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One moment in time--RIP Whitney
09:14 AM on 08/30/2012
The bottom line is that until palestinians decide to do something for their own future, set aside their hatred for Israel and focus on what they can do for their own lives and those of their children, this will continue and likely get worse.
The world may castigate Israel in words but it is not matching those words with deeds because it is patently obvious that there's nothing anyone can do for palestinians until they decide to do something for themselves.
Trade resistance for coexistence and you have a future.
Or don't and watch the situation deteriorate more and more each day.
The crazy thing is that if pals thought like Jews, none of this would be happening. If instead of building rockets and whatnot to lob into Israel from gaza, they opted instead to turn gaza into another French Riviera (which is totally possible, gaza has all the necessities for that from a geographical perspective), there would be so much prosperity and hope for a palestinian future but they chose another path and are enjoying a very different result.
Again, where's the personal responsibility...?
I....have a mole?
09:09 AM on 08/30/2012
Nicholas Kristof, Pulitzer Prize winning reporter for his reporting on Darfur, knows what a human catastrophe looks like - and that's not what he sees in Gaza.

To the contrary, he says that Gaza is better off than many Arab nations including Egypt.
08:51 PM on 08/30/2012
08:19 AM on 08/30/2012
I find it striking that I never hear about the approximate 42-49 million dollars in aid that Arafat received to help build a struggling infrastructure and economy in Palestine. Palestine will always struggle until it changes it leadership and it's approach to existence. Appearing the long suffering martyr is a tactic the government uses and the people have bought into.
I....have a mole?
08:46 AM on 08/30/2012
$42-49 million?

Quite a few BILLIONS passed through Arafat's hands. He was able to skim somewhere between $1 billion and $6 billion according to:

"Salam Fayyad, a former World Bank official who Arafat was forced to appoint finance minister last year after crowds began protesting his corrupt regime."

Arafat, among other things, had his wife and daughter living in luxury in Paris, with a $100,000 PER MONTH allowance (see article above)
09:41 AM on 08/30/2012
You are correct Billions, I should have checked my post. He purchased weapons,homes and a lavish life style with it. Keeping his family out of the fray, while his people continue to die, do without, and learn lies in their schools.
Mansons psychedelic soul
Walking through forever, i'm living in my dream.
07:42 AM on 09/01/2012
Considering all the BILLIONS of dollars 'Israel' gets from the US to use against the defenceless Palestinian refugees.....I wouldn't worry about it, Mena.

Playing the victim & abusing the 'anti-Semite' card is a tactic the Zionists employ. luckily, most people have NOT bought into it.
Tell the truth ,regardless
08:04 AM on 08/30/2012
I am glad I am not a Jewish nor an Arab Israeli.
Is it fair to have rockets launched against you ,or fair to have your house torn down and forcefully moved on from an area generations of your family have lived?
The hate on both sides is appalling.The retaliations generate retaliations.
The hardest thing to admit to is fault ,It's easier to justify an action rather than resolve a problem that you might have instigated
You want to resolve it,obey International Laws or ask the UN to step in .
Give something back ,stop attacks ,make the other side aware what you are doing .Talk without pre conditions.Thousands have died ,thousands more will die unless it is resolved.
I've said it before ,in the last 120 years on this earth there has only been two weeks without war
What a legacy .
08:02 PM on 08/30/2012
Have you read the Hamas charter yet? Are you keeping up with the stats on air attacks out of Gaza on Israeli civilians, such as the six rockets at the startt of school this week? Did you follow the discussions among Israelis, for at least a year or more, before Cast Lead, when they did not know what to do to stop the ongoing attacks? Do you realize that Israel evacuated Gaza, that many left all their business equipment behind, some offered to help Palestinians get started, by working as employees, and that Jewish persons offered their own capital as a gift? Apparfently, some now consider Gaza a *nation*. Haniyeh attends the NAM Conference in Theran. More power to him, but does that not also include adult responsibility for the leadership and adults in that *nation*? The rhetoric of Hamas *leaders* NOT only against Israel, by the way, can often be heard, and seen on youtube and elsewhere. This article is spot on, and not one word is out of place.
04:37 AM on 08/30/2012
The UN Human Rights Council has adjudged the Jewish state guilty of violating international law by punitively destroying infrastructure and killing civilians of occupied and besieged Palestine. The Jews enjoy a kill ratio of near one hundred to one. As was the WW2 French Underground, occupied Palestine is allowed to resist and, within limits, kill its occupiers. Doing so is neither terrorism nor a war crime. The Palestinian's response with crude rockets is pathetic. But those rockets do confirm that Palestine will not accept defeat, they “give proof through the night that (their) flag is still there.”
07:36 AM on 08/30/2012
if victory mean the destruction of Israel then the killing and misery will only continue in such "monstrous" proportions .
Israel as sovereign nation and a member of the UN is not going anywhere , time to reconsider the strategy but I wonder if Hamas have any real strategy regarding the welfare of Gaza's or if its only aim is the destruction of Israel no matter how much Palestinian blood is needed for this aim .
Richard Pearce
Atheistic-agnostic Canadian polymath
10:55 AM on 08/30/2012
The victory of the ANC was, according to defenders of the Africaaner state, all about the destruction of that state, and would also result in continued killing and misery in monstrous proportions. Strange how people who want to excuse their continuing oppression of a large part of the legal population of their state, the part of the population they deny are part of the population of their state, trot out the same sorts of arguments.
07:47 AM on 08/30/2012
"Occupied Palestine"? Gaza is not occupied.

