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The world is run by cats; we just feed them.
02:15 PM on 09/05/2012
It is condescending for someone to approach another and offer to heal him or her. I have not the slightest idea why anyone would ever do that.
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Not here to make fans/faves but voice my opinions.
08:23 PM on 09/05/2012
i agree
Blessed are the Cheese Makers
01:54 PM on 09/05/2012
Faith healing is to healing...

What reality TV is to reality.

It ain't.
12:36 PM on 09/05/2012
Thank you Beth. As an Orthodox Christian I was delighted to read this article and rejoice in your reasoning. You explained so well the Orthodox position re suffering. How right you were to refute the Parking Lot Healer. His arrogance was so apparent, as it is with so many others of his ilk. He presumes to heal through his faith when in fact there is only One Who heals. I once heard an Orthodox Christian say, in response to the usual greeting "How are You", "I'm not well, glory be to God." The only point you made an error with is that while Holy Chrism is one of the Mysteries (as we Orthodox call the sacraments), it is only administered once, immediately after baptism. It is Holy Unction which is used as the Mystery of healing, done primarily at services on Wednesday of Holy Week but also at any other time thought beneficial for the healing of the soul, and yes, the body.
04:23 PM on 09/05/2012
Of course! How'd I miss that? Thanks for pointing out the error. I appreciate the support, also. One of the refreshing things about Orthodoxy is that it accepts many forms of healing: soul, body, relational, medicinal/scientific. We don't reject one and exclusively focus on the other. Beyond that, the Church as a Hospital idea illustrates it perfectly: we are all in need of healing, and healing looks different for everyone. Thanks again. I look forward to more of your comments. (-b)
10:37 AM on 09/05/2012
Next you should write an article on how you dont need atheist healing because there are many here ridiculing your faith. Hold on to it because it your strong faith makes you more ablebodied than many persons.
10:14 AM on 09/05/2012
Beth Hopkins, I did enjoy your peace. God never forces healing on us. If you are happy in your infirmity, then enjoy it. If you see it as an identifying feature of who you are, then embrace it.

Parking Lot Healers are 2 kinds of people. 1st the honest to God, decent folks that truly want to see God's miracles. The 2nd lot wants to see miracles for the sake of themselves.

Most people, those without certain disabilities cannot understand why someone would want to be incomplete. It is mind boggling. To put this into perspective, if you could have a Ferrari or other high end sports car delivered to your doorstep, free of charge ...who in their right mind would refuse to accept such a gift. Especially, if the taxes due with the title and tags, and end of year taxes on luxury vehicles is paid for. In contrast, your predicament is that you desire the beat up old Chevy that barely gets you from place to place.

That's fine, we all have a choice. It is up to you. I also saw a dateline report on TV that the deaf community has pockets of parents and grandparents that refuse and frown on the cochlear implants. They arrogantly refuse their children to hear because it would take away their identity. I find that horribly self destructive and arrogant in the most disturbing way. It is your choice, but we all live with good and bad decisions.
Left lane for passing only!!
05:06 PM on 09/05/2012
So are you critisizing or applauding? You speak in a circles.

Anyone who thinks that any healing is from God today is falling for Satan's ploys. Remember that he "transforms himself into an angel of light"? Just as when Pharo's magic men could perform 'miracles' on pace with Moses and Aaron's only one side had God's backing. Guess which one? So it is today. God was quite clear that those types of signs would cease after the Apostles all died. So any so-called miraculous 'healing' today is done not by God's spirit but by Satan's.
09:05 AM on 09/06/2012
What? Christ was quite clear. These things that I do... you will do and GREATER.
Paul wrote about all the gifts in the spirit, and healings and how they work.
There is NOT 1 scripture to support an expiration date on healing, speaking in tongues, or any other gifts of the spirit.
To say that miracles or even healings from God ceased is to call God a liar.
I could never say that. So with respect, you err greatly becuase you do not know the scriptures
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01:41 PM on 09/08/2012
"Most people, those without certain disabilities cannot understand why someone would want to be incomplete."

Beth is not 'incomplete'. I'm not so sure about you though.

Do you wear glasses?
11:20 PM on 09/16/2012
Funny, we all have something about us that we wish was different. Beth's logic is kind of circular, in that she doesn't seek God's healing but appears to revel in it. I tell you that for the things in my life that I suffer, I would gladly give those infirmities up for a true healing. Perhaps she knows that her illness is a part of her walk in Christ and desires to revel in that. I do this, if I had a chance to be whole, I would not slap God's hand away and say, "No thanks, I am fine." Good luck to her!
09:31 AM on 09/05/2012
I love this post. And I know Beth. She has great faith and joy. She is an example to us all!
05:02 PM on 09/05/2012
Dn Michael, what a pleasant surprise!
Way to make my day!
06:17 AM on 09/05/2012
"To be healed of my disability is to change my physical state of being-which has been as it is since I was born- and this would mean completely redefining life as I know it.
To not have a disability is to forego a large part of my identity. And I would hate to lose that on someone else's whim."
This reminded me of the "alms for an ex-leper" scene in The Life of Brian.
Question Everything
09:18 AM on 09/05/2012
"There's no pleasing some people."

"That's just what Jesus said, sir."
06:09 AM on 09/05/2012
I think this was beautifully written. Although the title suggests more of a focus on 'faith healers' I believe the true message was about her faith in God and how her physical disability plays a vital role in her spiritual identity.
05:21 AM on 09/05/2012
The practice of " laying on of hands is nothing new " it has been going on forever. Mothers do it with ailing children, some times it helps the child, it always helps helps her.
03:23 AM on 09/05/2012
At least she sees the con of "Parking Lot Healers". Next is to see the con of "Church Alter Ministers".
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03:02 AM on 09/05/2012
I like this article. And I totally agree with the author.
01:56 AM on 09/05/2012
Faith Healing esp. the one's on TV are nothing but money grabing fools. Ever see how they live? It would make Donald Trump proud. Ripping off the poor, sick, elderly ect. they should be made to pay taxes on all that they keep.
12:32 AM on 09/05/2012
Breaks my heart to read some of the comments.
Reason, always. Faith, never.
12:29 PM on 09/05/2012
Such as the one that says religion is a mass delusion?
12:15 AM on 09/05/2012
I like to go to the "Healing Prayer" booth at the farmer's market and say "I'm plagued by extreme gullibility and a willingness to buy into the most outrageous schemes. Can you cure me?"
The world is run by cats; we just feed them.
02:17 PM on 09/05/2012
Yes, for $100 down payment.
12:09 AM on 09/05/2012
I liked what the Germans did to Ernest Angely in the 90's. He held a service in which he claimed to have cured someone of cancer, they confiscated his equipment and threw him out of the country for practicing medicine without a license . Spare me any ref. to nazis and Ww2 if u reply, because it means you don't travel and are clueless to where Germany is at in it's modern state.
04:46 AM on 09/05/2012
I read about that story in the TZ a few years ago. Angley 'cursed' the policeman who arrested him, announcing he'd soon work as a road sweeper.

The policeman became Head of the Commissioner's Office. ;-)