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10:26 AM on 09/05/2012
Ted Kennedy validated Lyndon Johnson's messing around with the quota Immigration laws; and had the nerve to say that this "wouldn't result in a flood of Unlimited Illegal Immigration!".
As we can all see now; Johnson and Kennedy have almost ruined the US.
WNY Conservative Democrat
10:21 AM on 09/05/2012

Republicans only understand Greed !

Mitt Robbedme / Lyin Ryan 2012
"We Bought This "
Jacquie Hamilton
Love my Mollster
10:18 AM on 09/05/2012
Mitt was upstaged by a chair last week and a dead man this week.
Deb Boller
Lookin Forward
10:18 AM on 09/05/2012
Ted Kennedy...I am pro choice, Romney is multiple choice. Romney hasnt changed, He is still the wolf in sheeps clothing, He lacks integrity and character. He is a scurge on America...............I vote OBAMA 2012
10:17 AM on 09/05/2012
Using anything from Ted Kennedy as a reason for reelecting "O" is a real joke. His credibility throughout his entire career left alot to be desired. Romney has integrity
global view
03:14 PM on 09/05/2012
that is the best joke of the year, perhaps of the decade.
from the frozen Northland
10:17 AM on 09/05/2012
For me this was one of the most defining moments of the convention. Seeing Mitt Romney throw wholehearted support into something that now he walks away from shows me at least that this is not a man who grows and changes with time but rather one who adapts readily to whatever circimstance he finds himself in. He is not lead by moral conviction. Has he strayed from his religious convictions and now returned to them. I don't think so. What this shows me is that he is a man who desires a prize so badly that he will say and do whatever is necessary to obtain that prize. I am an American and my neither my government nor my trust is a prize that is to be won at any cost.
Former Republican - now sane
10:15 AM on 09/05/2012
I watched the Repub convention and I am watching the Dem convention. Repubs - The difference is night and day. The Republicans were angry, bitter and nasty while the Democrats have been inspiring, uplifting and hopeful - all things that resonate with people and are a joy to watch. I'd say there is no doubt that the President will get a good bounce out of this convention as more and more people tune in to see what all the buzz is about. Mittens - got no bounce at all and I see why....
10:12 AM on 09/05/2012
Cleanest re-election slogan I recall is when the Gipper in 1984 said "Ask yourself; are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?" The answer from all across the USA was a resounding YES & old Gipperoo got re-elected by a huge landslide. Today our incumbent is trying desperately to conviince us that we're better off after his 4 years while petty mudslinging is being spewed by both parties. OMG, I hate this election year.
12:22 PM on 09/05/2012
Your "Gipper" screwed the poor to the floor and stomped on them during his Presidency..none more than his last four years. Sadly, there should have been mudslinging at Reagan for what he did to the most vulnerable during this Presidency..and he really didn't even have a reason to have done it. I wonder every time I hear his name why no one brings up how callous he was to the poor during his Presidency.
12:27 PM on 09/05/2012
You seem to forget just how bad things were 4 years ago...
02:17 PM on 09/05/2012
No, I haven't 4gotten how bad things were 4 years ago but the point is they're not signifigantly better now.
10:08 AM on 09/05/2012
That video said so much about Mitt. I find it hilarious that the right is upset that the Dems used a dead man to smack down Mitt while they resurrect Reagan at least twenty times a day and he's been dead almost a decade.
Micheal Anderson
When the Rebels become the Tyrants
10:05 AM on 09/05/2012
"You will not see me wavering on that."

Sounds like "No new taxes."
Republicans putting party before country
10:04 AM on 09/05/2012
Fair Taxation:

Your Child - $1,000.00 tax credit

Mitt Romneys dancing horse - $77,000.00 tax credit

seems fair to me!
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10:01 AM on 09/05/2012
This video show a couple of things.
Ted Kennedy was a champion of the people, who worked tirelessly to make America a better place. It also shows Mitt Romney can't take a position and keep it. Changing position to please your electorate is not honorable. But is also shows that while there was great hope for Obama in 2008 that he and the Democratic party have drifted from their ideals of making this a better America for all and creating opportunity to buying votes by increasing entitlements.
Don't suffer fools..
09:54 AM on 09/05/2012
Romney has won elections before, but his 'success' rate against incumbents is N - I - L.
Illegitimi non carborundum
02:02 PM on 09/05/2012
He won just one election. He did it by lying to the voters of MA. Notice he was not given the option of a second term !
Don't suffer fools..
09:53 AM on 09/05/2012
Why is it that Ted Kennedy can whip Mitt Romney like a rented mule, and far worse than he beat Romney 18 years ago?

Because nothing has changed. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Romney still falls prey to the same details.

It isn't so much that Ted Kennedy mops the floor with Mitt; rather the case could be made that Romney beats himself. Ted just finishes the job.

If a man can beats Romney like this from beyond the grave, what troubles await Mitt Romney in the near future?
Karl Hildebrand
The GOTP Is Disorganized Hypocrisy
09:46 AM on 09/05/2012
Great montage! Kennedy was one of the great Senators of all time. I loved how they showed that Mitt Romney has been flip flopping for over 18 years. Romney has no core, no center, unless that center is personal wealth.