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01:54 PM on 04/08/2009
notice how the cycle promotes large and big payouts with the insurance in place?
yet in the real world if you don't do good in your business investment( job-personal business) there is no job default swap for your time!

this is a cycle that goes against common sense, you must analyze the investment with the threat of a loss and you will be more conservative in the investments and these will in turn produce real gains not fake ones, that don't create anything!

question: what do you for a living?
answer: i i bet on the economy tanking and failing companies
questioner: o you must be a republican!
answerer: no i buy credit default swaps!

until we stop this investment in things that are not real and make things to exchange for monies, we will have bust cycles, why does a house go from going up with inflation to all of a sudden gains of 20-30%? well supply demand cycle of exuberance, or as america likes to call the get rich quick scheme.

we must import=export plain and simple!!!!!
02:13 PM on 04/08/2009
All credit default fault swaps for the past 2 years should be deemed null and void. Wipe them off the books forever. Poof! All gone. So sorry you lose out on betting the US will enter a depression.
02:44 PM on 04/08/2009
Stop Swaps NOW!

Invalidate and cancel all existing credit default swap bets.

Prorated return of CDS bet insurance premiums.

Any "triggered" claims are paid out of the assets of the CDS issuer, who can sue the rating companies to get some of it back.

This would have liquidated AIG, and saved us 100's of billions of dollars.