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05:42 PM on 10/06/2012
I am not always a fan of what Madonna does or says, but as far as flaunting her body, nothing wrong with it as long as she has something to flaunt. Now, you may argue her body is too 'bony,' too 'muscular,' etc., but as far as female bodies go, she still has a better body than most.
05:41 PM on 10/06/2012
Madonna is a washed up old grandma that thinks she will find an audience by acting and talking provocatively. It would be nice if she'd bow out gracefully - but that's not her style.
08:30 PM on 10/06/2012
I am a huge Madonna fan, and it has nothing to do with what she says or does provocatively, that stuff is just icing on the cake. Her fans love her for her music, her videos, her performances, her artistic endeavors.....and why do you disparage grandmas? Grandmas are relevant in society too, creep.
NE Wombat
Classic New England Liberal
05:37 PM on 10/06/2012
There isn't a single one of these that I wouldn't rather see Salma Hayek wearing.
05:30 PM on 10/06/2012
Madonna looks awesome! She's welcome to show as much of her body as she wants... I think it's great!
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05:22 PM on 10/06/2012
Madonna is nearing 60...what is with her need to expose her body ?

She acts like a 16 year old.
07:29 PM on 10/06/2012
54 is near 60?
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07:30 PM on 10/06/2012
05:13 PM on 10/06/2012
jealousy is an ugly trait, especially when you sit anonymously behind your computers.
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05:12 PM on 10/06/2012
The Pied Piper of female materialism strikes again !! Get some new material already.
05:07 PM on 10/06/2012
As Joe Gillis said in Sunset Boulevard, "There's nothing tragic about being fifty. Not unless you're trying to be twenty-five."
Skip Manley
Real Chocolate's not swizzle
04:57 PM on 10/06/2012
it's just another of Madonna's do anything and say anything for attention tours.. if people want to feed her need for attention fine.. there are a lot weirder things out there to worry about
04:55 PM on 10/06/2012
Madonna is a strong, fearless, and independent woman with a trailblazing spirit who really doesn't give a shit what people think. Why can't a woman be hot and sexy at 54? Madonna proves you can! And in 20 years or so when it becomes the norm for 50+ women to rock hot bodies and own their sex-appeal Madonna will be noted as one of the first to do it, just like the many other firsts she's had in her astounding career. She has vision, goes for what she wants, works very hard and is extremely resilient. Regardless of whether or not you like her music she has so many admirable qualities. Unfortunately even though it's 2012 people will still feel threatened by her and seek to tear her down because she is a WOMAN WHO DARES!
K Street PR firm board member
04:51 PM on 10/06/2012
Today it's sad, the next tour pathetic. It might look good to the peanut gallery now, but for how long?
04:42 PM on 10/06/2012
It is called the old folks sag! LOL
Network administrator, voiceovers
04:38 PM on 10/06/2012
What, like you expected her show to be about the music?
04:36 PM on 10/06/2012
I donno . . . I guess I am just old fashioned. I believe that when you have children, you have an obligation to set a standard of self-respect and modesty. Madonna has a daughter. Before she had her, it was a time for her to be as wild and ratchet as she wanted to be. Now that she is here, and might soon have kids of her own, its simply not a good idea for them to see grandma slinging her tit out before the world . . . sorry folks.
04:25 PM on 10/06/2012
While I agree Madonna is a great role model for fitness, expression, etc... I don't think she is the best model for aging women. The excessive botox and cheerleader outfits are desperate attempts at restoring a youthful appearance. We all grow old, we should learn to accept that fact with grace and not fear/anxiety...