The Palestinians are not the French, invaded by Germany. They are not the US fighting for independence - they already have it.

The Palestinians are Iraq trying to invade Kuwiit, they are Sudan, trying to ethnically clense their neighbors, they are Saudi Arabia, trying their best to create a theocracy where women and gay people have no rights.
Permaculture and Sustainability
10:54 AM on 08/30/2012
Gaza is not occupied but it is living in a state of siege imposed by the Israelis. Palestinians have no freedom to live normal lives. Their fishermen are barred from fishing. needed supplies to maintain infrastructure and take care of the health of the people are denied by Israel.
Richard Pearce
Atheistic-agnostic Canadian polymath
10:56 AM on 08/30/2012
I see the 'liberal' part of your screen name has to do with the liberal way you claim white is black and black white.
04:35 AM on 08/30/2012
Besieged Palestinian Gaza is an experiment in provocation. Stuff one and a half million people into a tiny space, stifle their access to water, electricity, food and medical treatment, destroy their livelihoods, and humiliate them regularly...and, surprise, surprise - they turn hostile. Now why would you want to make that experiment? Because the hostility you provoke is the whole point. Now under attack you can cast yourself as the victim, and call out the helicopter gunships and the F16 attack fighters and the heavy tanks and the guided missiles, and destroy yet more of the pathetic remains of infrastructure that the Palestinian state still has left. And then you can point to it as a hopeless case, unfit to govern itself, a terrorist state, a state with which you couldn't possibly reach an accommodation. And then you can carry on with business as usual, quietly stealing their homeland.
Fighting rants with facts
07:55 AM on 08/30/2012

Who "stuff[ed] one and a half million people into a tiny space"? In 1967, there were circa 300,000 people inhabiting Gaza Strip & it's not Israelis who increased that number to 1.5 million. As for access to "water, electricity, food and medical treatment", those have only improved between 1967 and 1993, but have dropped again after 1994, when the "Palestinian Authority" (excuse the oxymoron) have taken over the administration of the Strip. Since then, nothing was built -- except of course palaces for the "leaders"; no de-salination plants, no waste treatment plants, no power plants... The "Palestinian leadership" (another oxymoron) seems to believe that "Israel will provide, while we continue to make war against her". Compare this with the efforts of the Jews under British occupation, prior to 1948: yes, they fought for freedom, but they also built a future for their population. AND they did not continue to fight against the Brits, once they withdrew from the territory.
11:30 PM on 08/30/2012
Yet another fantastic reply by NTT.
08:24 AM on 08/30/2012
And so we ask, yet again, what should Israel do? It left Gaza. Despite the blockade, it lets huge amounts of humanitarian aid through. What, exactly, should Israel be doing, other than waiting for more rockets to land on Sderot?

Israel is borded by a region controlled by a group (Hamas) which is explicitly and openly dedicated to her destruction. Not defeat -- destruction. So, in all seriousness, if you're going to criticize Israel, please suggest another course of action. Because, frankly, I don't see a better one, unfortunately.
You're either with Humanity or you're not.
08:37 AM on 08/30/2012
Come on! Gaza is no position to destroy Israel. Total BS! The report says the population is living in poverty yet somehow they are going to muster enough arms to destroy Israel.. Treat them as equals. Follow some basic humanitarian laws for once! Israel has lots of humane reasons to act nobly but wont.
Finkelstein Fan
12:31 AM on 08/30/2012
Kinda ripe for Harris to accuse others of 'failing to look inward' and playing the 'blame game'.
Didn't he and his counterparts actually INVENT said 'game'.
Or does the world still only hate you because you're 'Jews'
LOL. What a joke.
06:23 AM on 08/30/2012
fanned again FF . . .
I....have a mole?
06:39 PM on 08/30/2012
Finkelstein Fan, LOL, what a joke.

Finkelstein has been totally discredited, unable to get any sort of academic position.

I know, it's because the Jews control the world, including the Catholic institution at which Finkelstein was teaching.

Poor victim Finkelstein
07:55 PM on 08/29/2012
And lets not forget the over 3000 Greenhouses that American Jewish donors bought for $14 million and gave to the P.A. in 2005; All destroyed by Pal'n looters and Hamas, which are now tunnels for smuggling goods and weapons from Egypt. And how Hamas are profiteering by removing donated medication from hospitals and selling them in their pharmacy's. Or how about when Hamas stole from peoples bank accounts. It goes on and on...endless corruption and incompetence in Pal'n leadership
01:32 AM on 08/30/2012
It's also been reported that Hamas took apart some of the sewer system to make qassams out of the pipes.
You're either with Humanity or you're not.
08:39 AM on 08/30/2012
Link. Evidence.
You're either with Humanity or you're not.
08:38 AM on 08/30/2012
Dont forget the Palestinian solar panels destroyed by the IDF. One cant have them with self-effieciency and hope now.
09:30 AM on 08/30/2012
Link. Evidence? Two can play this game, no?
09:44 AM on 08/30/2012
When was that years after? During the Gaza war? If so , then your comparing apples and oranges.