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05:42 PM on 09/06/2012
Good for you! Don't get stomped on. You are the boss. Publishers still need writers. Writers no longer need publishers.

Michael N. Marcus
04:20 PM on 09/12/2012
MichaelNMarcus...I beg to differ. Writers will always need some form of publisher. Self-pubbing and constant online marketing of one's work are backbreaking. More importantly, 'social networking' ravenously consumes creative time. Without publishers ( ideally restructured and vastly improved from today's model) self-pubbed writers have to pay editors, converters, formatters, cover designers, to get their books out to the public as tasteful products. My argument is that the publishing world needs drastic reforms. Why do you think AManda Hocking, already a millionaire self-pubber, signed with a tradiitonal publisher (admittedly with excellent rates and royalties)? She was EXHAUSTED from the rigors of self-publishing. Its a necessary symbiosis: publishers need writers. And yes, writers need publishers. Or the basis of the industry will founder, and ultimately die.