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06:13 PM on 04/06/2009
Bow Wow
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05:56 PM on 04/06/2009
Thumper's mother said it best: "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."
when in doubt...twirl
06:16 PM on 04/06/2009
Actually Thumper's father said that...
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06:46 PM on 04/06/2009
I was sure you were wrong about that, but it turns out you are correct. Thanks for setting me straight.
05:47 PM on 04/06/2009
Michelle looks great, as usual!! Beauty, style, class & brains!!
05:38 PM on 04/06/2009
To me...when it comes to "fashion style",
Jackie Kennedy had the best sense for it and dressed to impress.

Unfortunately, her sense of style did NOTHING to help her marriage or self-respect.
Priorities people!
08:41 AM on 04/07/2009
Michelle does not need to dress to impress. She has beauty and brains. Having said that, she needs to pop in more colors and leave black alone for a while.
05:26 PM on 04/06/2009
Was Laura Bush a 'style icon'?
Was Lynn Chnney a 'style icon'?
Even the term 'style icon' demeans these women.
Michelle is a mix of Brains...Beauty...Character...Strength...Heart....

What an inspiration to women everywhere.
05:09 PM on 04/06/2009
I think Michelle looks fine. She dresses to please her husband and family and not the American public. She sends a very positive message to all the young girls out there - which is to be please with who you are and to work with what you have and a message that you do not need everything that is fake or expensive. You only need to do well in school. What other First Lady has tried to send a positive message to a generation of young women. We are always sending messages to young Black men, but seldom do we concentrate on the young women of all races. To a generation of lost young women. Michelle is very natural in a world full of everything that is fake (fake smiles, fake hair, fake breast, fake sincerity) and that is refreshing within itself. Both her and Hillary have been outstanding role models for their daughters and all of the other young girls out there of all races. Why do we pick on her? She is not trying to be like anyone else she is only trying to be herself and all we do is talk negative about her. Europe loved her - why can't we?
06:13 PM on 04/06/2009
WOW !!! Great Post. I totally agree. Why is everyone judging our First Lady? She stands for all that we all should strive to emulate. As a man, I would LOVE to have a woman like Michelle by my side. I'm jealous of Barack. He gets the Cream of the Crop ... while I get the Never Haves and Never Wills.
Equal Rights For All !
03:58 PM on 04/06/2009
God Bless Our First Family !!!
Michelle We Love You !!!
06:13 PM on 04/06/2009
Now get back in the garden.
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03:38 PM on 04/06/2009
Love this outfit. I've been looking for a bow blouse like that and it's VERY hard to find. Michelle has a very chic-preppy look. LOVE IT
03:04 PM on 04/06/2009
She looks pregnant! I'm not a fan of her fashion choices. KEEP IT SIMPLE. Her best decision was that red dress with rushed neckline that she wore when they went to see the Bush's at the White House.

I am also one of the few who HATED her inauguration outfit. Matronly shape, bad color, horrible fabric, not chic. I work in the fashion industry i know of what i speak. She enjoys fashion but doent really have the eye for it.

I LOVE her for her brain and values. Not her fashion.
02:51 PM on 04/06/2009
Someone has been working with Michelle, her shoulders were straight and she stood with her feet together.
No Pets but like Animals
02:40 PM on 04/06/2009
Michelle looked in Prague is so outrageously chic, cute, and different. I like it because she took a risk and knew all of us would be discussing it. The dress she wore coming off the plane was absolutely gorgeous and know her and the President enjoyed their private date night. I'm glad the press left them a long for this time together prior to the President and FL going in different directions on Sunday evening. I love the pics of the area and the people; our FL and President really represented us well. They looked so good nd full of joy even though they were handling some very difficult negotiation. The President has such great temporance and calmness in the face of difficult negotiations. It's sad that the MSM just don't get how important the G20 results and the NATO meetings were for this country. They will see that the after meeting negotiations will net us more than was reported from the meetings over the weekend.
02:58 PM on 04/06/2009
"I like it because she took a risk and knew all of us would be discussing it. "

I figure that is what some of this is about...attention. Her clothes scream, "Look at ME. Notice ME. Talk about ME."
05:11 PM on 04/06/2009
How much longer to we have to hear how stylish Michelle Obama is? Yawnnnnnn
when in doubt...twirl
06:19 PM on 04/06/2009
Hopefully a long long time. BTW This is the style section.
02:38 PM on 04/06/2009
I love Michelle for her sense of creativity, but I cannot come to grips with idea of the belt, the bow and the sweater. I cannot figure out what's going on here because this combination does not work. The lines of the outfit do not flow--it's a bit of this and that. While the pieces are very nice individually, together the outfit is a fashion trainwreck. Same concept with the blue denim dress. Why a casual cardigan and green shoes? Same concept with the grey sparkly sweater, green pattern skirt and black and white print shoes. Again, no flow to the outfit, too busy, too many textures working against one another. Michelle can wear whatever she wants but my advice---Oprah please HELP and share your stylist with Michelle ASAP. I would be curious to see what your stylist would recommend.
02:33 PM on 04/06/2009
It's such a weird paradox that with this Administration's obvious respect for other cultures (which I support) that Michelle's handlers are overlooking some of the most basic customs according to dress. You do not wear a sweater when meeting the Queen of England in her home and do not wear a bow of that size when visiting a cemetary.

While saying it's disrespectful may be a bit too harsh, wearing an approriate outfit goes a long way toward showing your interest and graciousness for your hosts. Dress is a key essential to body language.

Of course, I still shudder when I think of that red-splotch dress she wore when Obama won the election. Yikes.
Progress is an evolutionary process
06:06 PM on 04/06/2009
Please cite the name of the etiquette book, page number, date published, and author for the conclusions you have made with regard to cashmere sweaters for tea and bows at cemetaries.
02:26 PM on 04/06/2009
If that poor girl wants to dress like George Washington then we should all salute her for being so patriotic.
08:09 PM on 04/06/2009
You are funny and I agree
02:25 PM on 04/06/2009
The bow is just a little too much.
05:28 PM on 04/06/2009
Don't even worry about it.