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Of Mice.....
07:24 AM on 09/12/2012
Awww that's nice......official killed at US embassy in Libya, new facts from 9/11 emerge, elections less than 8 weeks away......
06:39 AM on 09/12/2012
with all that is going on in this world WHO CARES
06:27 AM on 09/12/2012
can she be carried into school in her mothers' arms ??
07:21 AM on 09/12/2012
ummm ... you mean on foot? No, I am sure that is not feasible, unless half of NYPD was present to cordon off the papparazzi. If this was a regular child - sure, why not, except that what child wants to be craddled like a baby in front of other children like that?...
Karen Berish Heilner
10:16 AM on 09/12/2012
No, she'll be carried from class to class by the school teachers ;-)
05:26 AM on 09/12/2012
Congrats Suri! Enjoy your life away from daddy's cult.
Tom Cruise has been in hiding since VF mag article came out. David Miscavige ordered him go away from USA and disappear for a while. Tom can not confront the TRUTH. David Miscavige himself is in hiding too.
VF mag, asked them both for an interview before the article came out, but they refuse. What does that tell you?
07:18 AM on 09/12/2012
He in England, either filming something or promoting something - work related trip, that you know could have been postponed for such an event - your only biological child's first day of school. But you right - Miscavige has brainwashed him to such a level that he does not have a clear understanding of what matters anymore, as long as he makes lots of money for the cult. Katie should've known better than to breed by such a mentally deffective individual - but it's too late now, and that poor child will forever suffer from being the daughter of that man.
09:53 AM on 09/12/2012
I read the VF article last night, Cruise and Miscavige sure are scary Freaks. Saddest part was thet they turned his 2 kids with Nicole against her. Hope his visitation with Suri is limited and require a non-cult member present.
03:40 AM on 09/13/2012
I, too feel for Suri. I hate to see a girl without a dad. But in this case, Suri will do much better and will be way safer if she ends up to with with Katie and her family full-time. Tom Cruise has been chance from the outside many times to take responsibility for his actions but he refuses, so at this point I truly hope justice is applied to him and his criminal friend David Miscavige ASAP. My heart goes to those Sea Org members who are trapped in David Miscavige''s prison and have no way, no passport and no money to escape.
Jimmy 61762
05:10 AM on 09/12/2012
OMG !!! let me mark my calender.Too bad her daddy was off at his scientology getting his brain rewired.
04:44 AM on 09/12/2012
Who cares? Is this kids life going to turn into a reality show or what? Move on to something interesting.
04:33 AM on 09/12/2012
Suri, rather than a juicy red apple, don't forget to bring your teacher a sack of cash.
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One smart as meɪtər futūtor
04:07 AM on 09/12/2012
That poor kid... She needs a little brother to pick on...
Chestnut horse
with a white blaze
01:12 AM on 09/12/2012
Is there going to be an update when Suri raises her hand for the first time? How about when she turns in her first paper? What is her first lunch? Enough of this spoiled rotten kid already.
06:33 AM on 09/12/2012
Be nice. I don't think Suri is spoiled at all. You don't know her personally.
All of these trappings are just part of her life, but I am sure if you met her you
would find just a regular kid. She has good grounded grandparents who I am sure
help Katie keep her in check.
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08:37 AM on 09/12/2012
don't take it out on the kid, it's not her fault.
Michayla Sullivan
12:51 AM on 09/12/2012
Celebrities are fair game (to an extent) for the paparazzi. A celebrity's child? No. Not at all. Those photographers and the publications they work for should be ashamed.
11:57 PM on 09/11/2012
Hollywood Brat
11:55 PM on 09/11/2012
Aitch Cee S
Hello Darling
09:03 PM on 09/11/2012
not cool paparazzi
08:45 PM on 09/11/2012
Im sure she will be alright.I mean does the other 6 year olds in her class know who she is?
I think they are too young for that as the parents' movies are not geared for that age group.Im sure if I show her face to my 8 year old,she will not know who she is.
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