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go veg
03:35 PM on 04/19/2009
is it possible she was a spy????????????????????????????????/ not impossible
Voting republican is voting against America.
04:12 PM on 04/19/2009
How would anyone know with a 15 minute trial and NO defense?
04:22 PM on 04/19/2009
wasn't it a 15 minute trial because she pleaded guilty?
04:24 PM on 04/19/2009
It might have been a 15 minute mock trial for all I know, but I wouldn't take it for granted that was true unless we have objective confirmation of it. This article paints Iran as being the only party likely to politicize this case, but I think the US is at least as likely to be doing so as Iran.

Remember the incident with the US navy sometime back where Iranian speedboats were supposed to have threatened a US ship, then it transpired that the video and audio recordings were actually "separate"?
04:27 PM on 04/19/2009
Today Obama said in public at his news conference that she was not a US spy. A president would NOT say that on the record (especially Obama) about a private citizen with little or no consequences either way if it were not true.
04:40 PM on 04/19/2009
Actually, I imagine we would strenuously deny she was a spy even if she was one (not that I know one way or another). That seems to be the general pattern in these type of situations. Case in point: Israel categorically states it does not spy on allies, including the US.
03:14 PM on 04/19/2009
It is a start.
03:10 PM on 04/19/2009
At least she was brought to trial. There are prisoners in Guantanamo that have never been tried and don't even know why they are there. And, there are many people the US has renditioned to secret prisons.

and how about the CMUs??? Our government is holding Dr. Rafil Dhafir an Iraqi-born doctor from upstate New York in a special prison called CMU - Communication Management Unit. He is serving a twenty-two-year sentence for violating the Iraqi sanctions by sending aid to Iraq through his charity, "Help the Needy"

What a sad time in the US
Soror quaerens lucem
03:41 PM on 04/19/2009
True that.
Whod a thought that Iran would set a better example on carrying out justice?
Voting republican is voting against America.
04:19 PM on 04/19/2009
Well if you consider a secret 15 minute trial with defense as "at least they..."
He of the smoldering eyes
03:09 PM on 04/19/2009
What's the Farsi word for Spin?
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04:30 PM on 04/19/2009
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04:38 PM on 04/19/2009
oops, I thought you were someone else. BTW, "grain of Gault" very funny!
02:52 PM on 04/19/2009
Very, very interesting.

Want to bet the Conservative hardliners are running scared?

They know Ahmedinajad is going to be resoundingly defeated come June. And their only hope is a Nixon going to China move with the USA.

So the President intervenes in order not to kill the chances of getting talks with the USA going BEFORE the elections.

Or something like that.

if i were President Obama I would keep Israel on a short leash, no attacks or threats.

And hang tough until after the Iranian elections. Maybe make nice noises. But not do anything substantiative in order to give the Conservatives any credibility.
02:48 PM on 04/19/2009
I hope they won't waterboard her for interrogation.
I talk a lot of sh*t, because it sounds right
03:01 PM on 04/19/2009
....sad but possible
Take the red pill. See the true nature of reality.
02:39 PM on 04/19/2009
Won't matter much anyway. Any good will that is in the process of being built is about to be destroyed by Israel. Israel will attack Iran in the next 30 days, and inevitably Iran will tie America into the attack, and we will have utter chaos in the Middle East, thanks to the new Israeli hawk government.
02:53 PM on 04/19/2009
That is an absolute nightmare scenario.

And i hope it remains nothing but a nightmare.
03:27 PM on 04/19/2009
Let's hope Obama can talk Israel out of it. Netanyahu's rhetoric is dangerous, especially at a time when the US is greatly improving relationships with other nations, including making some progress with Iran. Israel bombing Iran would be a disaster on so many levels.
02:07 PM on 04/19/2009
Ahmadinejad instructed chief Tehran prosecutor Saeed Mortazavi to personally ensure that "suspects be given all their rights to defend themselves" against the charges.

Thanks for the laugh. Saeed Mortazavi is a wanted man by Canadian officials for being involved in killing the Canadian journalist, Zahar Kazemi.

This is just another PR stunt for the monkeynejad.
02:01 PM on 04/19/2009
Questions - Espionage trials in the United States ?

1. Are the trials open to the public, family, and the press ?

2. Is the evidence made public ?
02:46 PM on 04/19/2009
Your link shows the opposite of mine, but upon closer inspection.....

I guess one can use the 'classified' card against the US government (your link) in court, and in some cases the classified card can be played (my haaretz link) to stop the US government from making its case.

In both instances the American people lose, and in both cases it appears that judges were playing politics with classification of 'sensitive' information.
go veg
03:34 PM on 04/19/2009
actually looks like your being lied to.
02:27 PM on 04/19/2009
Secret trials, and sometimes no trials at all if you are accused of terrorism.

If you are accused of spying on America, sometimes it is all very hush hush. Wouldn't want to embarrass anyone I guess.

'A three-judge panel of the Richmond-based appeals court said last year's ruling by Ellis sought to protect the defendants' rights while also preventing the unnecessary disclosure of classified information. "
01:54 PM on 04/19/2009
the world is watching.