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11:40 AM on 09/18/2012
That's awesome. Semper Fi.
11:20 AM on 09/18/2012
Absolutely Beautiful - a reminder that those of us supporting our soldiers are blessed to have them in our lives - thier strength, courage to face civilian life and giving more than we will ever know...
They are the reason that we can make it thorugh thier deployments and injuries; that they help us find our strength and courage so that they can heal.
Political in Pgh V2
Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum
11:12 AM on 09/18/2012
We are being reminded daily that in our military "Uncommon valor was a common virtue".

God Bless our fighting men and women.
We're all in this together
11:10 AM on 09/18/2012
Now compare this to the welcome that Westboro BC gives to our fallen heros.
11:08 AM on 09/18/2012
Congratulations and good luck.
Normal people make me nervous
10:26 AM on 09/18/2012
I have nothingbut admiration for both these young people, and wish them a long and happy life together; they are courageous and true. I was young during the Vietnam Nam War, and stories like this one bring such loud, resounding echoes of that time; now here we are all these years later, watching young men and women being killed and maimed, with the same inevitable negative result. We do not belong there, and we need to bring all our men and women home to their families. Now. It is beyond painful to see this happening to another generation in my own lifetime; it is both saddening and frustrating that we do not seem to learn the lessons of our own history.
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DJ Cyberia
Is it vinyl or digital?
10:12 AM on 09/18/2012
Go to Buzzfeed and see the photos. They are quite lovely and really give you the emotional portait of the people involved and what love and true caring really means. I am so tired of all the mean people on here with the snarky comments that is so nice to see a great article and nice comments. I really hope no one has anything snarky to say about this.
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10:06 AM on 09/18/2012
This is considered a good quality of life to NeoCONS. "See, he's still alive!"
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Truth is only true if based on facts.
10:24 AM on 09/18/2012
If this was what you got out of this story... How sad indeed.
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09:34 PM on 09/18/2012
It's one of several things I gleaned. I chose that one particular thing to type into the comment box of this forum.
Crisdean Wulver
We've got our priorities screwed up.
10:00 AM on 09/18/2012
Wars kill all the things that are most precious. One's limbs are precious commodities. What war does to individual bodies it also does to the body of society. There has been much philosophical discussion about what constitutes a just war. But just from who's viewpoint? From the viewpoint of humankind as a whole, war is the ultimate crime. War in the 20 century has been the greatest obstacle to transcending our flaws and reaching our full potential. The social costs of war are too vast to measure.
09:59 AM on 09/18/2012
Go Taylor! Go Danielle!
Up with hope, down with dope...
09:46 AM on 09/18/2012
I came here to READ, not CRY! Amazing story :'^)
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09:19 AM on 09/18/2012
This should be the top story not that wedding crasher BS.

Thank you Taylor Morris for giving more than most people could imagine ever giving for your country.
Vote Libertarian Party
10:39 PM on 09/18/2012
There really isn't any reason to fight for our freedoms anymore, because Obama and Romney both support surrendering our freedoms and liberty with the patriot act and NDAA. Sad to say, he lost his limbs for nothing.
I can change
09:34 PM on 09/17/2012
I love people and I love they raised the money for Morris and Kelly's dream house. I hope you can face his challenges together and have many more happy dances. Way to go Kelly for showing that some peoples words about love mean something as obviously yours did.
Bill Bushing
Liberal but open to ideas that make sense
10:02 AM on 09/18/2012
I, too, found this a very uplifting and positive story about what true love between two people can be. Contrast it with some of the very petty reasons other couples break up and it becomes a real beacon of hope.