55 AM on 08/22/2012
Balance, Logic and Humor Rule
12:06 PM on 08/22/2012
Somehow I think everyone would be much happier if you just stay at home and eat. Actually, I wish we could have a designated state (or planet, if we were advanced enough) and let all the racists live there together.
11:40 AM on 08/22/2012
They have extra money to go out to eat because they all get food stamps and welfare. Hey, lets have some fun and beat up someone who works for a living! Stop giving them handouts,government, and make people like this work, waiting on people like them!
Balance, Logic and Humor Rule
12:07 PM on 08/22/2012
And who might be "they"??? Do you have any evidence that these women were on food stamps or welfare or any other kind of facts? Or just your racism to go by?
Kindheart 101 Returns
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01:31 PM on 08/22/2012
Sitting on ones brain tends to make their thinking a bit skewed Starchild. faved
03:31 PM on 08/22/2012
at least we now know why 'it' has no fans
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Big Horn Man
Your anger can be your worst enemy ...
11:38 AM on 08/22/2012
St Louis, okay. According to the national crime statistics, they are ranked among the top 5 cities. I think they are in third or fourth straight years in this poll. Bad. No love in this city. All bad attitude. We can't live like this.