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Stay gold, Ponyboy.
07:09 PM on 10/14/2012
Swansea is the graveyard of ambition
06:03 PM on 10/14/2012
As a wee lad of five: I drank vodka thinking it was water, as it as in a water-glass.
04:38 PM on 10/14/2012
am i the only parent that taste their childs drink before they get it maybe i am
06:04 PM on 10/14/2012
maybe you are!
Meri B Kassner
Fire Captain/AEMT-CC/Pagan. Problem?
11:02 AM on 10/15/2012
not a bad idea!
04:21 PM on 10/14/2012
I bet the kid has a really good fake I.D.. waiter! Give me a double, mom's being a real pain in the a88 today.
06:05 PM on 10/14/2012
He was playing the sesame street drinking game, every time Elmo giggles:you take a shot.
Thank you very much!
03:15 PM on 10/14/2012
My question is "Was he a 'GOOD' drunk?"
06:06 PM on 10/14/2012
he told everyone, what he thought of them.
Dont hate me because I'm right.....
02:50 PM on 10/14/2012
Oh those funny welch.......
Susan Ramsey
01:42 PM on 10/14/2012
Believe me she smelled it way before he drank it whiskey is powerful
Havana Thinks
Live and Let Live!
02:43 PM on 10/14/2012
Not necessarily true, especially if they were drinking alcohol, themselves! Maybe they didn't notice because they were too intoxicated to care.
Hannah Knise
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01:28 PM on 10/14/2012
I have a few problems with this. First, while practises may be different there, how did the waitress not notice it contained alcohal? I know when I drink my whiskey I can smell the alcohal when holding it. I would think the waitress would smell it when bringing it to the table. Second how does lime juice look anything like whiskey since one is clear and the other is brown? Third how did the child even drink it? I can't get me child to eat brussel sprouts I doubt shed chuck something as strong tasting as whiskey. And lastly normaly alcohalic drinks are served in glasses way different then normal drink glasses should that have been a clue to? That being said I would have demanded a free meal and made sure my child finished their meal to help absorb the alcohal and took her to a quick trip to the doctors. While yes a childs blood alcohal levels rise much faster then an adults because of their size I wouldn't make a super big deal over a few sips considering in some countries kids try and drink a veriety of things at much younger ages(wine does have a considerbly lower alcohal content though obviously) basicaly its nothing I would sue over but I would have bitched till I got a free meal(possibly multipule ones for latter dates or atleast the really good cupons) and just looked after her.
ms dlg
05:15 PM on 10/14/2012
Hi Hannah,
When you are serving alcoholic beverages, you can't always smell it. The serving (bar) area reeks of it because of spills, glasses that haven't been washed, and so on. When you are preparing an order that includes both alcohol and sodas, or H2O, you usually pick them up at the same serving station. Many establishments do NOT use a different type of glass for non-alcoholic beverages and if they have different glasses for a dining area specifically for H2O, soda, or milk, they are sometimes tinted. Amber and red are popular tints. The server may have forgotten what was ordered and thought it was apple juice or ginger-ale. Some children will injest things that you'd think would be impossible for them to tolerate, (as a person who works for poison control call center can tell you) This particular child was encouraged by his Mum to drink up, and he tried to do as he was told evidently LOL. Glad he is OK and I agree with you, COMP our meals and offer another free family meal they may enjoy and not have to take a trip to the hospital!
Human happens. PS if your child won't eat the b-sprouts, send em' to me!
My micro-bio is empty
10:48 PM on 10/14/2012
Ms. Dig, what are you planning to do with these children who won't eat there brussel sprouts? Why should we send them to you?
10:56 AM on 10/14/2012
Full story -

All had started well enough. Sonny was given a toy car by staff, and the family were eating their meals when they noticed the boy was pulling a strange face every time he swallowed what was supposed to be lime juice with water.

Mrs Rees, a teacher, said: ‘When I took a sip it was the unmistakable taste of whisky. No wonder he was pulling a face. I was panicking because he’d drunk quite a lot and I’d been encouraging him. Sonny had taken about ten sips – he was obviously intoxicated.

‘I asked to see the manager and said, “Have you given my child whisky?” She said, “Of course not”, but then she tried it and she knew there had been a horrible mistake.’ She said the manager apologised and offered to get some water. However, Mrs Rees telephoned NHS Direct which told her to get her son medical attention.

The family was given a 50 per cent discount on their meal bill. Mrs Rees said: ‘I’m very disappointed with Frankie and Benny’s – they ruined our day. We spent most of Sonny’s birthday in hospital with him.’

It is believed Frankie and Benny’s was also hosting a stag do and staff mixed up Sonny’s drink with a whisky and water ordered by one of that group. A spokesman said: ‘The company is incredibly sorry. It was a human error and we are putting measures in place to ensure it never happens again.’
Defend The Innocent_Protect The Weak
11:11 AM on 10/14/2012
but what about the poor fellow who was served water with lime juice by mistake.will no one speak out on his pain and suffering?
05:42 AM on 10/15/2012
Well ... depending on how long that stag party had been going on, he may not have known that he was suffering.
barbara jay
my kid says hi
07:47 AM on 10/15/2012
Under the circumstances, the family should have gotten a 100 percent discount.
08:23 PM on 10/15/2012
I agree.
05:10 AM on 10/14/2012
thank God he didn't get acohol posioning.This goes 2 show you can NOT take your eyes off a child not even 4 a moment ,things can happen so quickly! If I drank 2 of those im under the table., or dry heevenin 4 six hours and not knowin which end is up.....loll
03:57 AM on 10/14/2012
Hahaha Wales. Told my Welsh boss, he was amused too. Poor kid didn't get hurt, but hopefully mother plus staff will pay more attention in future!
12:29 AM on 10/14/2012
Ummmmmm, how does this happen? I understand human error but pouring alcohol instead of juice...come on! Poor kid.
Yes, I said it...
09:49 AM on 10/14/2012
These were my exact thoughts as I read this article!
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10:07 AM on 10/14/2012
Probably not the wrong thing poured, but the wrong glass served is my guess.
02:04 PM on 10/14/2012
That makes sense. The whole situation is bizarre!
12:09 AM on 10/14/2012
We're only human. Accidents happen. He's okay, let's move on.
Fran Jaime
02:07 AM on 10/14/2012
Alcohol is extremely toxic for small children. The server should be fired.
01:58 PM on 10/14/2012
No one is saying it's not bad, but this was an accident. Human error. The server made a mistake. If you've never been a waitress you don't realize that orders get lost, mixed up, and are wrong sometimes.
04:24 PM on 10/14/2012
Please, Jagermiester was originally a kids cough medicine.
Angie Daniels
PFLAG and dog rescuer.
11:43 PM on 10/13/2012
I don't believe it. Whiskey tastes like poison. Even to those who are ready to drink it. It burns. The kid drank the whole thing? I was a kid. I would've said I didn't like it.
03:58 AM on 10/14/2012
Maybe he thought it was delicious though!
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10:40 AM on 10/14/2012
He's Welch.
04:25 PM on 10/14/2012
Like Raquel? or Welsh, like people from Wales?
10:30 PM on 10/13/2012
poor kid :(