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There can be only one...
02:07 AM on 09/09/2012
stupid girls shouldn't be hanging around those stupid guys
Ramon Noches
Retired Air Force Colonel
01:23 AM on 09/09/2012
Oh, gosh, gee whiz, all the kids were doing was nothing but horseplay; yeah, right. Seems too many people in authority at our universities are asleep at the wheel. In addition, where was campus security when all this loud frolicking was going on?
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11:39 PM on 09/08/2012
I would be willing to bet that this is ultimately going to move up the University ladder. This kind of blatant behavior had to have been noticed and reported in the past by either victims, school employees, gossip mill......etc. That kind of culture on campus does not go un-noticed by the campus community, students and staff included.

The privileged gladiators are entitled to their raw meat aren't they Mr. Brown?? As long as they bring school glory and DOLLARS, isn't that right Mr. Brown?? The University Board should all be gone! The coach should already be history! And you Mr. Brown should feel great personal shame and disgust as you pack your bags.
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My bio never meets guidelines!
11:25 PM on 09/08/2012
How can this man still be associated with the University? Not his responsibility? Is he NOT in charge of the hockey program? Staff had to be involved and a host of University employees either directly or by staying quiet. Did they learn nothing from Penn State? Absolutely amazing and equally disgusting.
09:44 PM on 09/08/2012
A bunch of folk may think I'm uninformed, but I really have expected more from hockey players. Many of the college and pro players of the other big sports have no sense and little morals. I see hockey is moving to that deplorable condition.....crap.
Edit your micro-bio.
09:12 PM on 09/08/2012
This is pretty standard stuff in the world of hockey.
06:10 PM on 09/08/2012
Granted that these were not child victims as were those of Jerry Sandusky, the disparity in penalties is grossly disparate. No Penn State players were involved; yet the team and players were punished. At BU, where the players were the perpetrators, the coach did not even lose his job. Where's the NCAA now? Or is hockey such a minor sport that the NCAA doesn't care about criminal conduct by players?
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05:57 AM on 09/09/2012
Good thoughts. Begs a lot of questions/answers.
06:08 PM on 09/08/2012
Is this about hockey or sex?
05:58 PM on 09/08/2012
From the time they're kids, we treat them "special," and for some reason allow them to call all the shots. And they get this sense of entitlement. They get into universities and onto professional teams, regardless of any poor behavior--drunk driving, drug use, assault (sexual or otherwise). They get away with things that "regular" people wouldn't get away with, and guess what? This is what you get. So let's stop feigning surprise when things like this happen, and let's start taking steps to make sure that this doesn't happen again.

Start in grade school, high school. Let them know what is expected of them, and if they mess up, they should be out. Period. No other school, no other sports franchise should be allowed to partake of their services. If this is done, you can pretty much bet that you'd see a change in this kind of behavior within a decade. (It would seem that it takes time for hyper-testerone types to "get it.")
05:29 PM on 09/08/2012
"he knew little" or he knew nothing. Big difference.
Common sense is not so common.
05:26 PM on 09/08/2012
Don't be hating on the liberals.
05:47 PM on 09/08/2012
Why not??? The are despicable, opinionated, bigoted elitists who aren't willing to accept that others may have a differing opinion.
Your name here
06:17 PM on 09/08/2012
and you're not????
liberal and gay in SoFla
06:19 PM on 09/08/2012
People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.You are a hypocrite.
05:21 PM on 09/08/2012
The girls in the penalty box had the door closed for at least two minutes.
07:08 PM on 09/08/2012
Probably one minute a fifty seconds longer than needed.
05:12 PM on 09/08/2012
Hockey, beer and sex is fine, but not grabbing girls pants and she's having to punch the guy to keep his hands out of her pants. What if that's your daughter, or your wife? How about your sister, or your girl who is just a friend. Guys, if we aren't into you move on to some lower standard who is into you, or sober up. If he'd tried that with me, he'd have been knocked out cold by a hockey stick.
Blue Reflections
My pet peeves are pedigreed.
05:07 PM on 09/08/2012
I find it disturbing that all these sex stories are coming out in relation to major sports arenas. Seems like money and fame has devolved into raunch.
Who needs a stinkin' micro-bio
09:29 PM on 09/08/2012
It's been like that for thousands of years, and not just on college campuses.
05:03 PM on 09/08/2012
Silly me, all this time I thought colleges and universities are places to pursue higher education.
Not ball & bang !