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09:35 PM on 04/15/2009
Another article from the point of view of the "free market"'ruling class but without the usual venom.

Point three concerned the lack of democratic checks and balances ect. Singled out was Venezuela, as usual. I believe the ultimate democratic exercise is when citizens vote on national referendums. (that means you and I actually voting on important decisions like a constitution) I don't believe the people living in 'the shining city on the hill" have ever voted on a referendum. The three most leftist countries ( Veneveula, Bolivia, and Equador ) HAVE.

Most of the countries Obama will rub elbows with have made excellent progress in the last few years. Most have become united agains neo-liberal exploitation and are more united than ever. obama would be wise to accept realities, deal with these countreis honestly, and abandon past policies.
08:30 AM on 04/16/2009
We're all entitled to our own opinions, but not our own facts. Venezuela is a democracy the way Nazi Germany was a democracy. It's a dictatorship dressed up to LOOK like a democracy, but that sure ain't what it is.
11:54 AM on 04/16/2009
What a crock!!!

Venezuela elected Pres. Chavez in clean, transparent elections. You don't know what you are talking about.

As a matter of fact the Venezuelan elections have been more transparent than the ones in the USA.
04:54 PM on 04/16/2009
humping legs for liberty
08:08 PM on 04/15/2009
you mean south america and the carribean are made up of different countries with different histories, differentpeople, different languages, different cultures and different economic and political interests? who could have guessed.
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03:28 PM on 04/16/2009
Ronald Reagan is misquoted above.

Saul Friedman was there and he wrote about it here:

'I know about these Reagan misadventures for I covered and wrote critically about all of them, first for Knight Ridder Newspapers, then for Newsday. And I laughed at Reagan’s foibles, as when he came back from Central America and exclaimed that “there are a lot of different countries down there.” '

I remember this very clearly. Ronald Reagan was about as aware of the real world as George W. Bush.