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12:58 PM on 09/26/2012
The outfit of little girl is cute
12:54 PM on 09/26/2012
I shook his hands in Philly two years ago
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11:45 AM on 09/26/2012
I actually met him and shook his hand once. It was in Venice, Illinois. My home town. It's a very small and poor community just across the river from St. Louis. He wasn't President then. Just an unknown guy with a funny name running for state senate. After listening to him it became apparent to me, if they didn't destroy him first, he was destined for great things. From my perspective, I was right. Who knew? Well, I kinda did as I pat myself on the back.
11:15 AM on 09/26/2012
i would hug the hell out of him!
10:47 AM on 09/26/2012
well, i would say to him, "isn't UCLA medical center just a world class hospital?, that and other top medical centers?", then i would ask him why can't the VA hospitals and medical centers be as world class, for our veterans?
Tori Wade
Fashion is my Life!!
09:49 PM on 09/26/2012
Because the Republicans keep blocking every bill that he puts forth for vets. They blocked a bill the other day that would create jobs for veterans. Not to mention that the Romney/Ryan plan cuts billions from the V.A
10:17 PM on 09/26/2012
i heard about that! the jobs bill. they might could have passed it on the last day if they were not fighting about that bill to allow these hunters to bring home some dead polar bears as tropheies
04:14 PM on 10/06/2012
UCLA medical students, interns, residents, and fellows all rotate through the West LA VA Medical Center when doing their training. The attending docs are UCLA faculty.
VA medical centers are affiliated with academic medical centers, so yes, they do provide top-notch care. It becomes world class when those centers are in a major city, like LA, SF, NYC, etc.
Lisette Bowman
07:36 AM on 09/26/2012
First, I'd make sure I had already gone to the bathroom, wipe the sweat off my forehead and smile, smile, smile. I would thank him for what he has been trying to do for our country the last four years. I would thank him for showing me how to really "brush my shoulder off" about a lot of stupid things and keep it moving. The fact is President Obama is one of those down-to-earth people you could sit down and talk to about anything.
Easy no Man.
07:11 AM on 09/26/2012
I LOVE reading these Positive Truthful comments!!!

I'd say..."Thank. you." if i could speak.
.... it makes me want to cry now....

i still can't believe that he ... just kinda came along.
Washington, JQ Adams, Lincoln, and Obama are my Hero Presidents.
Ella Rosier
504 To My City.
04:25 AM on 09/26/2012
Please! The highlight of my senior year of undergrad was when President Obama came to my university for the taping of Jimmy Fallon, who also brought The Roots and Dave Matthews. Seniors got priority and I was blessed enough to receive an invitation through a random lottery. I was up at 4 am the next morning, waited in that line until tickets went on sale at 9 and ended up front row and center for that taping in Memorial Hall. When Fallon introduced him, I could care less about the Secret Service ... I was airborne, clapping and screaming my head off. It was truly a wonderful experience!
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03:41 AM on 09/26/2012
I would smile, and shake his hands tightly. Even as a woman, I would not go for a hug(nothing against the Pres. hugging women), but I would do my best to maintain eye contact, or face-to-face communication w/ him. He looks so strong, confident, and focused when he's speaking to someone. I admire him for that. On the other hand, my three year old son, would probably run up to him, and dominate his space.
Note: My son loves Pres. Obama.
Call me a Progressive not a Liberal nor a democrat
02:23 AM on 09/26/2012
i have never met him personally, but i remember seeing him at the 2004 convention and hearing his speech, the one that introduced him to the country. I remember thinking of the words my grandmother ( black American/Native American) told me when Jessie Jackson first ran for president. She said " i will never see a black president in my lifetime, maybe you will in yours), i don't know why her words came to me that night, but i did cry and deep inside i knew i was witnessing history right there and there. So that night i did all kinds of research on the man. I bought his books read them and realized this man mirrored my own life. Growing up with a single mom, raised in the ghetto (not him) then moved to a all white community. Had the growing pains of finding out who i was, and where i fit in. Taking slack from my black friends who told me studying hard is acting like white people and hearing crap from white kids about how all blacks are on welfare. So needless to say when i heard him speak, i was at work, i teared up and i knew right then and there I was looking at the first black president. Not because he is black, and not because he is democrat.Because he embodied everything i wanted for my son and my country. It was powerful, and i will never forget that feeling
Max Gear
12:29 AM on 09/27/2012
I sat on the floor of my living room the night his was elected, also thinking of my grandmother, and crying my eyes out!
04:18 PM on 10/06/2012
My grandmother would be so proud!
02:02 AM on 09/26/2012
I shook his hand when he was in a budbilliken parade. I also took his picture for him to take the time to acknowledge me is a moment I will never forget. Thank You Mr, President Mrs Diana Gray
It's a lie. Goodbye.
12:29 AM on 09/26/2012
He has so much warmth, and such a presence about him, I think I, like others have said, would just hold his hand and smile.
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it makes you wonder
03:08 AM on 09/26/2012
Me too. He seems like a good person to meet and to get to know.
It's a lie. Goodbye.
12:21 AM on 09/26/2012
What a precious little girl. Love the outfit - so cute!

Her Mom seems to be having the same reaction as her daughter. :-)

I love the way people love our President.
09:45 PM on 09/25/2012
I would smile my biggest most beautiful smile, hug President Obama, then say "where's Michelle?" LOL. He may be the President, but she's my girl!!
It's a lie. Goodbye.
12:22 AM on 09/26/2012

He'd get a kick out of that, but his comments lead me to believe he wouldn't be surprised.
07:26 PM on 09/25/2012
I would so cry, I'd ruin the moment. If the first lady was there too, oh my god, I'd be blubbering away. I love them and really don't care if people understand!