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HLL 08:57 PM on 08/27/2012
Women are 51% of the American population, Mr. Ryan, and you have alienated us with your draconian legislation and WOMEN VOTE!!

YOU introduced "forcible rape" into the House and our country. You and Akin—2 peas in a pod:

—Ryan and Akin cosponsored a bill introducing the despicable term “forcible rape” in H.R. 3 “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act.”
—Ryan and 
Kathy Rybolt
06:32 AM on 08/29/2012
Ryan calls language, "Just shocking." That's a whopping 10 pinnochios (sp). And he best check his pants and stand next to fire extinguishers! What Ryan called "shocking" is the IDENTICAL language, identical word in fact and that's in writing w/ his signature on it!
I know it's empty.
05:05 AM on 08/29/2012
If Ryan believes "rape is rape" , why muddy a statement on a sensitive issue like rape with "stock language"? It's just stock language. To me it just shows, once again, how little thought he gives to the whole subject of rape, the trauma and fear involved. "Did I say forcible rape? Scratch that." "Oops, did I say rape is just a method of conception? You heard wrong."

This guy should just call it a day. Apologize, admit you're an idiot, do what you have to do, and quit with these inane excuses.
04:33 AM on 08/29/2012
Rightwing dude is trying to flip flop again.
03:34 AM on 08/29/2012
Rape is Rape, but if you are raped you can’t have an abortion. To me its seems they want to victimize rape victims for the rest of their lives.
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02:34 AM on 08/29/2012
"Hey everyone, now that we're getting close to the election, let's try to convince the voters that we didn't mean what we have been saying for the last three and a half years."
02:33 AM on 08/29/2012
Must admitt, little afraid Obama could loose this election. If this country dives off the diving board into the GOP waters. George Bush will seem like a good wading pool thing. The GOP along with the Teaparty clowns and you aren't rich you better get use to eating rice and beans. You know the sad part about this is even if you cut every program it wouldn't change a thing. Wall Street and big banks are still stilling and for every winner there is a looser. Gas took hell of jump today and that was before the storm hit. We are hostages in the land of the free.
09:26 AM on 08/29/2012
I'm kind of afraid living in a country where someone like Obama is considered a liberal...
02:26 AM on 08/29/2012
Oh golly gosh, just some "stock language" -- that would make a difference in thousands of women's lives and make some of them liable to be charged with falsely reporting a crime and/OR make abortion a crime for others.

SO cavalier about women's health and well being, Mr. Catholic.
It's the 21st Century -- Deal with It!
01:53 PM on 08/29/2012
1. Catholic on Sunday.

2. Misogynist and Ayn Rand Libertarian all the time.

Yes, #1 and #2 are utterly incompatible -- like women voting for the GOP.
Devoid of clever moniker
02:16 AM on 08/29/2012
It's amazing how certain politicians are just plain liars and people simply accept it. Words have meaning. If Ryan hadn't meant to use the term "forcible" in co-authoring his bill, I guess he wouldn't have made a point to include it. And including it effectively gives freedom robbing politicians like Ryan and his cronies on the SCOTUS leeway to interpret the law as it suits their purposes.

Now he runs away from it. Like I said, liar is the only term that comes to mind. God help the woman in this country if the GOP retains or regains full control. We fought the Taliban only to have them take root here in a home grown form.
Amie Nogrady
you say witch like it's a bad thing
12:01 AM on 08/29/2012
So, they want to push these bills with language that includes words to the effect that federal funds will not be used to pay for abortions even though that is already true? And why? Because it riles up the people who only read a few words of each sentence. This from the same party that is willing to pay millions of dollars to continue the DOMA. Ugh. Can they be any more hatefilled or would they have to have a special adaptation for that?
11:54 PM on 08/28/2012
The "little king"
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11:53 PM on 08/28/2012
yes, let us have the Vatican tell us what is morally right and wrong.. quick!, Hide the small boys, prostitutes, and wine! No thanks.
Rose Morris
10:58 PM on 08/28/2012
Paul, you're lying. You meant what you said and you said what you meant.
Hands off, please...
03:45 AM on 08/29/2012
An elephants faithful 100%.....LOL ( no pun intended )
Have backpack, will travel
10:56 PM on 08/28/2012
So Ryan is telling us to disregard everything he says.
10:48 PM on 08/28/2012
"Stock language???" Oh, I see, it just happens to be the actual phrase used in a bill submitted to the Congress of the United states, which bills sometimes get passed into law, and which laws get interpreted by the courts. So -- I can just see a judge deciding a case against this law, with the Judge saying, "Oh, well that's not really what the law Congress passed means, that was just "stock language." You know, I'll never have to worry about people interpreting my writings based on what I actually wrote! Why, if it's troublesome, I'll just say ,"Oh, that's just stock language, I didn't really mean it." This gives a whole new look to the communication of one's ideas - how convenient!!
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12:06 AM on 08/29/2012
Unfortunately, the GOP has rung that bell and the entire world has heard that toll so no matter what they say now; we know it's not true. What continues to be a sad gesture on their collective part is their willingness to stick out their chests and claim the opposite of what they said as if they never said it at all, which to me is frightening. Are we so dumb that when we hear a lie we just continue to believe it?
08:05 AM on 08/29/2012
I'm with you.  The GOP either takes what other people and and take it out of context, or they just act as if they said the opposite of what they actually said.  I am so scared of them winning this election and imposing their theocracy on everyone.  
David Hall 3
Skeptical Humanist, Pro Facts & Science
10:41 PM on 08/28/2012
"Look, all these bills were bills to stop taxpayer financing of abortion," he said on Fox News."

No federal government money is used to pay for abortions. This has been true for decades. Why are these people wasting taxpayers dollars arguing over something that is already against the law? To create a straw man? To motivate low-knowledge segments of the voting population? To rile deeply religious people into a frenzy against 'the other side?' ALL OF THE ABOVE?