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I don't know why I am here.
07:03 AM on 08/23/2012
And water is wet. Men are pigs, what a shocker.
04:55 PM on 08/23/2012
And that's why you don't mind being single, right?
I don't know why I am here.
07:39 AM on 08/24/2012
I'm not single, I'm engaged to a man who is thankfully not like the average male. Not that it is any business of yours.
04:47 AM on 08/24/2012
The irony of this comment - and many others - is you are spouting stereotypical charges at men, yet complaining that women can not be seen as individuals. You are the epitome of what you are complaining about.
05:37 AM on 08/23/2012
I notice the eyes first.....
03:26 PM on 08/23/2012
Exactly, the ad is more offensive because it assumes, incorrectly, what women see first - which is eyes and/or smile.
04:16 PM on 08/23/2012
I notice the hair...speak for yourself
05:33 AM on 08/23/2012
hmmmm do we think that a male created this advert? Although don't get me wrong this is hilarious...but c'mon guys there are more to a girl than her chest!

discover your next favorite bra
Web Master Extraordinaire
07:33 AM on 08/23/2012
I'm sure you are right... someday science may even prove your position.

Why is it so easy for women to admit and even celebrate that bigger is better in their attraction to males, but guys are not encouraged to admit the obvious same in a woman?

Women like to use tweezers about as much as a man wants to date a woman with the chest of a small boy. (well, unless you're an alumni at Penn St.)

At least women are allowed the luxury of enhancing their circumstances, whereas in a man, what you got, is what you got. If this were not the case, plastic surgeons would be out of business.
09:42 AM on 08/23/2012
Wow so much body shaming in one comment.

Some people like other people. Not as a set of breasts that happen to be attached to a human being.
03:29 PM on 08/23/2012
Uhh bigger is not always better from a woman's perspective and not sure why you think that. Also, i co-sign silkie-sea's comment re body shaming.
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The j0ker
I never told a joke in my life.
07:52 AM on 08/23/2012
There is a flip side to that coin...there can be more to a man than just his hair.
03:37 PM on 08/23/2012
Well hair isnt the first thing women look at so the ad is doubly ridiculous.
05:30 AM on 08/23/2012
Wow. So, you know, let's start a protest movement, or something, due to the unbearable offensiveness and stuff.
Constitution...See:The Originalist Perspective
04:44 AM on 08/23/2012
Great song... pretty good boobs.
04:11 AM on 08/23/2012
How about just creepy to start with? Followed by stupid.

Look it's probably working so good for them, but I've found Axe commercials (from throwing pigs, to people on odd swing apparatus, to strange looks) overtly creepy for years but that's just me.
03:54 AM on 08/23/2012
I feel like such a piece of hair. I am a man, I spent 5 years in college and more than I want to admit in graduate school! I can talk about politics or science or social issues. I am more than just a tuft of fuzz for you to run your fingers through!
03:36 AM on 08/23/2012
This is an ad for fourteen year olds. I'm pretty sure that all fourteen year old boys see are breasts. It's normal. The ad is so spot on as to be pitiful and therefore funny. Sells a lot of axe, too.
02:08 PM on 08/24/2012
True, I don't know any grown men that use axe, only teenagers, and they use waaaay to much.
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03:03 AM on 08/23/2012
I've always been a sucker for women's breasts . . .
02:51 AM on 08/23/2012
A friend of mine can make pictures like that with his hands, very revealing but not what you think.
02:44 AM on 08/23/2012
The irony is that the very last line makes the entire advertisement more sexist towards men.
Regardless, it's just a silly advertisement, and I've seen far worse insults to my intelligence on T.V.
Jesus save us from your followers
02:41 AM on 08/23/2012
I thought it was actually a very funny ad.
Reality has a liberal bias.
02:35 AM on 08/23/2012
Axe always has entertaining ads. This was a bit slow by Axe standards.
Now what?
02:08 AM on 08/23/2012
What has always been remarkable about these kind of blog posts and articles on HP, the ones that lay out a terrific argument against sexism is the colossal hypocrisy on HP. The right hand column of the front page is called something like "the boob news", or something like that. It's full of stories about celebrities, mostly females celebrities, and their revealing outfits, their wardrobe malfunctions, how to get more out of sex, their breakups or romances with first this boyfriend and then another, also celebrities. Every article about sex is without fail tagged with a photo of some female body part, never male. Whenever HP runs stories about male circumcision, it's accompanied by photographs of naked women. Then their contributors and writers rant and rail about sexism and how women are treated only as sex objects and men are clueless cavemen. Is this the AOL influence or does Arianna Huffington bless these editorial decisions?
03:34 AM on 08/23/2012
Don't forget the unhealthy Miley Cyrus stalkers on the staff. Sideboob! Nip Slip!
Living in the Moment
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02:07 AM on 08/23/2012
They are trying to appeal to 14 year old boys...this is what 14 year old boys are driven by...until they are 60. That said, the ad is stupid, but got people's attention.
04:58 PM on 08/23/2012
And therefore, successful.