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09:09 AM on 09/21/2012
What an awful case. I hope that the judge does NOT lower bail. I know that we can't enforce cruel and unusual punishment, but the only way I would be willing to see bail lowered is to see her run at a certain pace without water for three hours with no breaks or slowing down. If she survives... then you can lower bail BY A FRACTION. I sure hope she has no other children/stepchildren.
09:14 AM on 09/21/2012
Does anyone know what happened to the other baby she gave birth to? I would think it best that it is removed from that family all together. :O( Not saying everyone in that famiy is a "bad egg", but maybe a fresh start would be best.
Fenrir Lokison
I luv the sci fi of Evolution and the Big Bang
09:09 AM on 09/21/2012
Punishment maybe be a requirement here, but murder and capital murder, if no one else is going to say it, I will, THERE ARE DRUNK DRIVERS WHO NEVER GET SUCH CHARGES!